The Truck Show Podcast

The Truck Show Podcast


Ep 15: Trucks Should Be Banned, Classic Trucks Worth More Than Your House, The Story Behind Dirt Every Day

June 18, 2018105 min

105 min
Ep 14: Diesel Power Challenge, DPF-Friendly Performance, Guess That Diesel/Drive A Big Rig, World’s Tallest Thermometer

June 11, 201879 min

79 min
Ep 13: What Mini Trucks and Ferraris Have In Common, Car Camping Gone Wild, Concepts Trucks Built To Be Used

June 4, 2018101 min

101 min
Ep 12: Mike Finnegan Talks Trucks, His Bogus Battle Against Richard Rawlings, and Stories From His Wild Mini-Truckin’ Days Before Roadkill

May 28, 2018108 min

108 min
Ep 11: Get Ready For A 4-Cylinder Silverado, Lightning Almost Drives Over A Fan, Offset Steering Wheels, A New Tire Brand, The V-10 Sport Truck

May 21, 201877 min

77 min
Ep 10: An Insider Story of Raptor, Importance of Truck Spy Photography, Sway Bars For Trucks, Event Announcer Flubs

May 14, 201874 min

74 min
Ep 9: The Dieselisode - Diesel Power, Half-Ton Diesels, Diesel Crate Engines, To Delete Or Not To Delete

May 7, 201897 min

97 min
Ep 8: What About Grumpers, Big Brake Upgrades For Trucks, and a Shop That Got Big On Social and in Life

April 30, 201898 min

98 min
Ep 7: Inside GM Truck Engineering, Daytona Truck Meet Blows Up, and How AMP Research Makes Your Truck Better

April 20, 201887 min

87 min
Ep 6: The Truck Show Makes The Top 5, 2020 Silverado HD Teaser is Revealed, and Holman Exposed As A Tiny House Hater

April 14, 201827 min

27 min

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