Thirty Twenty Ten

Thirty Twenty Ten


Ricky Gervais sees ghosts, Jackie Chan touches Chris Tucker’s radio, Garfield and Friends are ready to party - Sept 14-20: Thirty Twenty Ten

September 14, 2018120 min

120 min
Matt Damon and Ed Norton gamble on the 90s, there is officially too much Alf in the 80s, and the Cohen Bros shoot Brad Pitt in the face - Sept 7-Sept 13: Thirty Twenty Ten

September 6, 2018134 min

134 min
Sons of Anarchy makes a basic cable splash, the most hyped video game of all-time makes its long awaited debut, and the anxiously awaited follow-up to Rugrats is finally here - Aug 31-Sept 6: Thirty Twenty Ten

August 30, 2018101 min

101 min
Vin Diesel head to Babylon, Jason Statham and the two guns, and you will believe a horse can talk! - Aug 24-30: Thirty Twenty Ten

August 23, 201893 min

93 min
Freddy Krueger Turns 4, Dwight Shrute Rocks, and Marvel Bets on Wesley Snipes and Wins Big - Aug 17-23: Thirty Twenty Ten

August 16, 2018115 min

115 min
Stella’s Groove Returns, The Wrong Avengers, Tropic Thunder Rules, yet Mac and Me is Truly Offensive - Aug 10-16: Thirty Twenty Ten

August 9, 2018110 min

110 min
NWA's first album coincidentally debuts the same day as Yo MTV Raps, Nic Cage rolls a Snake Eyes, Laurie Strode celebrates Halloween both early and late, Whose Line returns to TV, and Seth Rogen and James Franco keep the train a'rollin! All that and more on this edition of Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was, 30, 20, and 10 years ago

August 2, 201887 min

87 min
The Mummy Returns again, Trey Parker and Matt Stone sell out, and Tom Cruise has a new mission: Mixology! - July 27 - Aug 2: Thirty Twenty Ten

July 26, 201883 min

83 min
Robert De Niro is on a Midnight Run, Will Ferrell’s Funniest Movie, and Steven Spielberg Saves Private Ryan - July 20-26: Thirty Twenty Ten

July 19, 2018109 min

109 min
The Dark Knight, Die Hard, Dr. Horrible, Akira, There’s Something About Mary, A Fish Called Wanda, Beastie Boys - July 13-19: Thirty Twenty Ten

July 12, 2018135 min

135 min

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