TLC Tend Life Community

TLC Tend Life Community

Welcome to TLC Tend Life Community - your go-to podcast for an in-depth look at the best wineries, restaurants, and businesses in our local area. Join us for a quick peek at real estate and let us help you explore and discover all that our community has to offer. Whether you're a local, visiting or moving to our area, we've got you covered.


July 16, 2024 44 mins

Join us on this insightful episode of TLC, Tend Life Community Podcast, as we uncork insights and sip on success with Antonia Semanskee of Crush Your Social. Discover how Antonia went from idea to execution, helping businesses thrive in the digital world.

We'll dive deep into the art of building an online presence, from innovative strategies to real-world success stories. Antonia shares her tips for social media mastery and how be...

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Join us for an exhilarating episode of TLC, Tend Life Community Podcast, as we take to the skies with David Gudgel, President of Kenmore Air. In "A Flight Above," we dive deep into the rich history and thrilling adventures of this iconic seaplane airline. From uncovering hidden gems in the Pacific Northwest to exploring the unique experiences offered by Kenmore Air, this episode is packed with stories that soar!

David shares anecd...

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June 25, 2024 60 mins

In this sizzling episode of "TLC, Tend Life Community," we're spicing things up with a return visit from Dave Holthus, the saucier mastermind behind Woodinville Sauce Co. Fresh off a Scovie Award win, Dave dives into the secrets behind his award-winning sauce and what sets it apart from the rest.

Tune in as we get a sneak peek at some tantalizing new creations Dave has been cooking up, explore the latest trends in the hot sauce wor...

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June 19, 2024 50 mins

Join us for a pour-fect episode of TLC, Tend Life Community, as we uncork the magic of Rocky Pond Winery with Holly La Porta-Jones, the regional tasting room manager. We dive into the rich history and unique charm of Rocky Pond, sampling their exquisite 2022 Studio Sahra while Holly shares how the idea for the winery was inspired by family cycling trips through the picturesque wine countries of Europe. Discover how Rocky Pond showc...

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June 12, 2024 47 mins

Join us for a heartwarming episode of TLC, Tend Life Community as we uncork the essence of Fairwinds Brittany Park with special guests Sue Donovan and Barbara Koshar. Nestled in the heart of Woodinville, this senior community is a vibrant hub of connection and well-being.

As we sip on a delightful bottle of Barnard Griffin 2023 Rosé Sangiovese, we'll explore how Fairwinds Brittany Park fosters a sense of belonging that enhances the...

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June 5, 2024 54 mins

Join us for a delightful episode of TLC Tend Life Community as we uncork the secrets behind Bayernmoor Cellars with the dynamic duo, Kim & Larry Harris. Get ready to sip and savor as we explore the rich history of their family-owned boutique winery nestled in the hills of Stanwood, WA. We'll toast to their stunning estate vineyard, discuss their sustainable winemaking practices, and dive into the award-winning wines that earned the...

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May 21, 2024 52 mins

Grab your passport and join us on the latest episode of TLC: Tend Life Community podcast as we embark on a thrilling conversational journey of travel exploration to Peru with the adventurous Matilde Melendez with Conquer Peru! 

In this episode, we uncork and sample a bottle of DeLille Cellars 2022 Chaleur Blanc and as we dive into the vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and rich history of this amazing country. Matilde shares the...

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May 7, 2024 62 mins

On this episode of TLC, Tend Life Community podcast as we uncork a bottle of delicious Washington wine from Darby Winery, and dive into the buzzing world of bee facts and conservation with none other than Dave Hunter, the founder of Crown Bees.

In this special episode we’re not just talking about any bees; we’re uncovering the secrets of the solitary cavity-nesting bees (mason bees), the un...

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April 23, 2024 59 mins

Join us on this mouthwatering episode of TLC Tend Life Community as we uncork a bottle of one of Washington finest, the Wagon Wrench Vineyards Sangiovese, straight from the vineyard owned by our guest, Dan Thiessen. As we dive into the juicy details with Dan, the mastermind behind Walla Walla Steak Company, get ready to savor every moment as we slice through the steakhouse's fascinating journey. From a historic old schoolhouse to a...

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April 9, 2024 57 mins

Christmas in April! Get ready to uncork the holiday spirit anytime of the year in this heartwarming episode of TLC: Tend Life Community! Join us as we sample a bottle of Avennia Winery's 2020 Gravura while diving into the merry mission of The Forgotten Children's Fund with none other than their president of the board, Greg Bakke. 

