5 Minute Face Talk - A Makeup and Beauty Podcast

5 Minute Face Talk - A Makeup and Beauty Podcast

Welcome to 5 Minute Face Talk, the podcast that is its name - short, easy-to-digest episodes inside which I indulge you in the world and art of makeup. With over 25 years of experience as a film and tv makeup artist, a bunch of Emmy nominations, and a film credit or two under my belt, needless to say, makeup is pretty much all I know. Makeup has been in my life for most of my life, so now it's time to share all that I've learned with you. And now that I'm over 40, well, I'm sure we’ll touch on a thing or two for my over-40s friends, so if that's you, stay tuned, my friend. If you struggle with your skincare or you don't know where to go with your makeup now that you're in your 40s or older, then you are in the right place. So get ready because it's not just fluff and powder puffs here, I’ll share my product picks, top tips, techniques and no-nos, and hopefully even a giggle or two, as we explore the world of skincare, makeup and all things beauty. All wrapped up in bite-sized episodes for you, so welcome to 5 Minute Face Talk!


May 28, 2024 15 mins

Episode #068.

There's no better time to explore the liberating world of cordless makeup tools and devices than right now.

From cordless hair dryers to portable airbrush makeup systems, I'll discuss the pros and cons of going cordless and share with you some top picks for your makeup kit. If you're a curious professional makeup artist, and keen about cutting the cord and embracing a more mobile approach to your makeup routine, the...

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Episode #067.

Let's explore a crucial yet often underappreciated aspect of makeup artistry: the background makeup kit.

I'll walk you through the entire contents of my own meticulously curated (and much loved) BG kit. Learn why each item earns its spot and how it all comes together to keep your workload manageable and your back ache-free.

If you avoid kit organization like the plague or wonder how to streamline your on-set esse...

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Episode #066.

If you're a new makeup artist to the film and tv industries, you'll want to sit up because I have some very good news for you!

I have put together 7 of the very best foundation makeup products that should consider to be in your makeup kit at the very beginning. Some are expensive, some not so much. But the good news is, that to go with these recommendations are some surefire industry secrets that will help you stock...

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Episode #065.

Have you noticed the numbers on your foundation bottle getting higher? Remember when it didn't matter how many hours your foundation claimed to last on your face?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has seen a recent uptick in the hours some makeup products are claiming to work on your face. And has 50hrs really become the new 24hrs in makeup terms?

Take a listen to this episode of 5 Minute Face Talk as I explore this weir...

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April 29, 2024 8 mins

Episode #064.

In this, my third "Beauty Breakthroughs" episode of 5 Minute Face Talk, that focuses solely on my sharing my favorite new discoveries, products that just wow me to the moon and back, and just really great things in the makeup world; I share with you a very recent discovery. And have a bit of a rant about stuff on the makeup station at work.

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April 22, 2024 9 mins

Episode #063.

No one wants to see that Insta photo of themselves days, weeks, or years later and wonder, "why nobody told me" I looked like I was going through my Covid-Sourdough phase.

Well, the truth is, nobody knew. Because the sneaky phenomenon that is flashback doesn't;t appear before our eyes, only before the camera - or one that take your photos with the flash ON.

Learn exactly what causes flashback, how to avoid it and some of...

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Episode #062.

Do you have a favorite antishine or mattifying makeup product that has alas, fallen prey to the makeup fun police I like to call "DISCONTINUED?"

There's nothing worse than going to pick up your go-to product, that you've trusted and relied on, year after year only to discover it has been discontinued. And for some reason, that seems to happen with an uncanny regularity with antishines and mattifying creams.

So inside...

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Episode #061.

Inside this episode of 5 Minute Face Talk, I'm demystifying the ever-elusive concept of skin undertones.

Whether you're eternally lost in the makeup aisle trying to color-match foundation, or you just can't seem to pick the right shades that complement your skin, this episode is going to simplify everything for you.

With over 25 years of experience as a film and TV makeup artist, I'm opening up my treasure trove ...

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Episode #060.

It dawned on me recently that blue eyeshadow has just always been in fashion. The eyeshadow shade we hate to love, but love to hate just keeps coming back for more and more. But what makes it so popular. And current. Regardless of the era, regardless of the place, you'll always find blue eyeshadow of some description. 

