Women Who Change Tech

Women Who Change Tech


Episode 10: Marian Phelan - A Woman Who Builds Strong Teams

March 13, 201945 min

45 min
Episode 9: Ingrid Alongi - A Woman Who Leads

February 20, 201943 min

43 min
Episode 8: Lia James - A Woman Who is a Connector

January 25, 201949 min

49 min
Episode 7: Kristen Brilliantes - A Woman Who Inspires other Entrepreneurial Women

January 3, 201952 min

52 min
Episode 6: Jennifer Bonine - A Woman Who Embraces Change

December 18, 201853 min

53 min
Episode 5: Denise Jacobson - A Woman Who is Evangelizing Creativity

November 11, 201853 min

53 min
Episode 4: Dawn Jardine - A Woman Who is Breaking Down Barriers

September 30, 201852 min

52 min
Episode 3: Angie Jones - A Women Who is Changing the Face of Technology

September 10, 201851 min

51 min
Episode 2: Jaimee Newberry - A Women Who Redesigned Her Life

August 20, 201853 min

53 min
Episode 1: Tania Katan - Women Who Trespasses Creatively

April 24, 201847 min

47 min

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Women Who Change Tech is a podcast that gives you access to women who are contributing, inspiring, trailblazing, and disrupting the business of technology. We believe that when women Inspire other women, amazing things happen. During this podcast, we will be having conversations with incredible women who are changing the face of technology. These women are software testers, software developers, design thinkers, agilists, creatives, coaches, and business owners.... Show More

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