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After IV

Life after college is hard. Even a great experience with your InterVarsity chapter won't shield you from the challenges of transition. After IV is a podcast designed for InterVarsity alumni to hear the stories of other alumni and learn to navigate this world together.


November 28, 2023 73 mins


This week, we celebrate the 100th episode of After IV! Enjoy a countdown of the Top 10 most popular episodes from the last 3 years along with some commentary from Jon and a returning guest, Steve Baty (Jon's bestie). And stay tuned until the end for a very exciting announcement for InterVarsity Alumni!

Thanks so much to all of our listeners, guests, and supporters for three years and 100 episodes of After IV! ...

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This week, Jon chats with Rocco, an InterVarsity alumnus who shares a story of hope and deep faith turned to overwhelming skepticism. Just a few short years after graduation, Rocco was no longer interested in Jesus... Until one night when God made it abundantly clear that he was still very interested in Rocco.

Our 100th episode is almost here!
Visit us on socials @afterivpod or...

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Theology? Isn't that just for pastors and academics?

No! This week's guests, Dr. Emily Hill and Dr. Jeff Liou, would contend that we are all theologians and that our theology has extremely practical implications for our everyday life. Emily and Jeff are theologians, are on staff with InterVarsity's Theological Foundations Department, and co-host the Theology & podcast. Today, they're going to help us think through the q...

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November 7, 2023 31 mins

This week, we get to hear the final portion of Jon's conversation with "Harvest", an alumna with a 15-year history of missions work in China. Jon and "Harvest" reflect further on insights from the COVID-19 pandemic, and "Harvest" shares about a Chinese New Year celebration with an unexpected opportunity to influence hundreds for Christ.

E64: Harvest at Urbana
E70: How I Got to China
E85: ...

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"I love conflict and I never worry about saying the wrong thing." (Said no one, ever...)

Hard conversations are exactly that. Hard. We worry about making the most compelling argument and being able to answer every question perfectly. But what if the most important thing about a hard conversation isn't saying all the right words? What if it's just... listening?

This week's guest, Professor Seth Freeman, explains why winning ...

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"I don't wanna be lonely no more..." (Rob Thomas, 2005) 

We're in a loneliness epidemic and we want to find a way out. But what if there's something to be gained by EMBRACING LONELINESS in healthy ways instead of simply trying to eliminate it? Jason Gaboury, author of Wait With Me: Meeting God in Loneliness, joins this week to talk about the extremely counter-intuitive approach of finding greater compassion and connecte...

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Did you ever just need a hug? 

Last year, Corryn moved to Small Town, MN for a new job after graduation. With few churches and even fewer recent grads, finding meaningful connections was much harder than expected. Today, Corryn shares her story of the faith, courage, and one incredibly important hug that helped her persevere in her search for community after graduation.

E36: Find the Right Church (App...

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What ever happened to Nolan?

Back in May, we met Nolan Groninger, a Purdue University alumnus who was about to step into life after graduation. He had several questions and extremely high hopes for this new season. But what actually happened? Today we find out! Nolan rejoins the podcast for an update on reality versus expectations and how he's met God in extremely unexpected ways.

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Our first chat with Nola...

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In this previously unheard moment, Dr. Louis Tay gives practical advice for promoting well-being in the workplace.

Missed Dr. Tay's original episode? Check it out below!

  • Feeling Good/Doing Good: Expertise on Well-Being and Optimal Functioning - Apple, Spotify
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In this previously unheard moment, Kate Harwood (JMU Alumna) shares about her love for the local church and the impact its having in her life after graduation.

Missed Kate's original episode? Check it out below!

  • I'm Gone to Carolina: Post-Graduation with the Greensboro Fellows - Apple, Spotify
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In this previously unheard moment, Hon Eng (IV Grad & Faculty Ministry) shares about the ministry of human flourishing and its encouragement to grad students.

Missed Hon's original episode? Check it out below!

  • Grad School and Beyond: Navigating Faith and Academia - Apple, Spotify
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In the previously unheard moment, "Harvest" (a longterm alumna missionary to China) gives a surprising answer to Jon's question about potential risks and backlash to being discovered as a missionary.

Missed "Harvest's" previous episodes? Enjoy below!

  • How I Got to China ("Harvest" Part 1) - Apple, Spotify
  • Meeting Jesus in Mandatory Quarantine ("Harvest Part 2") - Apple, Spotify
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"What I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do" (Romans 7:15). Reckless indulgence. It's a battle we all fight. Do we just need more willpower or is there something more? This week, Jay Kim returns to talk about cultivating self-control instead of reckless indulgence and provides some practical tools for doing this work.

Jay Kim is the lead pastor of Westgate Church in Silicon Valley and the author of the IVP titles A...

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Comparison is literally killing us. But the antidote is probably simpler than you think. Pastor and author Jay Kim joins this week to share about joy deeply rooted in God's goodness as the remedy our souls need for constant comparison in this digital age.

Jay Kim is the lead pastor of Westgate Church in Silicon Valley and the author of the IVP titles Analog Christian and Analog Church.

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We all want to live healthy, fulfilling lives. But how do you actually do that? This week, Dr. Louis Tay from Purdue University's Department of Psychological Sciences shares his expertise on well-being and how to live a life built on a foundation of loving God and having godly loves.

What’s Hindering My Well-Being?

  • Quick happiness/low satisfaction activities (e.g., social media, addictive behaviors)
  • Loneliness and super...
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Why am I anxious? How do I manage my anxiety? How am I supposed to feel about being an anxious Christian? We answer these questions and more this week as Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Barry Ries, helps us better understand our anxiety and provides 10 healthy tips for anxiety management in life after graduation.

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What if there was a program to help you start well in life after graduation? There is! This week, James Madison University alumna, Kate Harwood, joins Jon to share about her experience with the Greensboro Fellows and how it helped prepare her to flourish at work, at church, and in the world around her.

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Sometimes our plans completely crash and burn... That was Linda's experience. But after taking an unexpected gap year in the middle of her college career, Linda found that God has a way of turning our ruined plans into amazing opportunities. Enjoy this alumna's story of learning to trust God more deeply by becoming an InterVarsity volunteer.

Ready to volunteer? Email to get started!

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  • Mark as Played

    "How do I navigate faith and grad school?" This week, Jon is joined by Hon Eng, a seasoned professional with InterVarsity's Grad and Faculty Ministry (GFM). From transitioning to grad school, dealing with anxiety, and understanding the concept of calling, this episode highlights how GFM provides a supportive community that helps alumni more effectively navigate faith and academia.

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    Mark as Played

    From delivering "Spiritual Takeout" to mandatory quarantine, this InterVarsity Alumna has experienced it all as a missionary in China. In this episode, we continue our conversation with "Harvest" (named changed for her protection) as she shares what it was like to develop a unique approach to digital ministry during the pandemic and how she met Jesus while quarantined in a hotel room for fourteen days.

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