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Join Travel Advisors and Disney Destination Experts Ryan Hedstrom and Shayne Seymour as they share travel tips, travel ideas, and travel experiences to help you become a Travel- Planning Superhero. Maximize enjoyment of your travel with the Must-DOs, avoid stress and misery with the Must-Do-NOTs, or dream along as Ryan, Shayne, and their guests regale their travel stories. You’ll enjoy travel tips, ideas, and stories so that you can experience the magic of amazing travel destinations like Disney, Universal, and Europe as well as cruising, all-inclusive resorts, and the newest and hottest travel destinations. Hit Subscribe so that you never miss an episode!... Show More


March 3, 2021 42 min

Do you want to travel and are hesitant to travel with kids? Feel at ease and start packing! Here are loads of expert tips to help you enjoy traveling with kids more!

  • 5 Tips for Help Boost Your Mindset When Traveling With Kids
  • 16 General Tips for Traveling with Kids
  • 5 Tips for Traveling with Older Kids
  • 6 Tips for Traveling With Kids On Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
  • 5 Tips for Theme Parks and Cities
  • Listen for the Bonus Tip!
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    Today we describe what you need to think about from the very beginning of planning your next Walt Disney World vacation! Whether you’re planning your first vacation to the “world” or a seasoned Mouseketeer, we will share our expert tips.

    How Did We Get Into the Travel Business?
     “It all started with a Mouse.”
     – Walt Disney

    How Ryan and Shayne’s families became ginormous Disney fans.

    Ryan and Shayne were both listeners to Disney Travel...

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    How do you keep yourself safe and your home secure when traveling? If you travel, you definitely want these essential tips for travel safety and security.

    Top Things You Need to Know for Travel Safety and Security:

  • Situational Awareness: Why and How You Need It!
  • The Best Clothing for Travel for Travel Safety and Security
  • Always Purchase Trip Insurance!
  • Crucial Social Media Tips for Travel Safety and Security
  • How to Protect Your Home Whil...
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    Want to enjoy a Universal Orlando vacation at a more affordable price? We’re thrilled to report on Universal’s Endless Summer Resort Dockside Inn & Suites.

    Staying at Universal’s Endless Summer Resort – Dockside Inn & Suites

  • Our room,
  • The Kitchenette
  • Amenities
  • The Resort layout and amenities
  • Getting to the parks
  • Who is this resort right for?
  • Question:   What do you think about Universal’s Endless Summer Resorts?
     **Let us know on F...

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    Are you yearning to get back to the parks as soon as you feel comfortable? Today, we are comparing Disney World and Universal Orlando in January 2021.

  • How are the parks handling COVID safety precautions?
  • How were the crowds?
  • How were the parks in general?
  • Ryan’s advice for getting the most out of your park day.
  • Park-hopping at Disney
  • Did Shayne finally venture outside of the Wizarding World?
  • Battle of the Fish & Chips: The Leaky Cauld...
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    January 27, 2021 33 min

    One of our favorite things about travel is getting to tell the tales of your trips. Today we treat you (and ourselves) to a few of our favorites!

    A Few Travel Stories

    Today we are going to relive a few experiences traveling. We hope you’ll be entertained and also inspired to start writing (or continue writing) your travel stories.

    Funny Stories

  • Lost in New York (and can’t find a restroom!)
  • A comedy of errors in Europe.
  • Scary Stories

  • Wande...
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    January 20, 2021 44 min

    Dreaming of a trip to Hawaii but don’t know where to start? We’re giving you a great place to start in this episode. Listen and enjoy Ryan’s tour of O‘ahu!

    Overview of activities and areas on Oahu (don’t know specifics with COVID).

    For Honolulu, Windward Coast, North Shore, Central O’ahu, Leeward Coast (listen to episode 3)

    The Grand Tour of O’ahu

  • Central O’ahu
  • Windward Coast (The Coastal Route to Kailua)
  • North ...
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    January 13, 2021 36 min

    Smartphone technology has significantly changed travel. Here are a few of our favorite travel apps to save you time, stress, and even a little money.

    Types of apps discussed.

  • Destination-specific Travel Apps
  • Part of the Trip
  • “Regular” Apps We Use For Travel
  • Keep all of your travel apps together on your phone, so they are easier to find while you’re traveling.
  • What are some of your favorite apps for travel?
    **Let us know on Facebook and I...

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    What's going on with cruising? Who knows? Amy Southgate tells us what we can look forward to enjoying with some Royal Caribbean cruise updates.

  • Current State of cruising
  • Perfect Day at CocoCay
  • Booking Royal Caribbean
  • Great advice for a 1st-time cruiser
  • Understanding Keys, Cays, and Quays
  • Question: What do you want to know about Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines?

    **Let us know on Facebook and Instagram.**

    Current Promotion:  Grab your fr...

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    Did you know that we are in the middle of a pandemic? We want to keep you healthy, inform you, entertain you, and help you enjoy travel in the future.

