5 Minutes To Save The Earth

5 Minutes To Save The Earth

An inspiring podcast to unite you with a budding worldwide movement to stabilize the climate and protect the next generation.


April 15, 2024 8 mins

The authorities have held 28 consecutive international climate meetings, called Council of Parties, or COP. All of these meetings have accomplished nothing: CO2 emissions are increasing and there is literally not even a plan to effectively deal with the crisis.

We intend to go beyond those meetings, and those worse than useless so-called authorities and leaders. We intend to work with people of competence and ability to ad...

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Political and corporate leaders would have you believe that they have things under control and that the only alternative to THEIR way is chaos. That's a lie. Their way, the way we are going, we are cooking the Earth and dooming our children and other species and the entire biosphere that sustains us. The only real alternative is to ditch their ways and adopt a science-based emergency plan to prevent climate collapse. That&apos...

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The leaders in business and government worldwide have failed catastrophically to address the existential climate crisis in a meaningful way. They want things to stay as they are—even though this is impossible. They like the current situation because they are on top, they get their way. They are hoarding wealth and power. They have inflated egos to protect. But WE will protect the Earth and our children.  We recognize the emergency ...

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Maybe the reason climate activists—and ordinary people who love their children and Nature—have not yet launched an effective movement is that the opponent is too strong. Wealthy businessmen and governments have huge resources at their disposal. Destroying the planet for wealth and power is a private-public partnership. What can ordinary people with no formal authority and limited resources do? As it turns out, the powerful are vuln...

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The movement, The Saners, seeks to put together a team of climate scientists to develop (and then implement) a worldwide emergency program to prevent the collapse of the biosphere. We want our children to inherit a stable and habitable planet—even though it will be a damaged one. What will this team of scientists do? What are our instructions to them? How will this team and their plans—even their preliminary plan—help our movement ...

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It's not great men, but ordinary people like you and me—people with no formal authority—who change the world. But somebody must start first, must break the ice, must clear the ground for others to join. This episode identifies three truths that will set you—and everyone—free.

Please also check out the website WeAreSaners.org—which is the hub of our growing climate movement. YOU can join if you haven't already by signing up...

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The Saners Movement isn't something separate from your life. If you become a Saner, you must also become more fully yourself, especially your creative self. Being both a unique and creative human being, and a movement activist are compatible roles. In fact, they can be inseparable.

Please also check out the website WeAreSaners.org—which is the hub of our growing climate movement. YOU can join if you haven't already by sign...

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February 26, 2024 9 mins

The world is in crisis but we must still live our lives day to day. The mundane and cataclysmic co-exist. And we suffer from anxiety from our ordinary obligations now complicated by a climate crisis. What should we do? How can we balance this? I share my personal approach which may or may not be useful to you. But it should at minimum stimulate some worthwhile thinking.

Please also check out the website WeAreSaners.org—which is the ...

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This is a script for fictional documentary about how things could be—if we sane and caring and allegedly powerless people—took control of events and worked to save the climate and human decency. We need to imagine a better future if we hope to create one.

Please also check out the website WeAreSaners.org—which is the hub of our growing climate movement. YOU can join if you haven't already by signing up for our email list HERE.

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Our budding movement aims to use solid and proven strategies and principles to achieve our aims—to put climate scientists in charge of a worldwide emergency proram to address the crisis, and to establish and humane and sustainable society. We want to replace the failing and unsustainable society we have now with something better.

But what are the principles we need to follow? How will it all work? Check out the videos by ...

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February 5, 2024 9 mins

What is the ideology and politics of The Saners? Is there a purity test? No! We are a movement with a big tent. We are trying the save the biosphere, to keep our home planet habitable. We are determined to ensure that our children, EVERYONE'S children, live on a healthy planet with a stable climate. But to get the job done, we need a BIG movement with a variety of people, working together for this common cause.

Please also chec...

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We need some guidelines to have an effective movement, one that saves our planet from climate collapse. What are these guidelines? And how can we begin moving towards our objectives? What are some simple yet meaningful first steps to take?

Could it all begin with a simple walk in the park?

Please also check out the website WeAreSaners.org—which is the hub of our growing climate movement. YOU can join if you haven't alr...

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The Saners, our movement to save the climate and establish a human and sustainable worldwide civilization, is stalled—for the moment. We will get up and back on track, but we are taking this moment to reflect, to examine where we are, and to make any necessary changes that we need at this early stage. We need to build our community—online—so that we can unify as a movement, and work together effectively. We also need to establish o...

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January 15, 2024 7 mins

The activist group determined to protect the climate and create a humane, sustainable society, is offering a status report here. We have taken some early necessary steps—but the real action is beginning now. We have just begun an online community for bonding, for building a strategy, for binding us as a unit. You can join the community using this Quick Start Guide. And, if you have not joined the group itself, you can do that here....

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2024 will be a critical year, and the new climate group, The Saners, is gearing up for action. We will be like no other climate group that preceded us. We will use Gandhian tactics, EFFECTIVE tactics, to empower the people who care about our children, our species, other species and Nature Herself. But how can we begin with only a few hundred members? Here's a huge idea that requires ONLY SIX activists! Download this flyer HERE...

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January 1, 2024 9 mins

We don't act to save the climate for many reasons. One is that, in many ways, we like the way things they are. Or at least we are comfortable with the familiar. We don't want to lose what we have. And we don't us gaining much. Fighting climate change is all sacrifice—at least in our minds. But that's false. What we have or think we have is valueless. It's heroin, not fine dining. We can do better. Here&apos...

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December 25, 2023 13 mins

We produce everything needed to ensure a decent life for every person on the planet. But we live under systems that deny us that decent life. We produce more than enough, but we need most is a shortage of evil. Whether it's dictators or plutocrats, small groups of self-centered fools are destroying the planet and we are helping them. But we can change all this. The power is actually ours, not theirs. We have begun the work and...

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December 18, 2023 10 mins

When we look ahead today, we see doom and despair for our children, struggling to live on a ruined Earth. But that's not the only possibility. WE can change direction. This requires not only forcing a sharp reduction in fossil fuel use, and putting competent climate scientists in charge of a worldwide emergency program. It also means a revolution in values, a adaptation of HUMANE values and an rejection of greed and violence a...

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December 11, 2023 12 mins

Changing the world requires a vision. We've explored this in fiction many times. We do so again.

What if people realized that, after decades of repeated failures, our "leaders" with their ineffective climate conferences (called COP) have never accomplished anything? That our leaders failed catastrophically every single year for decades? What if people realized that our leaders WILL NEVER do what's requ...

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We are not guaranteed that the anti-Earth authorities—those who are promoting the ongoing and accelerated use of fossil fuels, and causing the Sixth Extinction—will be stopped. But they CAN and SHOULD be stopped. And we—ordinary people who love our children and care about Nature—will be the ones to stop them, if we do our job. Here's an analysis of this critical situation.

Please also check out the website WeAreSaners.org—which...

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