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How to find and own your business story?

March 2, 201849 min
Our clients typically ask us: how do I find and own my business story? And a follow up question, what are the secret ingredients to make a good business story. With this in mind, I’d like to focus this episode of Visual Storytelling Today show on these fundamental questions I am sure any business leader can relate to.   About our guest I have the great pleasure to speak today with Diana Yazidjian, a business storytelling expert with DFY consulting based in Montreal, Canada. Diana has extensive experience in marketing and technology helping start-ups, Fortune 500, retailers, and municipalities. She provides strategic and hands-on training on social media, brand storytelling, stand-out content and thinking like the customer.   What you will learn: What makes an effective business story? How does the end-to-end process of creating an effective Visual Storytelling program look like? Where the future of business storytelling is headed? Great industry examples and actionable tips to get you started Read our episode's blog post on VSI Blog. This podcast is brought to you by the Visual Storytelling Institute (VSI) from Miami, FL. Ready to become a pro visual storyteller? We help you rise above the communication noise with personalized visual storytelling workshops, so you can connect better with your audience, empower their lives and grow faster your company. Schedule an appointment!

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