5 Minute Food Fix

5 Minute Food Fix

Does the question “What’s for dinner?” make you groan with despair? Are you lacking both time AND inspiration? Author Yumi Stynes and cookbook publisher Simon Davis are both busy, love food, and here to help. In a podcast you can whack on for the drive home from work, you get meal ideas realistic enough to be cooked that night, AND you get laughs while learning more about the food you've been cooking every day. Easy recipes and cooking hacks that will save you time and get you loving food again. For recipes, videos and laughs, check out: instagram.com/5minutefoodfix/?hl=en https://www.tiktok.com/@5minutefoodfix And to contact the show: foodfixemail@gmail.com Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


July 16, 2024 4 mins

On today's episode I take care to explain exactly what is meant by the Very Online term, 'Girl Dinner'... and I have a girl dinner of my own to share, based on this recipe - but not much like it at all.


1 x small, round za'atar flatbread, shop bought

about 150g of halloumi cheese, grated

1 x medium zucchini, shaved into ribbons

salt, pepper, a drizzle of honey (optional), fresh oregano (optional)


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It's no secret that Simon Davis LOVES Greek yoghurt as an ingredient.

But has he ever been this excited about Greek yoghurt as he is today?

Listen for a fantastic rave about Anna Jones's new cookbook 'Easy Wins' - an exasperated take on mayo - and this fantastic recipe:

Frizzled Spring Onion and Olive Oil Dip

150g good Greek yoghurt, strained if you can be bothered

1 bunch spring onions, finely chopped

100ml olive oil

1 tsp pul biber...

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July 9, 2024 6 mins

On Yumi and Simon's top-rating food podcast, we unpack the mysterious giant vegetable that is the Daikon.

What are some of the uses?

What can I do if I've foolishly bought one?


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July 7, 2024 8 mins

Making bread takes a bit of effort so you really want it to pay off!

On today's episode, Simon and I discuss YEAST and a book that I am a huge fan of - - Karen Martini's COOK (- which I manage to mis-name as "Food" - my apologies!). There's so much in there, it's basically an encyclopaedia OF FOOD. I even bought a second copy to give to my kid who lives out of home.

And I'm still discovering cool new recipes inside. Like this one:

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It's funny to realise just how inevitable it is that when you first get a mandolin slicer (also known as a 'V-Slicer'), you are likely to cut your fingertips or knuckles a few times before giving the gadget the respect (and caution) it deserves!

Simon has a couple of golden rules for staying safe when using it... and a beautiful salad that makes the most of your amazing mandolin.

Fennel and Radish Salad

1 fennel bulb, trimmed and ...

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Cookbook authors reach for a few phrases that suck me in every time. If someone says, "I've tried it many other ways, but THIS way is the best! I can't veganise it!" - - I tend to believe them.

Today we celebrate a brilliant book that won a Guild Award in the UK - Ruby Tandoh's 'Cook As You Are'.

The book Simon edited which previously won the same award is Mark Diacono's 'A Taste of the Unexpected'.

Ruby Tandoh's Gnocchi Recipe...

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What IS a Hasselback Potato?

And should we bother?

And what nonsense is the internet offering us *this week* in the world of food?

Today we talk about ALL of it - and return to one of our favourite recipes for potatoes. (Spoiler? It's not the Hasselback.)

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June 23, 2024 11 mins

Simon and I are both a bit weirded out when ingredients used in a traditional way in one's respective childhood home - become modernised and used in new and creative ways. Modern food! Whut?

I confess it's taken me a while to get onboard with all these groovy new ways to use miso paste but it is bloody marvellous.


Her 'Community' cookbook changed the way we do salads in Australia.

She's also gifted us this wonde...

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On Yumi and Simon's consistently Top-10 rated food podcast, the two hosts delve into the meaning of "heirloom" when it comes to food.

And if you're surviving the cost-of-living battle sufficiently that you can shell out $$ for a couple of really good quality Ox Heart tomatoes - Simon has a beautiful and easy salad to really make those almost sacred (!) - tomatoes - that involves nothing more than salt, olive oil and a good looki...

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Food goes in and out of fashion, it's amazing to watch! Is Ottolenghi out of f(l)avour? Or are we bored? Or what?

Today we unpack a classic old-fashioned dessert and one of the few desserts we ate in my house when I was a wee little tacker.


