This Week in Kpop

This Week in Kpop


Ep. 125 - After Show Show (2017 Slack Chingu Kpop Awards) *Kpop Podcast*

February 2, 201869 min

69 min
Ep. 125 - Top 10 Kpop Songs of 2017 *Kpop Podcast*

January 21, 2018176 min

176 min
Ep. 124 - Let's Get It (Brand New Music, DPR Live, FR:Eden, Got7, Heecul & Shindong & Eunhyuk & Solar, Hyuna, Junny, Sophiya, Twice, Woodie Gochild) *Kpop Podcast*

January 9, 2018100 min

100 min
Ep. 123 - Hunned Dolla Bills (1NB, BTS, Dear & Jaehyun, George, Honeyst, KARD, Kiggen, Red Velvet, Rain, Rhythm Power, Yves, Zion.T) *Kpop Podcast*

December 25, 2017127 min

127 min
Ep. 122 - After Show Show (Vacation Dumpster Diving) *Kpop Podcast*

December 12, 201752 min

52 min
Ep. 122 - Me Likey (10cm & Chen, Astro, Block B, Day6, DPR Live, EXID, EXO, Got7, G.Urban, Nick&Sammy, Ph-1, Playback, Seventeen, Sole, Stray Kids, Twice) *Kpop Podcast*

December 1, 2017156 min

156 min
Ep. 121 - Japan (10cm, BTS, EXO, Gfriend, G.Soul, Henry, Jay Park, Jisook & Illhoon, Nick&Sammy, Sik-k, Sunmi, SVT Leaders, Wanna One, Weki Meki) *Kpop Podcast*

November 8, 2017133 min

133 min
Ep. 120 - Pow Pow (Gfriend, Girls’ Generation, Groovyroom, Offonoff, Primary, Samuel, Winner) *Kpop Podcast*

August 31, 201778 min

78 min
Ep. 119 - Kinda Sore (AKMU, EXO, Geeks, Day Day, Dmeanor, Dumbfounded, Jay Park, KARD, Millic & Fanxy Child, San E) *Kpop Podcast*

July 31, 2017119 min

119 min
Ep. 118 - Hair Don't (Apink, Crush, Gugudan, Heize, Hyorin & Kisum, Imlay & Sik-k, Kissn, Red Velvet) *Kpop Podcast*

July 24, 201782 min

82 min

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