13: A Taylor Swift Fan Podcast

13: A Taylor Swift Fan Podcast

13: A Taylor Swift Fan Podcast is a deep dive into everything Taylor Swift, her extensive discography, and all of her accomplishments. She is literally The Man of the music industry, after all. Join Nick Adams, Ana Castillejos, Amy Nichols and Lacey Gee every Tuesday as they break down a Taylor Swift song (TV only, of course, depending on which era we are currently in... What Era are we even in anyway?) and answer questions such as... Who was the inspiration behind that song? What connection ties this song to previous ones? Which bridge is our favorite to cross? How many Easter eggs have we yet to uncover? What does Taylor Swift put on her charcuterie boards? What does she smell like? And most importantly, what every Swiftie really wants to know…. What’s next?! But like a good Mastermind taught us, always be on the lookout! Be sure to subscribe to 13: A Taylor Swift Fan Podcast so you’ll be the first to know anytime we drop an emergency SwifTea episode. We can be a bit chaotic when the SwifTea is piping hot. Follow the show on Instagram & TikTok @the13podcast, and on X @the13TSpodcast. CONTACT THE PODCAST! Email – the13podcast@gmail.com IG: https://www.instagram.com/the13podcast TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@the13podcast FOLLOW US! Ana - https://www.instagram.com/anaszabo13 Lacey – https://www.instagram.com/laceygee13 Amy – https://www.instagram.com/amysnichols Nick – https://www.instagram.com/nickadamsonair This podcast is in no way related to or endorsed by Taylor Swift, her companies, or record labels. All opinions are our own.


June 13, 2024 31 mins
Happy 100th Eras Tour Show Day to all who celebrate!! It’s a very exciting day with lots of theories, speculations but above all else, it’s a day to celebrate! Taylor Swift is always feeding us and keeping us excited and we’ve been blessed with 100 whole shows of the Eras Tour!  

Taylor Swift is bringing the Eras Tour to Liverpool, England for the first time ever and it’s up to each team to correctly guess what songs they think she ...
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New Romantics.. Can you believe this song was just on the deluxe album before we got 1989 Taylor’s Version? So glad that this is now a song that everyone knows and that we get the chance to break it down now as we wrap up our 1989 era!

We still have one last thing to do before we get to finally deep dive in the Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology.. Next, we will be ranking our top 5 from the 1989 TV album!

But first, Nick Adams,...
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Last week was crazzzyyyy at the Eras Tour! Taylor Swift performed songs she’s never played before… and one song set in particular has everyone wondering… Are we officially in the Glitch?

Teams Look At What You Made Me Duo and Red Lips and Shake It Off Hips made their bold song predictions for Edinburgh, Scotland! Who’s going to get points after this weekend? Will it be Ana Szabo and Nick Adams, or Amy Nichols and Lacey?

Plus, we hear...
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June 4, 2024 30 mins
You Are In Love is such a special love song to not only us but lots of other Swifties! It is a fav in the fandom to play at weddings. It is such a special song that Taylor Swift wrote inspired by her own friend’s relationship.. Jack Antonoff and Lena Dunham!

Ana Szabo, Amy Nichols, Nick Adams and Lacey Gee break down the song lyrics and express their own personal ties to the song, which leads to the toast debate! How toasty do you l...
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It’s time for the teams to get together and pick their song predictions for the acoustic set portion of the Eras Tour for the next two shows in Lyon, France! What do the Look At What You Made Me Duo think that she will perform during the set? And will their guesses be more accurate than the team Red Lips and Shake It Off Hips? Only time and Taylor Swift herself will tell!

Plus, we check the voicemail to hear what other Swifties are ...
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May 31, 2024 40 mins
It’s the first song off of the deluxe edition of the stolen version of 1989.. It’s all available now on Taylor’s Version!

Is this a bop that the regular people know too? It’s such a great song in the fandom.. and lots of clues and speculation about the muse(s) of this song!

Is this a song you tell your not diehard Swifties to check out?

Plus, we check the voicemail to hear what other Swifties are saying!

And don’t forget! We finally ha...
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It’s time to change it up.. Thanks to a wonderful listeners suggestion, we are changing it up the surprise song o’clock game! This time, we are doing teams! Ana and Nick vs Amy and Lacey! Which team will correctly be able to think like Taylor Swift and predict the songs she will perform this weekend during the acoustic set in Portugal?

We are still taking suggestions for the losers punishment on this leg of the tour! And Amy and Lac...
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May 23, 2024 53 mins
We are truly in our Era’s Era! We are talking about Clean, a song that inspired a movie that inspired an anthem from Taylor Swift! What was the inspo behind the song Clean and why do so many people relate to it in different ways? 

And who else tears up when they think of Taylor’s sweet message she always delivered before this song during her 1989 tour? We relive that moment with fresh tears.

