All Things Military, Veteran & VA

All Things Military, Veteran & VA

US Veterans and Active Duty Military discuss everything that affects our soldiers in the field, their benefits (VA and Colorado), and solutions to their problems, such as homelessness, mental health issues, addiction, transitioning to civilian life, and VA Disability.


May 5, 2024 57 mins
Drawing from the profound experiences of military life and the complexities of parenting, Megan—a military spouse and mother to three—joins me to share her unique perspective on the highly charged debate around arming teachers in Colorado Springs' District 20. Our discussion ventures beyond the mere policy implications, touching upon the emotional and psychological effects such measures could have on both educators and st...

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Have you ever wondered how veterans continue to shape our political landscape post-service? Join me as I sit down with Pablo Capistrano from the El Paso County Democratic Party Veterans Outreach Committee to unravel the depths of veterans' political activism and the pressing need for their voices in today's democracy. Pablo sheds light on the importance of dispelling myths about party allegiance, particularly the notion t...

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Join us as we traverse the volatile terrain of global conflicts and American politics with Joe Reagan from the Welcome Party. Unpack the complex Ukraine-Russian war, its ripple effects on international relations, and the potential influence on the Israel-Hamas conflict. We dive into the intricate details of the war, exploring its impact on both nations and the global community, while highlighting the critical role the US plays in s...

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Get ready for a riveting exploration into the treacherous waters of school board politics as our guest, Rob Rogers, the first vice chair of El Paso County Democratic Party, sheds light on the recent elections and their implications. Discover how conservative extremists have seized control of the two largest school districts of El Paso County, D11 and D20, and what that means for public education.

We also delve into the sig...

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What if you could transform your biggest traumas into your greatest strengths? Join us in a deep dive as Matt Simpson, author of 'Worth the Fight: Acting for a Better World,' charts a remarkable course from corporate America to an empowering servant to the military and veteran community. Matt’s story is one of selfless service, donating all the profits from his book to veteran charities and facilitating over 100 psychedel...

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Ever wondered how a yes or no vote on Proposition HH could change the future of your property taxes? Ponder no more! I'm your host, Adam Gillard, and in this episode, we're breaking down the impacts of Proposition HH - a legislation aimed at reducing property taxes for homes and businesses for at least a decade. We'll walk you through what voting 'yes' or 'no' would mean for you as a taxpayer, the...

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Imagine, as a veteran, finding solace not just in the understanding companionship of fellow veterans but also in the healing embrace of nature and its adventures. This captivating episode introduces you to Mark Fruehling, an Army veteran who is on a mission to create such a space. Mark and other members of the Paso County, Colorado Progressive Veterans group share a common goal – to alleviate the sense of isolation often felt by ve...

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October 1, 2023 39 mins

Join us as we navigate the labyrinth of VA benefits with our guest, Mike Walljasper, a seasoned veteran of the VA DBA office. Mike, who's been with the VA since 2006, provides an insider's view into the transformative shifts that the VA has undergone, from paper to digital, and how these changes have significantly improved the way veterans are served, even amidst a global pandemic. 

Prepare for a deep dive into t...

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What if your mailbox was your ballot box? That's the revolutionary idea we explore with our passionate guest, Rich Lins, more affectionately known as The Stamp Guy. After a personal experience hunting for a 71 cent stamp to mail his ballot, Rich was awakened to the pivotal role of accessible voting. Uncover the lesser-known US Postal Service policy that ensures ballots are delivered regardless of postage, and join us as we cha...

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The fine line between news and propaganda is blurring, with biased sources and echo chambers dominating the American political landscape. This episode takes you on a journey through this maze, shedding light on the right's repackaging of pro-life messaging and the alarming possibility of democracy's end game. Get ready for a deep dive into how to determine valid news and spot hidden biases, while understanding the impact ...

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September 8, 2023 65 mins

Gabe and I talk about leaving behind past traumas and focusing on the future. Gabe talks about how he copes with his PTSD. He speaks candidly about how microdosing ketamine  has helped keep him here with us. Tune in for his story. or

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September 1, 2023 55 mins

This one gets intense! I was fortunate enough to speak with a new friend this last  week. In Part I, Gabe tells us about how he was raised in a Neo-Nazi family. His family was close with a leader of the KKK/Aryan Nation. We talk about the issue and some things he saw growing up. 

Next time, we will discuss his breaking away from the ideology and his time in the Air Force.

Thanks for listening, Stay safe!


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August 27, 2023 24 mins

Local political activist, John Morris, talks about the process for being a candidate and making changes. Colorado Springs is booming! Your Democratic Party is always looking for strong candidates. If you are interested please reach out on the website. or

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August 18, 2023 33 mins

My wife, Hartini, joins me to talk about our time up in Cripple Creek for Donkey Derby Days. We also talk about the Space Command staying in Colorado Springs and Sen Tuberville's hold on military promotions. 

Find out out what is going on with your local Progressive Vets group. or

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August 3, 2023 27 mins

My good friend and local author, Robert Rogers, joins me in the studio to talk about how  he became an author and entrepreneur. Robert shares his secrets to success. Find out what helped him, and me, stay on target.

Find all 3 of Rob's books on Amazon:


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July 28, 2023 38 mins

My wife, Hart, joins me as we were very fortunate to be able to talk with David Torres. David is running for Congress against Rep. Lamborn. We talk about his inspiration for running and some of his thoughts on how to effectively govern. We also address Rep Lamborn's recent  tweets at USAFA leadership curriculum. Find out what Mr. Torres has to say about these topics and more... or

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July 19, 2023 42 mins

I speak with the founder of the Government Contracting Academy, Randy Wimmer. Randy is on a mission to teach people how to land contracts with the world's #1 purchaser of goods. The US Government. 

As vets we have a leg up, and Randy explains how he leveraged his Navy experience into a couple start-up companies. (One of which he sold for 8 figures!) 

Find out how Randy did it.

Randal Wimmer Contact I...

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July 13, 2023 23 mins

Today we welcome to the show C. David Cain - the CEO and Chief
Hero Evangelist of Heroes Home Advantage. He has over 20 years of
experience as a top-producing Loan Officer, but is on a mission to
create brand awareness for the largest hero rebate program in the
country when buying or selling real estate!

Learn how you can save big money when buying a home!



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July 6, 2023 37 mins

Adam is joined by Jose and another Vet, Israel Parkinson. The three of them discuss transitioning from a high paced operational environment to a more "normal" way of life. Israel also talks about the program he used to get his welding schooling in San Diego, CA. 

Listen how these vets transitioned into civilian life. or

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June 28, 2023 34 mins

Finally! The party has begun. Today, I talk with Naomi Wyatt. She is the Chief of operations for The Welcome Party.  Her organization is looking to bring democrats and non-affiliated voters together  to Win the Middle and keep pushing democratic agendas. or

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