Unleash Your Inner Legend with Hollie Kitchens

Unleash Your Inner Legend with Hollie Kitchens

Unleash Your Inner Legend with Hollie Kitchens is a podcast with a purpose to inspire entrepreneurs to take action and unleash their inner legend. This podcast features interviews with modern day legends chatting about their choices in life, habits, and routines that got them to live a legendary life. You can also expect mindset and marketing content on this platform from branding strategist and host, Hollie Kitchens.


July 11, 2024 29 mins

Prepare to be inspired to take action by diving into a conversation with one of the most disciplined individuals Hollie knows. At just 20 years old, Brad Weimert began breaking national sales records as the #1 sales representative in a company of over 30,000 employees, maintaining this impressive streak year after year.

In 2007, Brad embarked on an extraordinary journey across the country by bicycle, delivering motivational sp...

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Welcome to the "Unleash Your Inner Legend" podcast! In this episode, get ready to be inspired by a remarkable individual, Major Ed Pulido.

Major Pulido, U.S. Army (Ret.), is the Founder and CEO of the John Daly - Major Ed Heart of a Lion Foundation, dedicated to providing mental, physical, and wellness support to our nation's children and America's Veterans.

With a wealth of experience, Major Ed has serv...

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Welcome to the Unleash Your Inner Legend Podcast, and we're back with another exciting episode! It has been a while, and I wanted to introduce you to our guest for today, my homie, Todd Price!


Todd Price is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, fitness enthusiast, and more. He is the CEO of Perimeter Roofing, a company that performs roof repairs throughout th...

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Welcome to the Unleash Your Inner Legend Podcast! Today we are thrilled to have Speaker, Coach and Video Marketing Expert Brandon T. Adams with us! Brandon has had an incredible amount of success with the mega in the business world.

Brandon is the Co-Host and one of two Executive Producers of Ambitious Adventures, a reality television program focused on the compelling stories of young ent...
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Welcome to episode 59 of the Unleash Your Inner Legend Podcast with Hollie Kitchens!

I'm thrilled to have such a brillant mind on today's episde. I'm talking about Salvatore M. Buscemi. Today Sal and I talk about his new book Investing Legacy. He dives into what the .001% are investing in, how to create lasting legacy as well as his thoughts on crypto currency and NFTs.

About Salvatore M. Buscemi:
Salvatore M. Buscemi is the CEO an...

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June 9, 2021 40 mins

I am so grateful to have this amazing business woman on the Unleash Your Inner Legend Podcast with Hollie Kitchens. In this episode, Mary Murphy shares her journey from having a job to leading not only her self but her real estate team!


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I am thrilled, honored, and privileged to have an incredible woman on Unleash Your Inner Legend with Hollie Kitchens this week! Sharon Lechter has not changed hundreds, not thousands, but MILLIONS of lives with her teaching in financial literacy and international best selling books.

In this episode Sharon and I talk about money mindset, her new book "Exit Rich" (exitrichbook.com/buy), start up funding advice and much more!


About ...

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Welcome to episode 56!

Today's guest is an incredible business woman who has overcome many obstacles and is such an inspiration to women.

Nicole Espinosa, best selling author of “Short Sales Uncensored” has been negotiating short sales in the DFW and Houston market since 2011. She launched her company “The Short Sale Queen” in 2019 allowing her team to process short sales nationwide and is currently in 11 markets.

Nicole has been f...

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March 17, 2021 27 mins

Welcome to Unleash Your Inner Legend with Hollie Kitchens!

Episode 55 with Special Guest Brandon Andrews Join Hollie Kitchens as she talks with Entrepreneur, Global Builder and Speaker + Host Brandon Andrews on using market research and data.

About Brandon Andrews: Brandon Andrews is co-founder of Gauge; an AI-driven mobile market research platform connecting brands to consumers and influencers to identify opportunities and avoid m...

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Happy Monday!

Are you ready to start your brand? Here are some tips on how to jump start your brand and take it to the next level by being resourceful.

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February 17, 2021 44 mins

Rachel Miller is a business strategist with a proven system to grow engagement, traffic, and profit organically and with virtually no budget. We hosted a Women Elevation Clubhouse room with Rachel as our special guest and needless to say she brought the fire! Tune into this replay of our Clubhouse room Q & A with Rachel.

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Happy Monday! On this episode of Monday Minutes I share the power of personal branding. We've all heard of it but are we really aware of the power of it? Tune in and listen!

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I am so excited to share this episode with you all! This is a replay of Expert Mentors Live where I was talking with John about how I created authority online...and most importantly how you can too! These are easy, DIY ways you can establish authority!

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January 25, 2021 4 mins

I wanted to share with you some things that have helped shift my mindset on money and having a money scarcity mindset!

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Happy Wednesday!

This week's episode is a replay from the Hollie & Krem show, where we talk about Real Estate Marketing Strategies. I love this one and wanted to share it with you. Take a trip down memory lane with these one hit wonders and learn how to avoid being on to your audience!

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Happy Monday, everyone!
This is the first Monday Minutes of 2021, so I figured I'd kick it off with some bad marketing strategies and tactics that need to stay in 2020.
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Happy Monday!

In this quick episode of Monday Minutes, I talk about a simple, yet big takeaway from the incredible Stephen King when creating content. This is a mistake we all make, it's all about creating the awareness to avoid making it!

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October 21, 2020 18 mins

Welcome to Episode 46 of the Unleash Your Inner Legend Podcast!

I absolutely adore today’s guest. He’s a straight up hustler that is always cranking content and adding value in the Real Estate Industry. Nick Krem is an advisor to Top 1% Agents growing their real estate business using predictable systems for virtual media. He’s the owner of Live With Leaders Virtual Real Estate Mastermind, Owner of Content Cardz, a virtual media com...

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June 10, 2020 24 mins

Welcome to episode #45! Today’s guest is nothing short of amazing. Michelle Renee who is the CEO of VERB Media Group, has overcame many obstacles but one major event changed her entire life. She was held hostage, along with her daughter and forced to rob a bank that she was working at. They actually made a movie about this called “Held Hostage” Instead of allowing that traumatic experience hold her back, she pivoted in the most epi...

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Welcome to Episode 43!

Today we have an amazing business-woman on today, Johanna McDaniel! In the past 6 years she has moved to Washington, suffered major depression after her 2nd child and then moved back to Texas. After moving back, she lost 40lbs, got into real estate, and have since doubled her family yearly income and will at least quadruple it this year. Tune in and least in on the details and how Johanna unleashed her inner ...

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