Academic Survival

Academic Survival

Thirty percent of students drop out of college during the 1st year. The transition from high school to college is a struggle for many students. I interview current and former college students about their freshman year experience and I invite guests who share topics relevant to college life. Join me as we discuss how to survive, thrive, and graduate. Academic Survival: The Podcast That Gets Freshmen to Graduation.


May 15, 2024 32 mins

In this episode, I turn the mic over to Aryss Richardson, who is a high school senior simultaneously taking college courses. She aspires to be a nurse. I've arranged for her to interview the esteemed Dr. Angela Allen-Washington, a doctor of nursing practice with over 20 years of experience. I really wanted her to have the opportunity to interview someone in her career field of interest and was excited to make this happen.

The ...

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In this episode of Academic Survival, I have an enlightening conversation with Dr. Dar Mayweather, a passionate educator and leader, on the intersection of education, career goals, and inclusive leadership development. Dr. Mayweather discusses inclusive leadership for students and emphasizes the importance of recognizing and nurturing people's natural gifts and talents to prepare them for success in the industry.

Listeners will disc...

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This Episode of Academic Survival features an insightful conversation with April Simpson, a

reporter at the Center for Public Integrity, who shares her expertise and experience in the field of journalism. If you’re a journalism major, this episode is a must-listen for valuable tips and advice to navigate academic and professional life.


In this episode, April Simpson discusses the importance of having a support system, prioriti...

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Today I am excited to have Sarah Jung on the show. Sarah is currently participating in an international exchange program from Germany to the US under the CBYX (Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange) program. She is placed in Las Vegas, attending UNLV part-time and gaining work experience in the hospitality industry. We'll be discussing her experiences, challenges, and key takeaways from her time in the US.

🔖Show Notes🔖

Sarah's Particip...

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In this thought-provoking episode of Academic Survival, Dr. Kelly

Dobson unveils the untold challenges and obstacles that can hinder a

timely graduation from college. Join host Shandra McDonald as she delves

into Dr. Dobson's personal journey, from financial dilemmas to

unexpected distractions, and how they affected his academic progression.

Discover the pivotal moments when Dr. Dobson had to prioritize his

passions over societal e...

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Adell Coleman and Anna DeShawn, the hosts of the Head Nod podcast, are joining me on the Academic Survival podcast to share their insights on exploring the Black experience at Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs). Adell Coleman, a seasoned professional working at DCP Entertainment, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the podcasting industry. Meanwhile, Anna Deshawn, the CEO of TheCube, has a passion for amplifying dive...

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Do you want to discover the key to a successful academic journey as an international student? Look no further! Join us as we unveil the secrets to navigating the challenges and finding support while studying in a different country. Andreea Coscai, an experienced international student herself, will be sharing her valuable insights and solutions to help you achieve your desired outcome - a rewarding and fulfilling academic experience...

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November 7, 2023 2 mins

When your dreams of a better future are tied to a college degree, the struggle to achieve that dream becomes an epic tale of courage and determination, especially if you're a 1st generation college student.

"So going to college, I was really excited because at first, you're just building up. Oh, you're going to go to college! But then I was also like, okay. Now I'm on my own. Now what?"
"When I t...
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I'm excited to introduce you to my guest, former NFL wide receiver Roy Hall Jr. Roy's impressive journey from a standout athlete at Ohio State to professional football with the Indianapolis Colts offers a unique lens to understanding the delicate balance of academia and sports mastery. Now, with his experiences, he sheds light for current student-athletes navigating Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) opportunities, academics, and li...

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If you're feeling frustrated and overwhelmed because despite putting in long hours studying and attending all your classes, you're still struggling to grasp engineering concepts and achieve the grades you desire, then you are not alone! Many college freshmen in engineering face this challenge because they may be relying solely on passive learning methods like re-reading textbooks or passively listening to lectures, which research s...

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Astrophysicist Jessica A. Harris: Inspiring and Empowering Underrepresented Students to Pursue Careers in Science

An empowering journey of a tenacious Black woman in STEM, as she defies barriers, advocates for diversity, and inspires underrepresented students to reach for the stars.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Grasp the significant impact mentorship and representation holds in the progression of STEM fields.
  • Unearth the p...
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In this episode of the Academic Survival Podcast, I interview Associate Professional Clinical Psychologist / School Psychologist Bria Edgar about ways to best cope with the stresses of student life. Bria emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and validating your emotions, and then taking a moment to breathe and plan your next steps. She also discusses her journey from being a school psychologist to becoming a therapist and prov...

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Amber Artiaga, DBA, is a strong advocate for the use of modern technology in education. She believes that the stance of these tools being inherently bad for learning and development is misguided and will only hinder students' ability to compete in the workforce of tomorrow. As an educator, Amber emphasizes the importance of preparing students for the present and future by providing them with access to the latest tools and resources...

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Overcoming the odds, Dana Spencer was determined to provide a better future for her and her unborn child. Little did she know that her college days would take an unexpected twist, leading her to a career in direct marketing as a single mother. Despite the challenges, Dana's unwavering dedication to her goals has enabled her to graduate from college, become financially free through real estate, and inspire others to pursue their dre...

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Student-Athlete Support System

In today's competitive world, student-athletes need a solid support system to help them manage the demands of both academics and sports. A successful support system should provide the necessary resources to help student-athletes succeed academically while also allowing them to excel in their sports. These may include academic tutors, mental health professionals, and physical trainers. Additionally, a ...

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    Switching Paths: Finding Your True Passion with Musician Blake Leigh

    Meet Blake Leigh, an accomplished pianist and jazz composer who has experienced firsthand the importance of pursuing one's passion and maintaining authenticity in the music industry. After starting his college journey at Bentley University, Blake quickly realized that his true calling was in music, leading him to transfer to the prestigious Berklee College of Music...

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    Dr. Shandra L. McDonald, a college graduate with a lifelong battle with reading, set out on a quest to prove her doubters wrong, but discovered her own inner strength and resilience to academically survive college and beyond.

    "Don't let other people's expectations hinder your journey - make your own goals and make decisions that are consistent with achieving them!"

    Shandra is a podcaster, guest lecturer, speaker, coach, and auth...

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    Velmar learns to balance work, school, and relationships as she finds strength and emotional support in college.

    "I told myself in college I wouldn't do that because I came out of high school with literally no close friends, because I failed to build on friendships that I could have had because I was so focused on school. And what's important to you should be your priority."

    Velmar Amador-Lankster is a 1st-year student at UC San...

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    Claiming sobriety from the depths of rock bottom, Nico Morales experienced the power of transformation.

    "I have learned to claim the term 'addict' with some positivity to it - I have acquired a better advantage and I have to be intentional about what I'm doing." - Nico Morales

    Nico Morales is an international published author, public speaker, small business owner, and recovering addict from Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has a bach...

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    Thank you for joining the Academic Survival podcast. Today, we're excited to have Darrell Horn on the show. Darrell shares his college journey, discussing the challenges of balancing personal preferences and academic priorities.

    **Key Takeaways from Darrell's College Journey:**

    - 🎓 **Embrace Mistakes:** As freshmen, making mistakes is inevitable, and that's okay. It's crucial to understand that failure is a part of the learning proc...

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