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2018 visual storytelling trends to watch for

December 19, 201761 min
As we're all getting ready to close the year and planning for an amazing 2018, in this episode I chat with my good friend and digital futurist Geoffrey Colon at Microsoft We reviewed the road visual storytelling has already made, crossing the lines from the entertainment world to marketing and what to expect in the near future.   About our guest Geoffrey Colon is a compelling voice at the intersection of marketing, tech, and popular culture. DJ, data punk, podcaster and author, Geoffrey is a Communications Designer at Microsoft in Redmond, WA. Colon has written for or been quoted in media outlets including Business Insider, Fast Company, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Billboard Magazine, AdWeek and Entrepreneur. He has also appeared on Cheddar TV, NASDAQ Live, WABC-AM New York and Marketplace on NPR. He is an avid speaker on the global marketing conference circuit and has keynoted events in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berlin, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, Bangkok, Portland, Raleigh, Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo, Oslo and Tromso. Disruptive Marketing is his first book. Geoffrey is producer/host of the video series CULTURE JAMMING on LinkedIn and the podcast DISRUPTIVE FM w/ Cheryl Metzger. He is a regular contributor to Branding Strategy Insider. He is also featured regularly on LinkedIn and the Bing Ads blog. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2013, Geoffrey was vice president of digital strategy at Ogilvy & Mather in New York City. What you will learn: Why is visual storytelling vital for marketers in 2018 and beyond? What are the typical business objectives marketers could use visual storytelling for? What are the top 2018 visual storytelling trends to watch for? Read our episode's blog post about this topic on VSI Blog. This podcast is brought to you by the Visual Storytelling Institute (VSI) from Miami, FL. Ready to become a pro visual storyteller? We help you rise above the communication noise with personalized visual storytelling workshops, so you can connect with your audience, empower their lives and grow your company. Schedule an appointment!

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