ABM Done Right - A Personal ABM Podcast

ABM Done Right - A Personal ABM Podcast

As ITSMA and TechTarget report that 66% of ABM programs underperform, Kristina Jaramillo (President of Personal ABM) and Eric Gruber (CEO of Personal ABM) talk to sales and marketing leaders about what's working, what's not working, and how ABM needs to evolve. Along with account-based sales and marketing insights from Kristina and Eric, you will learn from leadership at Challenger, Demandbase, Okta, Uniphore, Alyce, Highspot, Gong, Critical Start, Longbow Advantage, Proof Analytics, Narrative Science, and many others. Come back each week for new content as we try to share new podcasts each Monday or Tuesday. This podcast is hosted by Personal ABM. You can learn more by going to PersonalABM.com


June 13, 2024 70 mins

As most  ABM programs deliver minimal improvement to revenue KPIs, Eric Gruber (CEO of Personal ABM) and his guest Alex Pappas (Senior ABM Manager for Venafi) discuss how teams need to stop retrofitting ABM on top of current processes. 

During this podcast episode, you will hear:

1. The ABM challenges Alex faced at both Riskalyze and Venafi and how he gave the ABM programs an overhaul.

2. How Riskalyze di...

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In this ABM Done Right Podcast, Chris Rack (CEO of MRP) mentioned that most intent is nothing more than intent to learn vs. intent to purchase. By listening  to this episode, you will learn how to differentiate between the two different types of intent -- and what you need to do from an ABM standpoint based on where the buyer is in their journey. 

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Eric Dates (Head of Marketing for V Comply)  recently joined Kristina Jaramillo and Eric Gruber on the ABM Done Right Podcast. They discussed:

1. Why previous ABM programs failed for Eric Dates -- and what he did differently with his most successful ABM programs.

2.  The questions we should be asking internally before we even focus on building an demand gen strategy and an ABM strategy,

3.  How GTM teams need to ch...

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Within this podcast, Scott Gillum from Carbon Design joins Eric Gruber (Personal ABM CEO) to discuss: 

1. Why Challenger sales and marketing  and ABM goes hand-in-hand

2. How GTM teams can deliver messaging that resonates - This includes how we should create our POV so we can come to each interaction with a POV about the customer's business, how we should create our account-based value proposition, and how to...

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In other ABM Done Right Podcasts, including the one with the CMO of Hushly, we talked about the state of ABM in cybersecurity and other industries that are in a crowded, undifferentiated space where transactional sales are prevalent. In this podcast with Michelle Radlowski (Senior Director, AMS & EMEA Regional Marketing and ABM at DigiCert), we explore:

1. Why most ABM programs in cybersecurity are not leading to highe...

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Most content does not support ABM nor sales and it's because most teams are skipping a very important step that must be done before you even assess your content to see what's missing. On this ABM Done Right Podcast, Tracy Wehringer (CEO and CMO at Moonshot Strategy) and Eric Gruber (CEO of Personal ABM) share the steps that teams should take when doing an ABM content assessment -- and what they should be looking for.  The...

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Matt Brown (CEO of CustomerOS) recently joined Eric Gruber (Personal ABM CEO) on the ABM Done Right Podcast to discuss how to grow your best customers and drive profitability with your next best customers to create a compounding customer growth engine. 

They discuss how customer success teams are still reactionary and playing defense and forgetting the ABM fundamentals that that helped companies drive revenue growth in the...

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Recent ABM Done Right Podcasts have focused on using ABM to protect and expand key accounts as sales teams are struggling to bring in new business. Companies like Commvault report 8-10% drops in enterprise deals as budgets are limited or frozen. To sustain growth, companies need to protect and expand the existing revenue they do have. But because customers are not getting the experience they want with their vendors after the deal i...

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Dana Alvarenga (a 2023 Top 25 Customer Success Strategist and VP of Customer Experience at SlapFive: Customer Marketing) joins Kristina Jaramillo (President of Personal ABM to discuss:

1. Why customer success teams struggle with the "why stay," "why evolve," and "why expand conversations." 

2. How most customer success teams are taking a piecemeal approach -- and how Dana is building ...

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At the center of each new, retention or expansion deals lies a series of struggling moments that need to be listened to, understood, catered to, reframed and solved. These are moments that most sales, marketing and customer success teams are ignoring as they focus on scaling vs. driving account-based revenue growth with the accounts that matter the most to the bottom line.

