Women Taking the Lead

Women Taking the Lead

The Women Taking the Lead podcast is a resource for both women leaders and organizations looking to promote more women into senior leadership. Episode formats include specific leadership challenges, "on-air" coaching with women leaders, and interviews with talent and organizational development leaders. Women Taking the Lead inspires women to overcome self-doubt and lead with confidence, integrity and a sense of humor.


September 26, 2022 17 min

There’s a French cooking term mise en place that means to set in place. It is a method of preparation taught all over the world that maximizes efficiency and reduces errors.

There are 5 steps to mise en place:

  • Know your recipe — necessary ingredients, cookware, and baking times
  • Prepare your ingredients — clean, chop, mince… whatever is required
  • Arrange your ingredients — appropriate size bowls, positioned logically
  • Prepare your workst...
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    Do you sometimes feel like you are not being listened to? Or, that you don’t have the influence you need to make an impact at work?

    This is common early in our career but truth be told, this impacts women up and down the leadership ladder. And even to women who have been leaders in their company for decades.

    In this episode I have an expert who is here to talk about how you can gain more influence so you can make a big impact at wo...

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    September 12, 2022 20 min

    Do you get stuck in analysis paralysis when trying to make a decision?

    While rushing into decisions is something to avoid, putting off a decision can also be harmful to your time, energy, work performance, and those depending on you.

    Putting off decisions will prevent progress, cause frustration, and can undermine how others perceive you as a leader.

    This episode covers the skills to develop and the effective approach to improve yo...

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    Are you constantly feeling like a hamster on wheel? 

    As though no matter how fast or how long you work, you are always behind on your to do list.

    We all have the same number of hours in each day. Why is it that some people are able manage their time efficiently, while some of us cannot seem to find enough time to complete our tasks and projects on time? Not without working long hours and weekends, that is.

    You may not realize it, b...

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    Are you pulled in so many directions you’re busy all day, but when the day ends you don’t feel like you accomplished much of anything?

    Just like you, the women I coach are in demand. They have teams that want their attention, clients to serve, and tasks that need to get done. I’ve been there myself on many occasions.

    There are different responses to this state of affairs. You might be in the camp of looking out at some point in the...

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    Has the swirl of summer left you feeling a bit unbalanced?

    In this episode we’re going to acknowledge that this season requires a bit of letting go of control and going with the flow. Because summer is a swirl!


    Episode Show Notes: Transcript and links mentioned in this episode.

    Leadership Coaching: If you are interested in finding out more about my coaching process, the cost of coaching, or how to ask your employer to pay...

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    Could anyone possibly meet the expectations you have for yourself?

    Many of the women I coach have such high expectations for themselves, they sacrifice health and happiness to meet them.

    Sometimes the driver is the thought that others are expecting a lot from you. But if you looked closely, is that true? Are others watching you and expecting you to overdeliver all the time?

    Or are you assigning them those judgments because in reali...

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    August 1, 2022 21 min

    How would you describe your comfort level when it comes to confronting conflict?

    Do you look at it as an opportunity for growth and relationship building? Do you avoid it in the hopes that it will resolve on its own? Or do you find yourself somewhere in the middle? Perhaps at first observing and assessing the situation. But if it’s clear it’s not going away immediately you take steps to nip it in the bud.

    Some leaders choose to ign...

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    July 25, 2022 14 min

    Have you had a chance yet to hit the reset button or recharge your energy this summer?

    If you have and you are raring to go, amazing! But if you haven’t, this episode may be timely for you.

    It may be that you haven’t had a chance to take time away yet. Or, you had time away but came back even more tired than you left.

    In this episode, we’re covering how to identify the type of rest and recharge activities that are right for you. Be...

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    We all have unconscious biases. Men and women, young and old, people from every ethnic background and every socioeconomic class.

    While you may be able to catch one of your own implicit biases in a flash of awareness, it’s more likely someone else will point your biases out for you.

    Becoming aware of and removing your unconscious biases takes an openness to hear someone out. It takes reflecting on what they share with you, and consi...

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    Do you dread one-to-one meetings because you’ll be asking the other person to account for an outcome or their performance?

    Many leaders want to have high performing teams but overlook the fact that accountability is at the heart these teams. If you want your team to deliver on expectations or communicate when they can’t, you have to be able to hold others accountable.

    Additionally, you need to look at yourself and ask what kind of ...

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    Have you experienced the eye-opening magic of seeing from more than one perspective?

    When we are children, we believe we are the center of the universe. At that stage in life, we have a difficult time considering why someone would see things differently than we do.

    If fact, if someone didn’t agree with us, we made up a story about why this person could possibly not agree with our outlook.

    It takes work to shake out of this default ...

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    The work I do with my clients often centers around adapting to a new role or promotion. It sounds easy, and many of my clients beat themselves up because they assumed it should be an easier transition than it actually is.

    Taking on a promotion typically looks like being further away from the hands-on work that is being done. Trying to stay close to the work, while coming from a good place of wanting to make sure the work his high q...

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    How are you at developing others?

  • Would you say you’re a pro at this?
  • Do you need work in this area?
  • Maybe you’re somewhere in between?
  • Making sure your team is getting ongoing learning and development opportunities, formal and informal, is important if you want to hire and retain talented individuals. This also translates into a bigger bottomline for your company and a team that is effectively hitting their goals.

    In this episode, w...

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    Have you ever left a leadership development training feeling like it barely scratched the surface of what you needed? Or, that too much time was spent on competencies you’ve never had an issue with?

    You might have even had your concerns as a leader brushed aside or dismissed with comments such as, delegate that to your team, speak up more in meetings, brag more, or communicate clearly but don’t be too direct.

    All this without any ...

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    As a leader, are you looking to develop any of the following between yourself and others in your organization: more trust, stronger relationships, buy-in, and commitment? How about executive presence, that X-factor that has others stop and take notice? 

    There are a couple of not-so-soft skills, that when applied in combination, will have those around seeing you in a whole new light and admiring you as a leader.

    These skills are: di...

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    How are you at delivering unwelcome news to one of your team members, and then coaching them through the feedback?

    Sometimes as leaders we have to tell a team member that they are off-track or that they’re not going to get what they want.

    It’s not the best part of a leader’s job, but in these conversations are opportunities for growth and development. Not just for our team member, these conversations are great for our growth and de...

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    Does your team know how much you care about them? 

    Do they know how much you want them to experience growth, success and happiness as a part of your organization?

    Or, do you assume that they know because they should know? 

    In this episode we’re covering why consistently show interest in and appreciation for those around you is so important and how to do it effectively. Because, whether you know it or not, your people don’t all like...

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    May 9, 2022 12 min

    Are you leading by example?

    This is a trick question because the reality is you are always leading by example. The question is whether you want the people you lead to do what you are doing.

    Like it or not, people are watching what you're doing and they're listening closely to what you're saying. And, the higher you go up the leadership chain the bigger an example you become. There's a saying when you reach senior le...

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    As with the last episode of Women Taking the Lead I’m asking, for your career, who do you go to for help and support?

    Help comes in many forms and from a variety of sources. Some help you can get for free and some help costs money.

    While I always recommend utilizing your free help when appropriate, and for as many things as you can, it’s important to know that free resources will only get you so far.

    We can get stuck in our careers...

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