    Today’s Discussions:

    Our travels just before the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic started.

    Being careful, safe, and healthy now.

    Preserving the future of Travel and Entertainment.

    Things to consider when planning travel:

  • Do you feel safe traveling?
  • What are the guidelines for where you are?
  • What ar...
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    Are you confused about picking a cruise? There are so many cruise lines out there. Check out our cruise line comparisons for 2 wonderful vacations.

    Today we compare multiple cruise lines for a Caribbean cruise vacation and an Alaskan cruise vacation. Topics for each vacation include:

  • Vacation details
  • The cruise line compared
  • Why choose each cruise line
  • Various stateroom options and prices for each cruise line
  • Prices of package add-ons
  • Pri...
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    December 16, 2020 30 min

    How do you choose the right cruise? And how do you make sure you're booking it correctly? Today we cover the best 5 questions to answer when booking a cruise.

    Questions to answer when choosing a cruise.

  • Where do you want to go
  • When do you want to go?
  • How many nights?
  • What is your budget for your cruise?
  • Which Cruise Line?
  • How do you choose the right cruise? And how do you make sure you're booking it correctly?
     **Let us know on F...

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    December 9, 2020 32 min

    Cruising in an incredible way to vacation, but it can get a bad rap. Today, we debunk several of the most common cruise myths.

    9 Common Cruise Myths Debunked

  • All cruises are expensive
  • All staterooms are small
  • Cruises are too crowded.
  • You will only eat buffet meals on cruises.
  • You will get sick on a cruise.
  • When cruising you only skim the surface of a destination.
  • Cruises are boring.
  • Cruises are just for older travelers.
  • All cruises are the s...
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    December 2, 2020 44 min

    Want to stay prepared and comfortable when traveling? In this episode, we'll help you complete your shopping list as we highlight the best travel gear for 2021.

    Covered in this episode:

  • The Best Gear for Packing
  • The Best Clothing for Travel
  • Technology for Travel
  • Health-related Travel Gear
  • Gear to keep you comfortable
  • Question:  What is your favorite piece of travel gear?

    ***Let us know on Facebook and Instagram.***

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    November 25, 2020 31 min

    What is your favorite vacation? Do you prefer adventure or leisure, beach or mountains, City or nature? Today, you can get some insight into why you should consider mixing it up a bit, you can get to know Ryan and me a little better, and hopefully, we’ll get to know you.

     Destination options:

  • Beach or Mountains?
  • Leisure or Adventure?
  • Tours or exploration?
  • The country or the city?
  • Disney or Universal?
  • Dream Destination
  • Predicament options:


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    November 18, 2020 34 min

    Trying to think of the perfect gift for that special someone or for the person who has everything? Here are reasons why you should give the gift of travel.

    We delight your day and begin your successful holiday season by covering:

  • Reasons why you should give the Gift of Travel
  • Tips for Giving the Gift of Travel
  • Ideas for Great Travel and Travel-Related Gifts
  • Check out the reasons why travel is the best gift any time of year.

    Question: Wha...

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    Want to distance from big city and theme park crowds? Today we discuss a western U.S. National Parks vacation with fellow travel advisor Chris Janney.

  • First, introduce and help you get to know Chris Janney.
  • U.S. National Parks Vacation
  • Logistics of a National Parks Tour
  • How to Plan a Trip Like This
  • What you must do
  • What you must avoid
  • Overview of each of the parks.
  • Preparing for the activities
  • Traveling to the parks and within the parks
  • Acco...
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    Concerned about paying inflated prices for everyday items! Here are the top items to buy before your theme park vacation to save you money and stress!

    We make it easy for you to pack wisely. Today we compare prices at the parks to prices you could pay at home. 

    Download your copy of the packing list at AllThingsTravelShow.Com/Shopping

    What important items have you forgotten to pack for a vacation?

    Let us know on Facebook and Instagram....

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    Want to take your parents to Disney? Today Ryan tells us about his recent multi-generational trip to Walt Disney World, and he tells us from Disney World.

    What you'll learn today:

  • Staying at Disney's Old Key West Resort
  • Overview of their itinerary
  • Comparison of Disney crowds this week to Shayne’s trip a couple of weeks ago.
  • Comparison to previous Octobers at Disney
  • Disney’s COVID-19 safety measures
  • Current lines and wait times
  • The ...
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    October 21, 2020 31 min

    Choosing the best resort for your vacation can be tricky. We're here to help you with today's coverage of Universal Orlando Resorts and CityWalk.

    Today we cover: 

  • Resorts and resort types
  • How to Decide Which Resort is Right For Your Stay?
  • Universal CityWalk
  • Things To Do
  • Our experiences
  • Blue Man Group
  • Question: What is your favorite restaurant in Universal Orlando’s CityWalk?

    Let us know on Facebook and Instagram.

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