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18 Wheel Talk Podcast Show

A podcast for Truckers, about Truckers, by Truckers. "Coaching generations of Drivers while guiding them on their path to success. Fueling them with knowledge and passion for Trucking, Navigating the Industry one mile at a time." Come on in grab yourself a seat and hold on tight to your drink 'cause the revolution is gonna be one heck of a wild ride!


October 31, 2023 37 mins

Episode #088:

Well folks it is Halloween and here they go again! The only holiday probably more suited for these two than this one must be April Fool’s Day. For the two of them to just have one of those “normal conversations” that you hear people talk about, is highly unlikely to ever happen. So please do not hold your breath waiting for it to happen.

Today once they get down to brass tactics, they are loopdy-dooping about ...

Mark as Played

Episode #087:

While there was obviously research done for this episode it really does seem to be Story time end to end. The funniest part seems to be that Patrick wanted to do a giveaway. Because in about the first ten minutes Janet dropped the F-bomb. And that is just not her under normal circumstances. So, if you want to hear what made her drop that F-bomb, go take a listen.

In the beginning the start with Bona-fide story...

Mark as Played

Episode #086:

Where do you put your foot down with clutches? Manual or Automatic? Preferences drivers?

So, with their normal elegance and grace, our rabble rousers began today’s show with something that only they understood. So, they had to explain what the term "Chicken-Pants" means and where it came from. Why, you might be asking yourself? Well, because that is how these two roll.

So, once they got that out of th...

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Episode #085:

In this 18 Wheel Talk rewind we take a look back at episode 28 about families and the ever changing roles "post pandemic" from July of 2021. We sure did have fun making this episode and we sure hope you enjoy the laughter too.

Amidst the usual shenanigans, our hosts talk about families and how they really got together and multi-generational households becoming a thing again. They laugh a bi...

Mark as Played

Episode #084:

We chose this episode to listen to and enjoy once again in appreciation of our local horse racing track here in Phoenix being sold to a new owner who is keeping it open as a Horse Racing Track.

Turf Paradise has been in the Valley of the Sun since January 7, 1956.  The current owner bought the 1400-acre track in 2000 and planned to sell it to an Industrial park developer as recently as April 19, 2023.

In Septem...

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Episode #083:

In this 18 Wheel Talk Rewind we take a look back at episode 37 from December of 2021. Our hosts talk about all the different ways out there to save money from web browser extensions to apps on mobile phones. Enjoy!

To start out our hosts begin with a bit of a bang as Patrick gets Janet to swear, well almost. Is “it” a swear word or not? Listen and tell them in an email. Laughter erupts and yes, eve...

Mark as Played

Episode #082:

In our latest episode Janet tries fooling Patrick by entering their 4th Anniversary Giveaway Bash. Yes the Big Bash Giveaway under her alias. However, here’s a shocker! He knows her alias a.k.a. Pryncess Bytchy, since he did giver the name he should know it.

Then as they continue to discuss how to enter the Big Giveaway and what happens if you win and you don’t respond to the email that says you win, well. Jan...

Mark as Played

Episode #081: 

In this 18 Wheel Talk Rewind we take a look back at Episode 10 from September of 2020 which is one of our most popular episodes. Amid Covid-19 and the drastic changes through out the world, sports in America was trying to figure out a way back. And on with the SHOW!

The laughter rolls right away with these two as they wonder if they can even say, here in America and why this is “Take 2”. They are ...

Mark as Played

Episode #080:

If you listen really closely to our laughing loco duo, as they start the podcast you will hear whispering. It is probably Janet doing her own little countdown, no doubt Patrick instigated her to do something right before he hit record on the system. When they get a little louder there is laughing and talk about who really knows what day it is. Well, it is the final free Dorito Loco Taco Tuesday at Taco Bell. ...

Mark as Played

Episode #079:

Informative, Brilliant Tips brought to you by your Favorite Podcasting Duo! Patrick and Janet start off for whatever reason talking in funny voices about Taco’s and Tequila. Maybe it is because they are taking their 4 Year Anniversary of the Podcast to Heart. They do sound a bit like two-four-year-olds. 