Take a listen as I makeup (pardon the pun) my own reasoning as to why blue eyeshadow is al...

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Episode #059.

Inside this episdoe of 5 Minute Face Talk, I'll indulge you in the woes of my sorry skin condition of late, and the one product that seems to have saved it.

learn about the delicious, delightful, California-based boutique brand, Arcona. And the one gommage product that is fast becoming my very favorite. Especially when it comes to exfoliants, which I do have a rocky history with.

So sit back, relax, and be inspired to tr...

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Episode #058.

The sequel to my recent episode all about how vitally important research and reference images are to us makeup artists. Inside this episode, I share some of my favorite spots to dabble in a bit of online research, to make things quick and efficient. And how you can easily share images, albums, and different segments of images with your department members in an instant as well.

Having reference images is an absolute must...

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Episode #057.

Inside this episode of 5 Minute Face Talk, learn one of my new makeup bag loves, and why. I can talk makeup kits, bags, cases and just general makeup storage all day long. And if truth be told, I am NEVER satisfied with my makeup kit setup, my makeup storage at home, and at work, and it just never feels perfect.

Whether it's because I have to pull things from different cases for different jobs - oh the trials of ...

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Episode #056.

Inside this episode of 5 Minute face Talk I share a newish technique for attaching facial hair pieces, wigs, and all lace from hairpieces and guess what? No Spirit Gum involved!

Yeah - this relatively new technique that seems to finally be making its way to the mainstream within pro makeup and hair circles is truly a gamechanger, so learn how it works, how to modify your own formulation to mattify to your heart's cont...

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Episode #055.

One ever-present, but sometimes, not often acknowledged aspect that has always remained constant in the career of a makeup artist, is the importance of thorough research and the use of reference materials. 

In one of my earliest experiences in makeup school, I was fortunate to engage with seasoned professionals who shared their insights and emphasized the significance of researching historical time periods for pe...

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I would bet money that at some point in your time with makeup, you've had a major glitter incident; whether it be spilling it all over the house, your makeup table, station, or heaven forbid, inside your makeup kit. Glitter just gets everywhere. And in terms of day to day life, its nowhere near as glamorous as it's reflective appearance allows, in real life.

At least for makeup artists, and those of us who just love wearing glitter...

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Episode #053.

Inside this episode of 5 Minute Face Talk, I take a look at the sometimes frustrating phenomena that is the oily eyelid. How it affects your makeup application, what can cause it, and how to manage oily eyelids effectively, so your makeup will stay in place - whether it's on your own face, or someone else's.

Excess oil on the eyelids can be a makeup artist's nightmare so I hope this episode will give you some surfire ...

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Episode #052.

If you haven't had the pleasure of creating a unibrow makeup look before, well, now you can - with complete confidence and a clear idea of how to go about doing so. I wanted to share the techniques I use to create a realistic monobrow, unibrow look as it's well, kind tricky. Sometimes it's not knowing where to start, or what materials to use, but inside this episode, I'll give you some options with your approach that ...

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Episode #51.

Inside this episode of 5 Minute Face Talk, I share my recent delving back into the world of powder makeup. Because, contrary to many current glassy skin, glossy, dewy faced trends, powder is out. I want to tell you that it is certainly not. Powder makeup is very much keeping up with the times, and the latest hydrating, refining powder makeups to hit the market, may well be just what you're looking for.

Episode Web...

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Episode #050.

Things get a bit different in this episode of 5 Minute Face Talk.  Something clicked when I learned about the term "mise en place" recently. And even though it's beginnings and practice are in a field so far removed from makeup, it really is a practice that can so easily translate to the world of makeup. For makeup artists and for you at home, with your own makeup too.

So, take a walk with me today, and learn abo...

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Episode #049.

Inside this episode of 5 Minute Face Talk, I share the seemingly infinite benefits of the hydrating balm simply known as Egyptian Magic. If there was ever a product to rightly claim the title of a true "multi-tasker" then Egyptian Magic would be this beauty product.

So if you haven't heard of it before, or haven't used it yet, then I delightedly introduce you the the world of Egyptian Magic.

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