On the ABM Done Right Podcast below, Doug Hutton joins Krist...

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David Sakimoto (VP of Customer Success at Gitlab) joined the ABM Done Right Podcast to discuss:

1. The state of customer success in most organizations -- what are they doing right, where are they getting it wrong, and where do challenges exist. 

2.  Why many customer success teams struggle to keep VP and C-suite engagement after the deal is closed and where the process, conversation, and experience gaps lie that a...

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As ABM has become synonymous with ABM tech, many GTM teams are not seeing maximum returns from their ABM tech investment as they continue to struggle to move high-value accounts to revenue. Many GTM teams are seeing accounts go dark and we've been seeing reports of 10%+ drops in enterprise deals (the ones that ABM should be focused on!) 

In this podcast, Liz Ronco from Madison Logic joins Personal ABM CEO (Eric Gruber...

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Despite marketers saying that spray and pray is dead, it is alive and kicking -- just in a different form as it's more targeted. Teams are still spraying messages and content out to their ICP hoping that it sticks instead of aligning with future and existing customers. There is no differentiation between a targeted demand gen motion and an ABM motion. 

Deanna Shimota joins Kristina Jaramillo and Eric Gruber on this AB...

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In this ABM Done Right Podcast, Mandy Cole (Partner at Stage 2 Capital) joins Kristina Jaramillo and Eric Gruber to discuss:

1. How the economy is not the main reason for why companies are seeing 10%+ drops in enterprise deals -- but instead is that GTM teams are not limiting sales execution risk. The economy is only magnifying the issues that exist across the buyer's journey and customer lifecycle and showing the cra...

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Matt Dixon (Wall Street Journal bestselling co-author of The Challenger Sale, The Effortless Experience, The Challenger Customer and The JOLT Effect, a frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review and Founding Partner at DCM Insights) recently joined Kristina Jaramillo and Eric Gruber on the ABM Done Right Podcast. 

During this podcast, you will learn why ABM and the Challenger Sale go hand-in-hand, why accounts go dark...

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Gallup studies show that 82% of B2B customers are indifferent, disengaged or actively looking to replace a vendor. Yet, many companies still put a greater emphasis on building a pipeline vs. protecting and expanding key accounts.

In this podcast, customer success expert, Kristi Faltorusso, joined Kristina Jaramillo to discuss the state of customer success and how account retention and expansion is an organization-wide issu...

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As many teams struggle with driving stage progression (accounts going dark), increasing win rates and ACV (many companies are reporting 10% drops in enterprise deals), protecting and expanding key accounts (82% of b2b buyers are indifferent, disengaged or actively looking to replace a vendor), we asked Steve Richard (SVP of Revenue Enablement at MediaFly) to  join us on the ABM Done Right Podcast to discuss:

 Know your num...

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As GTM teams are building pipelines with ABM but are struggling with accounts going dark (especially after sales engagement), Spencer Wixom (former SVP of Sales and Marketing and Chief Customer Officer at Challenger and current CEO at The Brooks Group) joined us on the ABM Done Right Podcast to discuss:

1. The fundamentals that's needed for account-based selling that most organizations (both traditional and SaaS firms...

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There is confusion in the market on what intent data is -- and it's purpose. In this podcast discussion with John Steiner (CMO at Tech Target) and Bill Henry (SVP of Field Sales at Tech Target), you will learn:

1,  Where the confusion lies and why it's happening.

2.  What teams need to think about before they invest in an intent data platform - failure to do this will minimize the returns you get from in...

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Most companies have dived into ABM tech and other platforms that promised a path to greater growth with more focus and partnership with sales leaders. However, ITSMA, Tech Target and others report that only 17% have a mature stage 4 program and 69% of ABM programs under-perform when it comes to revenue growth.

Most GTM teams are still trying to build the foundation. Unfortunately, even though we live in the experience era, GTM teams...

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