However, as they almost always do they get down to business and truly manage to help a driver out. As one w...

Mark as Played
August 22, 2023 67 mins

Episode #078:

Have you ever considered that the 18 Wheel Talk Podcast Show hosts are like the Instigator and the Gremlin? If our expectations of this charismatic duo are anything, it would be starting a show with laughter. Not that they would be starting with football players, Mother Earth, and yes, even Tacos. And then briefly arguing about football. But then if you listen much you know better than to guess what they are ...

Mark as Played

Episode #077:

Today’s show started out with a big bang or at least a big, big belch if Patrick is to be believed! Janet argues the point and says that it was not as big as he claims. They barely managed to get past that point before they begin talking about their great big surprise.  It is the 4th birthday of the podcast show, and they are giving away gifts. They go through the fact that you got to be in it to win it and h...

Mark as Played

Episode #076:

So, at the beginning of today’s show, Janet was all excited to be talking about gadgets and how people always seem to go back to calling her the gadget lady. She does seem to love them. Add that to the obvious love of cooking she has, and today’s episode has her like a kid in a candy shop.

Patrick manages to bring her back around to the subject of today’s show. They start out talking about “back in the day” Of course th...

Mark as Played

Episode #075:
We revisit a pervious episode from August 2021. Enjoy!
Patrick interrupts to tell her that she looks fuzzy, so we time out for laughter and camera cleaning. So anyway, she says…she likes to cook and do Sunday dinners. You know when the kitchen door closes, and the pugs are in the kitchen with her and everyone else is outside. She is happy and cooking or baking. As Patrick says, Janet loves to cook, when the do...

Mark as Played

Episode #074:

In this episode our duo gets down to business right off the bat! What is happening to our jokesters? They have once again shown that in addition to handing out laughter and information they can really do a great interview.

They are talking with Steve Strong, the V.P. of Admissions at the Southwest Truck Driver Training School. Of course, they did begin with a bit of laughter, we have come to expect that of them. Steve h...

Mark as Played

Episode #073:  

Our two troublemakers begin the show by playing freeze-face and laughing. What a shock. Patrick never seems to tell Janet when the show is starting. Today they are talking about 18 wheels of perfection and what is your choice driver?

They know all of the nicknames and of course Patrick picks Janet’s’ favorite Rig. They go on to discuss the powertrain matching the hood ornament, slug bugs, and Rolls Royce hood ornament...

Mark as Played

Episode #072:
In this episode, our familiar joking duo actually settles down a bit with the teasing! They truly “adulted” as they call it. Their reasoning was simple, they had an incredible guest on the show. Her name is Hope Zvara, she is the CEO and Guru of Mother Trucker Yoga.
Her personality and ability to communicate with truckers in a positive manner shined brightly on the show. We’ve all heard that truckers can be a ...

Mark as Played

Episode #071:
We revisit a pervious episode from July 2020. Enjoy!
Patrick & Janet begin by talking about Corona cooties day 198 and the Gov… Is Corona cooties a govt experiment gone wrong? Let’s talk about it here on episode 9. A quick look at some graphics and a take 2! Air base, drums, and all they keep going!

The shenanigans have begun even before the news. Floyds’ family is suing, like everyone does nowadays. But hi...

Mark as Played

Episode #070:
In today's episode our duo begin with a little joke for a friend. It will probably make a few people scratch their heads and then laugh. There is some definite wordplay today. But what they venture off to is how the movies play a role in life. Even something as ordinary in the life of a truck driver like a cb radio. However, this is not what the episode is really about, this is just our troublesome twosome be...

Mark as Played

Episode #069:
Patrick starts the show by pushing Janets’ buttons to make her laugh. And they go into how she gets happy feet when she saves money. From there Patrick welcomes the new listeners and they tell you about today’s episode. Yes, it really is an odd name, right up until you listen.

They always seem to find humor in any situation. No matter how serious it is and how expensive the actual subject is. And of course, they ge...

Mark as Played

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