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25 Sgt Rufty Hill meets Winston Churchill

January 26, 201839 min
25 Rufty Hill meets Winston Great, unpublished history! Poignant tale of 5 brave WWII comrades. The story goes back to the start of the war, how these lads met, what special connection brought them together, and what tragedy was to befall some of them. Lance Sergeant William Allan 'Rufty' Hill and Bill Vickers are both honoured in this tragic but poignant tale. Link to feedback/reviews Thank you Full show notes at www.FightingThroughPodcast.co.uk A WW2 history podcast on Bill Cheall's war diary and memoirs. Below: Bill Vickers back left and Sgt Allan (Rufty) Hill back right.   Below: An early photo of the band, Rufty marked and Bill third from right - note the leather drum aprons - so Bill was a drummer aswell, not a trumpet player as I suggest in the show!   Below: Bill Vickers - "All the best in the world from Bill to Rufty"    

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