Grease a 1.5 L oven dish.



2 eggs

2 tbs caster sugar

500ml milk

1 tsp vanilla essence


2tbs sultanas

10 sli...

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June 11, 2024 9 mins

Basque Cheesecake was all the rage a couple of seasons ago and now I'm making it almost weekly.

Partly because it's a classic, is easy, and super-yummy, and partly because I am trying not to get my scrawny Asian ass kicked in this race I'm competing in Very Freakin Soon. DON'T ASK ME ABOUT THE RACE! Let's talk about cheesecake instead!


A lust for cheesy, delicious protein.

A 20cm high-sided cake tin, which you have lined...

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June 9, 2024 6 mins

Simon and I are both dismayed to hear that pears have grown so "unpopular" that local growers have been ripping up their trees to try to plant something more lucrative. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-10-17/pears-out-of-favour-with-shoppers/102961848

Why not just enlist us to plug the pear?

We'd do a great job!

There are so many great uses for this subtle and affordable fruit - not least of all one of the GOATS of salads! (Does not c...

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Brussels sprouts were only ever polarising because our Boomer parents had no idea how to cook them.

Here in the real world, this seasonal, winter vegetable is INCREDIBLE.

How do you get the most out of them so they're as good as when you sit down for a side dish of these babies at a fancy restaurant with your mum?

It's easy, you can do it!

Find out more on today's episode.

Hosted on Acast. S...

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Yumi and Simon nut out the big questions on today's episode.

What IS the difference between a garnish and something bigger, like a handful of croutons?

Yumi will also talk you through a FANTASTIC cauliflower soup recipe which is easy (tick), delicious (tick), you could probably do tonight (tick!) and it is topped by the most unbelievably enjoyable garnish. (That is actually NOT a garnish.) Wait with baited breath to see if Simon can...

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May 27, 2024 9 mins

In this episode, Yumi asks questions about olive oil, Simon answers.

There's A LOT to Olive Oil that we take for granted, but it's worth knowing why this is such an essential ingredient, how to get the most out of what you're paying for, and what to look for when purchasing.

Olive oil icing: 1 cup icing sugar + 1/3 cup of (good quality!) olive oil. Mix and pour over your carrot cake!


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It sounds silly but farting is a genuine consideration in a lot of peoples' cooking, especially those of us with the most tedious of all the tedious food intolerances, #FODMAP.

Garlic and onion are the devil to our digestive systems and a "bad case of the farts" is way worse than it sounds!


Dice 2 medium eggplant to a 1cm dice

Fry that off in a big frypan in 4tbs of HOT olive oil. Allow 10 mins to r...

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May 23, 2024 5 mins

YES, we do exist! Not just figments of your fever dream that is 2024!

And we'll be meeting you in person at the Sydney Writers Festival 2024 - Saturday 25 May, 11am with special guest foodies Alex Elliott-Howery (aka "Alex Cornersmith"), and Lucy 'Every Night of the Week' Tweed.

It's 11am so you have time to get to the shops, chuck on the slow cooker, grab a coffee and then come sit with us.


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Okay, if you're part of a diasporic community in Australia, there's a strong chance you're all over Plantain as an ingredient! But this incredible, versatile and super delicious ingredient was previously it's not grown locally, was hard-to-find, and expensive. THAT'S ALL CHANGING. (Coming soon to a fancy restaurant near you!)

Plantain is Yumi's prediction for hitting the mainstream here in restaurants, cafes, cooking shows and at h...

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May 19, 2024 5 mins

Don't forget you can come see us with Alex Cornersmith and Lucy 'Every Night of the Week' Tweed at the Sydney Writers Festival on Saturday 25 May, at the extremely farmer's-market-friendly time of 11am! Carriageworks!

On today's episode we're celebrating the rando gadgets you find in hotel kitchens, in this case, the legendary JAFFLE PRESS.

To make The Perfect Baked Bean Jaffle?

plug in the jaffle and get it going

2 slic...

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May 14, 2024 7 mins

Simon and Yumi go deep on the humble potato in this episode.

Can washing grotty old potatoes be worth the effort?

What's the difference in supermarket varieties?

NOTES: The word "yogghurt" is not used once in this effort.

WARNING: Curve ball about dishwashers saved til end of episode.

The Dinner Dilemma is going to be a hoot at this year's Sydney Writers Festival! For more info follow this link


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