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#011: Jade Ingleby & Hayley Bishop | Juggling Work & Family

August 4, 201760 min
Jade Ingleby ( and Hayley Bishop (@hayleybishop) were brave enough to have a chat for this episode of Trench Talk. I asked them on because aside from being high-achievers and great friends, they both had the wisdom to marry plumbers so it seemed like the perfect fit! Jade left her senior management position with the NAB after she had her first children (twins) and purchased a child care business called Choklits. She’s currently in the process of extending her centre. Hayley recently left a global marketing position at Jacobs Creek to join the beauty brand Palmer’s as Marketing Manager across Australia and Asia Pacific. Her current role includes building a strong digital marketing presence for the company. This episode is super practical, on the ground, everyday stuff. We cover many of the challenges families face in the quest to remain highly productive including juggling children, international work travel, running businesses and building careers. As you’ll hear, it can be tough to remain sane through the process of working to provide an exciting and balanced future for your family. We discussed- avoiding the feeling of anxiety and planning for productive days how motherhood has helped them at work achieving the selfish v selfless balance marrying tradesmen taking risks, and the importance of keeping things fun   You can find Jade at the and Hayley on Instagram. To get every episode of trench Talk on release please remember to hit the subscribe button in your chosen podcast player! Enjoy Trench Talk Episode #011 with Jade and Hayley… ---- Show notes and links for this episode can be found at Feel free to email me with any suggestions or feedback to You can find Matt Reynolds on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on LinkedIn.      

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