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June 24, 2024 53 mins

"The mental health system's adherence to the medical model not only neglects the complex interplay of genetic, developmental and environmental factors, but also serves to stigmatize and marginalize those who suffer."


In the premiere episode of Season 4, hosts Elisabeth Kristof and Jennifer Wallace dive deep into the challenges and impacts of mental and physical health diagnoses from a Neurosomatic Intell...

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This week on Trauma Rewired, hosts Jennifer and Elisabeth welcome back Matt Bush of Next Level Neuro to explore the physiology of stress and the transformative power of neurosomatic intelligence.

We know that connection is crucial to our survival as humans, but for those with complex trauma, even the healthiest relationships can trigger a stress response and lead to maladaptive behaviors. This episode prov...

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June 10, 2024 51 mins

When we think about adverse childhood experiences, emotional neglect is often seen as less significant compared to other forms of trauma. Its subtleties make it easy to overlook, but the truth is that emotional neglect has a profound effect on our relationships and health as adults, from the detrimental effects on the brain and immune system.

In this episode, hosts Jennifer and Elisabeth define emotional n...

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Our latest episode dives deep into the transformative power of Neurosomatic Intelligence (NSI) and its potential to ripple positive change across communities. 

We explore how understanding the nervous system can sharpen our existing strengths, address our weaknesses, and cultivate resilience. By intentionally training our nervous systems, we’re not just enhancing our personal health but fostering a connectedness that benefits the l...

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June 3, 2024 40 mins

Believe it or not, empaths and narcissists have foundational similarities. Not only does the brain chemistry look the same, but empaths and narcissists both struggle with nervous system regulation and look to others to help them regulate their emotions. But whereas the narcissist avoids the emotions of others, empaths are deeply affected and have a physiological experience to the emotions of others on a subconscious level. This can...

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May 27, 2024 48 mins

Relationship to the Body

Season 03, Episode 30

Our bodies are always speaking to us, but often we’re not able to understand or listen to what they’re trying to communicate.

In this episode, hosts Jennifer and Elisabeth unpack the complexities of our relationship to the body, including how our perceptions, emotions and beliefs about our bodies significantly impact our overall well-being. They dive deep into the impact the interocept...

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May 20, 2024 55 mins

“You can’t be present and dissociated at the same time.”

These wise words from co-host Jennifer Wallace encompasses why this topic is so important to explore. Presence is the truth of our emotions and our reality, because we cannot heal what we do not feel. Being present with our emotions, and feeling them in our body, allows us to truly understand and heal our nervous system in ways that dissociating from the body ca...

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The essence of who we are radiates when we live in our purpose. When we can connect with our true self and share it with others. There are many blockers stopping us from being able to express our feelings, or even know what we’re experiencing, and one of them is self abandonment.


Don’t let the “self” fool you — sometimes, we unintentionally abandon ourselves because of the survival responses born as a re...

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The term social anxiety gets tossed around a lot these days, however individuals with CPTS who experience social anxiety feel its effects on a visceral level. It can be highly debilitating and can affect the way we relate and connect to others, when the need for connection is at the very core of what makes us human.

Knowing if you actually have social anxiety can be tricky, especially if there are socially...

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As a human, you have most likely felt shame to some degree. Although it is a normal human protective emotion to keep us safe on a societal level, shame can become toxic when it persists and when we internalize the critical narrative from that shame.

Toxic shame shows up in many ways, however, the way it shows up physiologically is understood the least, but the most telling. From posture, dilated pupils, tense muscles, to inflammat...

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We’ve all experienced the inner critic to some extent. You know, that voice inside of your head saying you’re not good enough, or that you’re a bad person. Where does this voice come from and why is it so vicious?

Well, for people dealing with CPTS, this voice is even louder, and even more critical. The volume gets turned up ten notches, and turning it off feels like a game of tug of war. Understanding where this voice comes from ...

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April 8, 2024 49 mins


We first explored this question in Season 2 and felt it was necessary to revisit; with more altitude, updated research and further along in our healing journeys. 

In this episode, hosts Elisabeth Kristof and Jennifer Wallace dive deep into the realm of Complex Post Traumatic Stress, or CPTS, exploring the complexities of trauma and the impact on our nervous systems. We offer a comprehensive understanding...

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Elisabeth Kristof and Jennifer Wallace close season three of Trauma Rewired by reflecting on the interconnectedness of trauma, the nervous systems and our relationships explored throughout the season. They delve into the season’s most powerful conversations and insightful concepts, including relational patterns like emotional neglect, the neurology of narcissism, the importance of community healing, and more.

Listeners were engaged...

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It's no secret that wellness programs like neurosomatic intelligence coaching often lack accessibility in marginalized communities, where populations most in need of such services are usually underserved and underprivileged. Unfortunately, these programs are often not tailored to meet the specific needs of these communities. Hence,...

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Neurosomatic intelligence can be the key to healing not just trauma, but in the management of chronic pain. Joining us on this episode of Trauma Rewired is Lindsey Wall, a neurosomatic intelligence practitioner, movement practitioner, and Brain-Based Wellness coach. Her personal journey with chronic pain, hypermobility, and neurodiversity highlights the versatility of NSI in healing unique nervous systems.

Lindsey shares how NSI ha...

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March 11, 2024 40 mins

Have you ever wondered why you always end up in the same type of relationships? Or why so many of the people in your life cause you stress? This episode looks at relational patterns through the lens of neurosomatic intelligence, exploring how childhood experiences shape our relationships and, often subconsciously, guide us towards familiar dynamics that are harmful to our health and happiness.

Hosts Jennifer and Elisabeth unpack th...

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No person exemplifies the healing power of music more than today’s guest, Toni Jones. A former life coach, Toni wanted to create a tool for clients to improve well-being, leading to the birth of affirmation music.

True growth often comes after a period of breaking down, and this was true for Toni during her healing journey through music. In this episode, she shares the profound transformation she underwent...

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As a neurosomatic relationship and intimacy coach, safety and nervous system regulation are at the heart of Piper Rose's work. They bridge the gap between individual trauma and collective healing in the LGBTQ+, Poly, and Kink communities, emphasizing the crucial role safety plays in self-expression, identity, and overall health.

In this episode, Piper delves into this concept of collective healing, disting...

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Voice and Visibility

Season 03, Episode 35

Voice is a profound tool for self-expression, embodiment, and navigating the world around us. In this episode with Elise Bessler, NSI-certified practitioner and voice coach, hosts Jennifer and Elisabeth dive into the power of finding our voice and using it safely through the work of nervous system regulation.

Their conversation opens with...

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