Ace the Sales - Simplifying Selling for Women Entrepreneurs

Ace the Sales - Simplifying Selling for Women Entrepreneurs

Selling does not come easy to first-time entrepreneurs and that’s what we are here to change. If you are a woman solopreneur and small business owner then Ace the Sales Podcast will help you bring your most authentic and influential self to each sales conversation so that you take your business solution to more people and create more impact. On this show, hosted by Strategic Sales Expert and Serial Entrepreneur Roshni Baronia, we ditch the jargon and uncomplicate the sales talk by going behind the scenes with passionate entrepreneurs and startup mentors to dig into their entrepreneurial journeys, proven growth strategies, and selling skills that helped them build a thriving business. Our intention here is to give you all the sales knowledge and learning that will help you bring your A-game to scaling your business. This podcast is brought to you by Done For You Podcasts - a full-service podcast production company for experts and entrepreneurs


July 17, 2024 41 mins

Join in for a deep dive with  Sonali Sarogi as she shares her incredible journey of launching and scaling Feedsmart in a highly competitive market of healthy snacks. From identifying the right product-market fit to leveraging digital platforms for growth, Sonali's insights are a goldmine for aspiring entrepreneurs and established business ...

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Meet our next guest on Ace the Sales Podcast - Sonali Saraogi Singh , Founder, Feed Smart in this fun Rapid fire session. Stay tuned ...

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Welcome to a brand new version of Ace the Sales Podcast where your host Roshni Baronia is giving you a download on what sells and how to sell in a particular industry. Kickstarting the new series with the fitness and wellness industry, Roshni will be interviewing startup founders and mentors on how to build and scale a business in this industry.

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Ever wondered how the intricate world of pharma sales and marketing is evolving in the digital age? Considering that pharma industry has been one of the slowest industries to wake up to the importance of digital presence of a brand, it is an interretsing conversation for everyone, even outside this space, to learn the nuances of an industr...

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Welcome to another episode of \"Ace the Sales\" with your host, Roshni Baronia!

In today\'s solo episode, we\'ll be delving into a topic that is often overlooked in the sales world but is crucial for long-term success: how to have fun in sales.

Because if you are not having fun while you work, you won\'t be able to reap the results you are looking for. So this episode is all about helping you discover effective ways to infuse excit...

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Forget the Dating Playbook for a moment—have you ever delved into the world of the Sales Playbook? Brace yourself for an eye-opening revelation!

Unfamiliar with the concept? Don\'t worry! 

The Sales Playbook is an absolute game-changer for your business, providing a streamlined roadmap to revolutionize your marketing sales strategy. It\'s your s...

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How to tell your prospects - LET’S BREAKUP!

Your host Roshni Baronia is back with a solo episode after a very long time. Tune in to this quick and valuable episode as she sheds some light on what break-up emails are and how to write them.

Sending emails to prospects for sales communication is common but have you ever received an offensive email ...

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Decisions backed by both data and intuition can 10x your sales.

Often you feel that you need something more than data alone to drive business decisions or create a sales strategy.

What makes data driven decisions even more powerful and unbeatable is Intuition. It is something that moves you from self doubt and illusion to confidence and accelera...

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“Rejection is a Redirection”- Roshni Baronia.

Join this exciting and valuable conversation with our guest Nita Sundararaju who explains how the universe is here to give you an ocean of abundance in every aspect of your life. Still, unfortunately, you only get a spoonful as you receive it while holding a spoon of your limiting beliefs. 

Key Takeaways

  • Set clear intentions about what you want and say it aloud to the universe.
  • Have a t...
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“Have a vision and work backwards to understand what action you need to take today” - Roshni Baronia.

Join this conversation with our guest Avneet Kohli as she walks you through creating and acquiring your life vision. She believes that you cannot compartmentalize your life into personal and business. Everything is connected, so you should focus on achieving a comprehensive...

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“True success always starts with a plan. Success doesn’t happen; you plan for it” - Roshni Baronia.

Your host Roshni Baronia wants you to start the year strong by thinking about sales planning to hit your revenue targets. Most business owners are good at goal setting but find planning hard and following up on that plan harder. 

But, a written pl...

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Selling is an art, and like with all art, you need to be patient with it. Once you learn to be patient and transparent with your client while selling, you win half the battle.

For the other half, you have to identify your buyer persona and target the right prospects. Join our guest Hiteshi Upadhyay in this exciting episode where she says that most people fail to identify their target audience, and the problem of lesser sales starts ...

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Are you on Social Media? Well, who isn\'t? 

It has changed selling dynamics and helped businesses reach a vast audience and increase their sales.

But, your boundaries can blur when you start with Personal Branding on social media. Our guest Maitri Verma says it is essential to establish boundaries and decide which parts of your life you want to share on the platforms. Also, stay authentic but only follow people who inspire you and do...

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Want to skyrocket your sales? The secret behind doing that is setting up a structured business model. Confused? 

Don’t worry, join us in this exciting episode with Dr. Kate De Jong as we discuss the challenges that small women business owners face when trying to increase sales. 

Most entrepreneurs don’t map out a customer journey or create a sel...

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One life — make it count!

A person with that philosophy, definitely leads a full life, prioritises what matters the most and is unfazed by setbacks. It is a pleasure to have as a guest on the show today Shwetha Sivaraman, who strongly believes that we are more than our names, work, designations, and labels as children, spouses, and parents. 

Calling herself an accidental entrepreneur, Shwetha shares loads of tips and insights on how ...

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The journey from being an employee to an entrepreneur is never an easy one. For some, it is slow and organic. For others, it is a quick and snap decision. And for yet others, it is something that is just natural and meant to be. 

Let’s learn what was it like for our guest on the show today as she moved from corporates into entrepreneurship, what were her motivators to do the same, and how she took on the role of CEO as she emphasize...

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Our external world is a reflection of our internal world. 

The level of self-awareness you have as an entrepreneur and the kind of attention you give to your personal development is a measurement of your success not only in life and business but also in sales. 

So to help you understand better how you can bring your most authentic and true self to each sales conversation, we have with us today Sonya Stattmann who shares with us her r...

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Our guest for the day today is someone whose conversations start with just one question - What’s your Second Act?

With the intent to transform people\'s lives for the better, our guest, Archana Dutta is empowering people with the tools and resources for well-being and growth, assisting people as they undertake their journey of self-discovery, to open the doors to a brighter tomorrow. 

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November 2, 2022 16 mins

Education must never stop and as we move out of the structured learning environment of schools and colleges we should find avenues to keep learning going 

A book is the easiest and simplest way to learn because, in situations where we cannot have direct access to an expert, their insights and best practices that get captured in the form of a book become a great way to get mentored by them.

In today\'s episode of Ace The Sales, the ho...

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An entrepreneur who is also a podcaster harping on her love for music. Balancing acts as they call it - here is someone who is excelling at it!

It is our pleasure to have on Ace the Sales today, Bhargavi Swami, CEO of Excel Corporation, a company that has been recognized by Insight Business Magazine as the top HR consultancy and one of the top five by Silicon India.

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