We hear from some of our sweet lobsters, a...
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We are stilling reeling in the amazement of the Eras Tour, which returned last week in Paris and wowwwwwwww! The entire new set for The Tortured Poets Department! Insane! Female Rage: The Musical… Wonder if anything is to come of that?

We recap about all of the happenings in Paris, declare (and some, debate) points from last weekend.

We declare a loser for the last round and boy, are y’all going to be surprised! There was yet another...
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May 14, 2024 42 mins
We are truly in our Era’s Era! We are talking about I Know Places (iconic voice memo.. Ana’s version battling Nick’s version. You’ll know what I’m talking about soon) while watching the return of the Era’s Tour in Paris!

We have breaking news all throughout this episode while trying to stay focused on this 1989 bop! It is the best kind of chaotic! 

You get to hear a lot of talking this one out loud.. How are we going to do the iconic...
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The Eras Tour returns RIGHT NOW! Taylor Swift is taking the stage in Paris which means.. It's time for our Surprise Song O'Clock predictions.. and there are a lot of other theories and possible surprises to discuss too!

Plus a final tiebreaker for the loser of the last round.. Results coming very soon!

Ana Szabo, Lacey Gee, Amy Nichols and Nick Adams discuss this and more!

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May 7, 2024 22 mins
We’ve been teasing it for a while.. While we still take in The Tortured Poets Department, we are continuing with our breakdown of 1989 TV! It’s time for This Love!

There are a lot of personal connections to this song, and references to many other songs in this album!

Amy Nichols, Nick Adams and Lacey Gee discuss this song and the lyrics!

What did we miss? What else would you like to hear from us? There’s lots of ways to reach us!

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May 3, 2024 58 mins
It’s been a fortnight with The Tortured Poets Department Anthology, and we have a lot of thoughts. Have we wrapped our head around this album yet? What’s our favorite song of the moment? And what is this theory about something going down TODAY? Lots of rumors are swirling about May 3rd.. Let’s see if anything happens!

Something else we are still wrapping our heads around is getting to spend time with fellow friends and fanatics at o...
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The 13 Podcast got to talk all things about The Tortured Poets Department and more with the incredible women behind the Pop Apologists podcast, Lauren and Chan!

We talk initial thoughts on the new album, the muse that left Taylor Swift so tortured, and the critique that some people have about the content of the album.

Thank you so much to the Spotify mashup program for putting this collaboration together! Be sure to check out the Pop...
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It was touch and go there for a moment but the weather cooperated and the event was such a big time success! It’s the 13 Podcast and lots of Swifties live from Swifties in the Park!

Over 600 Swifties came out and celebrated the new album, a huge milestone and birthday for the podcast! We had so many cool Swiftie businesses there selling their merch made with love, we had friends come in from all the US to hang, talk, celebrate, exch...
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April 26, 2024 49 mins
It’s Swifties talking Taylor Swift and business. What a fun conversation with a talented group of business women!

Charity Eden and Terah Lee talk about their inspiration and journeys as business women with Taylor Swift on the brain! Charity thought of recreating the Eras Tour while at the Eras Tour, and all of the firsts that she has done to make such a fierce show! From learning the music, making the costumes, dancing for the first...
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It’s been a busy few days for Swifties! Taylor Swift released The Tortured Poets Department, then dropped a surprise album a few hours later! Thirty-one brand new songs that we had the weekend to get into!  

Have we even had enough time to make the choice of ranking our top 5 tracks of the new albumS?! Of course not, but do we do it anyway!

Plus, what went down at our streaming party that had us all cry-laughing? And listen to our in...
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Ana and Amy are back for another emergency SwifTEA to recap the last 24 hours in the Swiftieverse! The codes and clues in the Spotify Library, the cryptic video of The Tortured Poets Department Office, and the mysterious QR codes appearing around the world!!

The next time we meet will be at our livestream party, 4/19 at midnight est on our YouTube Channel!! And we hope to see you at Swifties in the Park at Grandscape in The Colony! ...
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Absolute chaos is erupting! Taylor Swift has no chill and wants us all to be tortured! Welcome to the album rollout week, Taylor's Version. 

In the last 24 hours, there has been a mysterious QR code… and we just so happened to know someone that could immediately go scope out the situation!

There are still so many other questions, like Serpentine or what Taylor is trying to tell us in the Apple word of the day.. but we do know who’s l...
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Strike 2! Wait… Is that another 2? Was this all a part of the plan after all?

This week instead of the usual song breakdown, we decided to rank our favorite TTPD tracks by track title alone only! It’s a trend that we’ve seen going around and one of our sweet listeners suggested it a while ago, so let’s do it!

In typical us fashion (lmfao if you will), we got the track lengths moments after recording. Then yesterday, the songwriting c...
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