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A Radical Podcast takes you on a compelling journey into anarchism, radical politics, and global social movements. Hosted by Jason Bayless, the show navigates through narratives and ideas that unsettle conventional wisdom, aiming to foster a just and equitable world. Each episode combines current news, deep discussions on past and present uprisings, updates from A Radical Guide, and riveting talks with guests actively contributing to causes for freedom and justice. https://www.radical-guide.com/ https://www.patreon.com/ARadicalGuide Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/aradicalguide/support


March 16, 2024 72 mins

Trauma, Tresses, & Truth: A Panel Discussion with Lyzette Wanzer, MFA, and Jasmine Hawkins, MA

Join us for a compelling online panel discussion featuring esteemed authors Lyzette Wanzer, MFA, and Jasmine Hawkins, MA, as they explore the narratives of Black women's hair, the complexities of racial identity, and the path toward legislative change through the Trauma, Tresses, & Truth project.

➡ Links/Resources:

🔗Trauma, T...

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A Radical Guide is excited to host a panel on General Strike US, a decentralized network championing transformative societal changes. This event explores the coalition's strategies, objectives, and the range of issues it tackles

. ➡ Links/Resources:

🔗 https://generalstrikeus.com

/🔗 http://detroittenantsassociation.com/

🔗 https://RedHeartCoalition.org

🔗 linktr.ee/generalstrikeus_michigan

🔗 EvolvingSeeds.com

🔗 https://www.p...

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Dive into the heart of radical history with "Anarchist Nerdvana: Rare Books, Games, and Beyond," a podcast that unearths the joyfully nerdy side of anarchism through the exploration of rare artifacts. In this debut episode, host Jason Bayless takes you on a captivating journey through the pages of "Anarchy and Anarchists. A history of the red terror and the social revolution in America and Europe. Communism, social...

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Join us for an engaging episode of "A Radical Podcast," titled "Abolish the State: Pipe Dream or Practical Path?" where we navigate the core of anarchist philosophy and the concept of a stateless society.

This episode examines the slogan's historical backdrop and diverse interpretations, challenging traditional state power structures. We discuss the theoretical foundations and practical realities of envision...

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Dive into the provocative world of Propaganda by Deed in our latest episode of 'A Radical Podcast.' Explore the origins and evolution of this controversial anarchist strategy through the stories of influential figures like Johann Most, Alexander Berkman, and Clément Duval. Discover how their actions, along with events like the assassination of Empress Elisabeth and the exploits of the Bonnot Gang, shaped the debate within t...

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In "Anarchists' Influence on Society," we explore how anarchist ideologies shape and influence societal structures, from social to individualist.

We explore the transformative impact of anarcho-communism, anarcho-syndicalism, mutualism, and individualist strands on collective action, personal freedom, and community building.

Join us for a thought-provoking journey through the multifaceted world of anarchism and its ...

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In this special episode of 'A Radical Podcast,' host Jason Bayless commemorates the 6th anniversary of A Radical Guide.

We reflect through the past six years, exploring the milestones, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped this unique project.

Join us as we revisit vital moments, from the initial idea sparked in Paris to becoming a global resource for radical thought and activism.

Discover how A Radical Guide has wov...

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Join us in this special edition of "A Radical Podcast" as we present "In Their Own Words: How I Became a Traitor." Host Jason Bayless introduces us to Ilya Kharkōw, a Ukrainian writer and war refugee whose harrowing journey defies borders and expectations.

In this episode, Ilya shares their gripping tale of resilience and defiance against military conscription, and their pursuit of a life lived true to their co...

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Explore how anarcho-capitalism, a philosophy advocating for minimal state intervention, reshapes Argentina's economy, civil liberties, and protest culture.

Join us as we uncover the realities behind these dramatic changes and their impact on Argentine society.

➡ Links/Resources:

🔗ARG's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ARadicalGuide

🔗 Argentina: Violent repression and criminalization in response to protests in Jujuy (Amne...

