Window Treatments for Profit with LuAnn Nigara

Window Treatments for Profit with LuAnn Nigara

This podcast is specifically designed for window treatment professionals. If you are interested in doing what you do better, whether you are a retailer, installer, workroom, sales rep or from our industry partner community, you have found your people. We are going to talk about sales, marketing, hiring, efficiency, productivity and of course, profitability. Because why do any of it if you are not profitable, right? My name is LuAnn Nigara and I have been in the window treatment industry for 4 decades. With my husband Vince and our cousin Bill Campesi we’ve built our business, Window Works, from start up to over 4 million dollars in annual sales and to a team of 15. Vin, Bill and myself are also part of the ownership team at Exciting Windows. Exciting Windows is the industry leader in mentoring, supporting and inspiring window treatment professionals to build a better business. So I get you, I know what you do. I have spent my career doing it with you. So how about we get started making your business better, shall we?


February 26, 2024 49 mins
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