Thirty Twenty Ten

Thirty Twenty Ten


Star Trek Insurrects, Schwarzenegger and Devito are Hilariously Related, and the Forgotten Rugrats Spin-off - Dec 7-13: Thirty Twenty Ten

December 6, 2018120 min

120 min
Nixon Gets Frosted, Gus Van Sant Covers Psycho and Lt. Frank Drebin is on the Case - Nov 30 - Dec 6: Thirty Twenty Ten

November 30, 2018117 min

117 min
The Best Nintendo Game of All-Time, Pixar’s Worst (non-Cars) Movie, and Here Come the Christmas Movies - Nov 23 - 29: Thirty Twenty Ten

November 22, 2018164 min

164 min
The Best Game of the 1990s, The Best animated movie of the 1980s, and the Best Youth Lit adaptation of the 2000s

November 16, 2018116 min

116 min
Chucky is late and Ernest is early, Animaniacs says goodbye, James Bond seeks some solace... but just a Quantum - Nov 9-15: Thirty Twenty Ten

November 8, 2018103 min

103 min
Adam Sandler loves water, Oprah gives advice to Liz Lemon, and John Carpenter reveals all - Nov 2 - 8: Thirty Twenty Ten

November 2, 2018114 min

114 min
Michael Jackson makes a movie, Kevin Smith and Pumbaa makes a fart - Oct 26 - Nov 1: Thirty Twenty Ten

October 25, 2018114 min

114 min
Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon shed their color, Metal Gear gets rock hard and the worst Mission Impossible ever - Oct 19-25: Thirty Twenty Ten

October 18, 2018106 min

106 min
George W Bush gets a movie, Jodie Foster earns her first Oscar, and nobody hates Roseanne yet! Oct 12-18: Thirty Twenty Ten

October 11, 2018125 min

125 min
Freddy Krueger comes home, Super Mario Bros gets its first sequel, Bill Murray rules underground in a movie no one remembers - Oct 5-11: Thirty Twenty Ten

October 4, 201898 min

98 min

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A pop culture time machine! Each episode covers that very week from 30 years ago, 20 years ago and 10 years ago, which means each show is loaded with forgotten movies, timeless TV episodes and songs best left to the past. We'll examine TV, movies, music and video games from the 80s, 90s and 2000s. Come remember with us!... Show More

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