From discussing their impassioned mission of Santa bringing gifts to the homes of those in need of a l...

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March 27, 2024 57 mins

Get ready for a fruitful conversation as we kick off Season 2 on this week's episode of TLC Tend Life Community! Join us as we dive into the heart of Woodinville's business scene with Kimberly Ellertson, the Executive Director of the Woodinville Chamber of Commerce. We'll be uncorking insights into how the Chamber is fermenti...

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March 12, 2024 46 mins

Get ready to uncork insights and illuminate your home buying journey on this episode of TLC's Tend Life Community podcast! Join us as we sip, sample, and delve into the world of mortgages with Eliu Lopez, founder of Home Right Lending.

In this community-driven blend of conversation, we'll explore how Home Right Lending isn't just about numbers and rates—it's about lighting up pathways to homeownership, with an emphasis on helping t...

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February 28, 2024 42 mins

Join us for a heartwarming episode of TLC as we shine a spotlight on the incredible work of Helping Hands Ministries International. Discover how their four thrift stores not only fund vital community programs but also cultivate a spirit of generosity and compassion. Don't miss out on the excitement as we unveil details about their upcoming auction at Liljebeck Farm in Woodinville on March 24th, 2024. With tickets on sale now and op...

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February 22, 2024 64 mins

Ready to discover the secrets beneath our feet? Join us on this episode of TLC: Tend Life Community podcast as we dive into the heart of our community, it’s wineries, restaurants and businesses with this week’s guest, Bryce Ferguson, co-owner of Ferguson Floors in Woodinville.

In this cork-popping conversation, we're not just sampling the finest of local Washington wines, but also discussing how to make the right flooring choices f...

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February 6, 2024 63 mins

In this week's episode of TLC Tend Life Community, we're uncorking creativity and fusing fun as we sit down with the brilliant mind behind Molten Works Glass Studio, Kevin Creekmore. Join us for a sparkling conversation where we not only pop open a bottle of one of Woodinville's finest, a delicious Mark Ryan Board Track Racker Cabernet Sauvignon, but also delve into the world of glass fusion – where art meets innovation. Sip & Fuse...

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January 23, 2024 46 mins

Get ready to uncork the magic with our latest TLC, Tend Life Community episode featuring the creative force behind DeFrost Social Margaret Spencer! Join us as we pop the cork on a bottle of Efeste Sauvignon Blanc, savoring the essence of Washington's finest while Margaret spills the beans on her event-planning that aims to connect the community with social events, helping individuals socialize and have fun, whi...

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January 9, 2024 51 mins

In this episode of TLC: Tend Life Community, we uncork the community spirit with Rev Kristin Joyner, Pastor of Community Engagement at Bothell United Methodist Church. Sip along as we explore the church's purpose and initiatives, blending the richness of Bothell's charm with the joyous notes of impactful community service. From innovative outreach methods that are as refreshing as a well-aged Cabernet to heartwarming stories that p...

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December 27, 2023 66 mins

In this episode of TLC's Tend Life Community podcast, we're popping the cork on educational support, blending a sip of exquisite wine with a generous pour of community insight! Join us as we uncork the secrets of the Northshore's Schools Foundation—a powerhouse nurturing the roots of education and growth. With Cara Anderson-Ahrens, the Foundation's Executive Director, we journey through their history, swirling ...

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December 13, 2023 71 mins

Join us for a fun and engaging episode of TLC, Tend Life Community podcast as we sit down with Mike Tenhulzen, the force behind Tenhulzen Residential Design Build Remodeling. We explore the delicate decision-making process between moving and remodeling, delving into what makes Tenhulzen stand out in the world of home renovations. But it's not all about blueprints and paint samples—we uncork a bottle of local Washington wine and inf...

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December 1, 2023 69 mins

Step into the vibrant world of Three of Cups winery on this episode of TLC: Tend Life Community podcast! Join us for a cork-popping journey with the charming Mike Metheny, the winemaker behind this Woodinville wonder. Explore the velvety depths of their deliciously elusive wines while unraveling the grape-to-glass story that encapsulates conviviality, abundance, joy, and friendship. Three of Cups unveils its secrets, offering a tas...

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