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Join us in this insightful episode of A Radical Podcast, where we explore the intricate landscape of Anarcho-Collectivism. "Is Anarcho-Collectivism the Answer We've Ignored?" guides you through this pivotal ideology's origins, influential figures, global impact, and modern significance. Discover with us the historical foundations, assess its worldwide influence, and consider its relevance in current social challe...

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Once again, the Howard Zinn Book Fair has created a day full of wonderful people, discussions, and fun times.  A Radical Guide teamed up with PM Press to ensure you didn’t miss meaningful conversations.

The third spotlight is the Then & Now – Socialist Labor Organizers from the Seventies & Eighties Who Never Gave Up. (if you missed the previous panels, check out the first panel here and the second panel here).

Join us for a...

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Once again, the Howard Zinn Book Fair has created a day full of wonderful people, discussions, and fun times.  A Radical Guide teamed up with PM Press to ensure you didn’t miss meaningful conversations.

The second spotlight is the Unafraid of Politics: An Outspoken Authors panel. (if you missed the first panel, check it out here).

The Howard Zinn Book Fair, known for its focus on radical and political literature, featured a compell...

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Once again the Howard Zinn Book Fair has created a day full of wonderful people, discussions, and fun times.  And A Radical Guide teamed up with PM Press to ensure you didn't miss important conversations.

The first panel we spotlight is Building the Future in the Present: Lessons from Cooperation Jackson. This stimulating panel discussion brings together three pioneering figures in grassroots activism and community-centered e...

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In this captivating episode of A Radical Podast, we dive into the world of Hukbong Lumpen, a band that uniquely blends the soulful rhythms of blues with the fiery spirit of anarchy.

Discover how their music challenges the status quo, weaving powerful socio-political messages with haunting melodies.

Join us as we explore the journey of Hukbong Lumpen, from their roots in the Philippines to their revolutionary approach to music, in...

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🎄✨ Dive into a festive yet thought-provoking journey with A Radical Guide as we reimagine the classic story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. In 'Rethink Rudolph: A Radical Christmas Tale,' we explore a playful, radical twist on a holiday favorite. 🔔 Subscribe to A Radical Guide for more thought-provoking content and join a community that's not afraid to challenge the status quo and uncover the deeper meanings behi...

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In this episode of A Radical Podcast, we embark on a journey to reclaim the collective power of ideas over individuals. Starting with a critical analysis of a Harvard Business Review article on narcissistic leadership, we dismantle capitalist frameworks that emphasize individual achievement.

Then, we pivot to global resistance movements with the theme "Follow Ideas, Not People," highlighting the power of ideas to fuel...

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In this episode of 'A Radical Podcast,' we journey through the global actions of November 25th, focusing on the powerful resistance against capitalist and patriarchal structures.

We explore diverse anti-capitalist movements worldwide and discuss A Radical Guide's upcoming engagement at the Howard Zinn Book Fair.

Join us as we unravel the threads of feminist and anti-capitalist struggles and reflect on the historical s...

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Join us on 'A Radical Podcast' for "Anarchism's African Journey: Past to Present," where we dive into the rich tapestry of anarchist thought and action across Africa. From the communal lands of traditional societies to the pulsing heart of modern cities, we explore how anarchism has shaped and been shaped by Africa's unique historical and cultural landscape. This episode features insights into traditiona...

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A Radical Audiobook Series Presents: "How Nonviolent Struggle Works" by Gene Sharp

Dive into a comprehensive exploration of nonviolent resistance with Gene Sharp's groundbreaking work, presented by A Radical Guide. This audiobook illuminates the principles, strategies, and dynamics of nonviolent action, offering listeners an in-depth understanding of this potent tool for social change.

Gene Sharp, a revered politica...

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In this episode of "A Radical Podcast," we spotlight an enlightening interview from "It's Going Down" that gives voice to Palestinian anarchists on the front line against occupation. We also delve deep into the nuanced, often misunderstood, form of protest known as Black Bloc, exploring its principles, history, and tactics. Plus, don't miss our important updates in the "About A Radical Guide" s...

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