Unicorns Unite: The Freelance Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant Community

Unicorns Unite: The Freelance Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant Community

This podcast is for the digitally curious, smart go-getters, virtual assistants, and freelancers who want to work the freedom and flexibility of working from home as a higher-paid marketing assistant. On the show host, Emily Reagan, shares marketing tips and strategies, mindset, encouragement, best practices and stories of how your fellow freelancers achieved their dreams. It'll help you on your journey to building a sustainable, profitable independent contractor business on our terms.


April 16, 2024 45 mins

After 200 episodes, I’ve learned that having a podcast forces you to show up. I say this all the time about hiring a team– when you have other people who are working beside you to accomplish a goal, you take it seriously and don't put it aside.

This is gonna be a fun episode because I also asked my podcast editor, Emily Porter, a fellow military spouse (she has been on the show before) and I asked my podca...

I started out offering basic VA services back in 2007, not fully realizing the value of what I was providing. But over the years, I've learned some valuable lessons (and definitely made my fair share of mistakes) and transformed my approach to freelancing.

In this episode, I'm pulling back the curtain on the myth of the "six-figure VA" and sharing the real strategies that have helped me and others in this ...

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Here’s what I see happen with freelance service providers:

We jump in, we book our first clients, and then we never look back and never take the time to up-level our positioning and assets so we can attract bigger clients who value us and who pay more. 

This becomes a problem when you’re ready for project rates because you're not positioned as an expert if you're still looking like a generalis...

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We’re celebrating 200 EPISODES of Unicorns Unite with a takeover!

My 2 friends and guest hosts, Celi Arias and Jen Liddy, are asking unfiltered questions about my personal and professional journey as a freelancer, entrepreneur, and mother.

Celi Arias is a seasoned entrepreneur and consultant with a proven track record of building and selling 7-figure businesses. With a background spanning glob...

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What intake form questions should service providers ask prospects before a discovery call?

Don’t underestimate the power of asking the right questions upfront! This little form is the gateway to vetting your prospects, ensuring that your time and theirs are well spent. 

We've got an all-star lineup of Workgroup members, biz friends, and service providers sharing their favorite (or out-of-the-b...

Today we have one of our very own Digital Marketer’s Workgroup members here on the podcast!                 

I love to highlight other freelancers, how they're doing business, what kind of services they're offering, what lessons they've learned, and in Heidi's case, sharing how she has scaled to six figures as an agency. She's one of our most recent workgroup members to share a big win. 



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Agency ownership isn't for everybody. We’re really diving into what it takes to start an agency, what you need to do to prepare yourself, and what mistakes to avoid. Even if you're not thinking of an agency right now, you just never know. Or you might run across sister service providers who have these questions, and now you know where to steer them.

My guest is Tasha Booth, an agency owner and coach. She i...

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All of us are freelancers for a reason: we want freedom. We also envisioned financial freedom. 

We're diving deeper into the bookkeeping, the accounting, and the expenses we can write off so that we are not paying the IRS as much at the end of the year (and keeping more for ourselves).

We're getting credit for running our business because we're already paying a self-employment tax. We might as...

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It’s so important to pay attention to your business finances. The reality is more simple than most entrepreneurs think. It’s so easy to get stuck sweating the small stuff that it creates this paralysis where you don't want to move forward, where you're hesitant, where you're overthinking everything. 

I have a special guest here to clear things up and help you get started on the right path when it comes to ...

How can understanding your unique Human Design transform your business success? We’re all designed differently: how we form relationships, make decisions, and choose career paths. Imagine creating and designing a business that’s aligned with you. The ultimate job satisfaction with the best clients who are the best fit, being part of a mission you’re passionate about. 

Sound amazing, right? It’s possible wi...

Are you tired of tracking every little hour? Do you feel like a smooth, well-oiled machine ready to charge a flat rate? Hourly rates are a good way to start when you’re a new virtual assistant or service provider. But over time you end up feeling undervalued and struggling to communicate your worth. It's time to break free from the hourly grind and confidently shift to project rates that truly reflect the value you bri...

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How can we protect our energy and show up in a way that moves the needle in our business and helps us get clients so we can make a bigger difference in the world?

Today my guest is Mai-Kee Tsang who is talking about podcast guesting and getting your business out there. She has really made a name for herself. I met her years ago and at a couple of conferences. Mai-kee helps integrity-led online entrepreneur...

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The eLearning market is expected to hit $400 billion by 2026. So this is a huge opportunity for us freelancers to support clients who are tapping into this digital source of revenue. There's an art to designing and writing a course where students get through to the finish line and have success. And we can be a part of that success as a digital marketing assistant when we understand how people learn and how they consume...

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So you want to do better on your discovery calls? You want to book more dreamy clients and work with the best of the best? Well, you need to become a better listener. Today I’m pulling out key, actionable insights from “Never Split the Difference” by Chris Voss that you can use in your average everyday negotiations and on that sales call.

Maybe you’ve been told that lowering your prices is the key to secur...

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Are you a Bart, Marge, Homer, or Lisa? And what the heck do The Simpsons have to do with email marketing & open rates? Email is related to everything we do in this online business world. The goal is always to collect our audience’s email so we can market to them. It’s just part of it that we have to know to step up and be a premium service provider.

I invited my guest, Sage Polaris, to talk about email ope...

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When you talk to other people about trends and what's happening, it makes you realize that it's not just you. This has been an interesting year.

In this episode, I’m going over my four lessons of 2023 and some insight into what's happening in our economy, in our online space, and how you can really get ahead. 

Listen to learn more about

  • Making money in to...
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Do you want to increase your income and the value you provide to your clients? Today we’re talking all about the strategies and 5 core functions of marketing that will help you achieve those goals.

My guest is Frenchie Ferenczi, a business strategist and advisor, who shares invaluable insights on achieving consistent revenue growth without succumbing to burnout. Frenchie is an expert in working with billio...

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In this episode, I’m sharing key tactics that helped with my 100k UDMA School launch. I’m reflecting on the importance of quality over quantity in student enrollment. 

I truly believe that having motivated and committed individuals is way more valuable than just having big numbers. My goal was to bring in students who are genuinely enthusiastic about the program to make the overall experience better for ev...

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As service providers, we have to be aware of evolving needs of clients and the increasing demand for digital marketing strategists. I’ve been there myself - starting out as a virtual assistant and then making the transition to strategist. I have a background in PR and journalism and through working with multiple clients I gained valuable insights and expertise, recognizing patterns and strategies that apply to all kind...

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Frustrated because your brand messaging isn't getting the love it deserves? Putting in tons of time creating awesome content, but it feels like crickets in response?

My guest, Emma Boshart, is here to teach us how to stand out in a crowded market with better branding. Emma is a messaging strategist, conversion copywriter, and the brain behind Creative Uproar, a one-woman show that's all about helping the m...

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