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Along "The Way"

Faith and life observations made Along "The Way". Hosted by Down the Hall Dave


March 30, 2024 43 mins

Doctor Ray Guarendi is both a television and radio personality seen and heard on the EWTN global Catholic Network. His radio show is a staple to my daily line up. Dr. Ray’s strait forward approach to parenting and other human interaction is truly a refreshing change from the typical and cultural norms. I always enjoy his comical delivery and experience based advice. In this episode I asked the good Doctor what is wrong with people?...

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Joining me along the way in this episode, is someone that has been there since my reversion back to the Catholic faith and EWTN’s beginning, right next to Mother Angelica. I love his down home approach to Catholicism. But, please don’t think what he says is simplistic in any way.  This episode I have the pleasure to talk with Fr. Mitch Pacwa about his new book “Commentary on the Book of Isaiah”. In this casual conversation Fr. Mitc...

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Every time I talk with Bear Woznick I always take something away from our conversation that honestly I find life changing. He always gives me something that causes me to explore myself at a deeper level. Talking with this man of such deep faith makes me realize that life with God is the adventure of a lifetime. In this episode we discuss His new book and so much more. I guarantee there is something in this casual  conversation that...

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January 23, 2024 48 mins

Catholic Conferences and Parish missions are a great way to expand our knowledge and increase our faith. There are so many factors that go into choosing the right speaker. Well today’s guest started out by helping his sister find her calling and eighteen years later Joe Condit is still helping the best of the best in Catholic speakers find a venue and more. Joe Condit is the founder of the world’s largest Catholic speaker’s bureau ...

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January 7, 2024 65 mins

Let me begin by saying thank you to all the guests that have joined Deacon Dave and me Along The Way. Let me thank all of you that have listened to the show. Thank you to all those that have told a friend about this show.

2023 was an amazing year of growth for this show and I am  eternally grateful for its growing success. This podcast has been for me the catalyst for growth in my life. It has been the key that has opened door to a...

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December 24, 2023 48 mins

This episode was hard for Deacon Dave. It is dedicated to his brothers Peter and Paul Imhof. Sadly for us this year they both passed on to their eternal reward.  This casual conversation is a simple reminder that death will eventually run us down and when the chase is over we will breathe our last breath and be face to face with God.

Please remember to have Masses said for those that have gone before you. Remember to pray for the ...

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December 10, 2023 49 mins

No God, no peace. Know God know peace. However you say it, it is a true statement. In this society of sensationalism being the bearer of bad news can raise us to the status of celebrity. Bad news can be worth millions of dollars for those that control the twenty four hour news cycle. This is only one aspect of life that can rob us of the peace that Jesus Christ promised us. So how do we keep that peace or find it in the first place...

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December 3, 2023 41 mins

This is a fun episode that connects theological truths with the need to just unwind. In this episode author Michael Foley discusses his book “Drinking With The Saints”. He discusses how he came across some of the most delightful sounding drink recipes while pairing them with some 100 proof saints. As someone who enjoys simplicity in all things Michael assures me that beer and Irish Whiskey is a good mix in moderation. I hope you en...

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I am convinced that the Holy Spirit is a master of opportunity. I recently had a chance meeting at our guest’s recent speaking engagement. For months I was trying to contact him to be a guest. His extremely busy schedule and his priestly duties made it nearly impossible to schedule a time that we could sit down and have a casual conversation. However when the time was right the Holy Spirit brought us together and a block of time wa...

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October 15, 2023 52 mins

It seems like forever since I have posted an episode of Along The Way. In fact it has been about a month and a half since my last episode. To be honest we had two guests that had last minute schedule conflicts and had to postpone their conversations with Deacon Dave And me.

However, a chance meeting with today’s guest was another introduction to God’s friends. One that has gone on to his eternal reward and one that has written a bo...

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With the world in a downward spiral, a morality death spin of sorts, and the numbers increasing in those that practice the occult, it is no wonder why exorcist’s case-loads are at an all-time high. This episode is a conversation about just that. First we begin by discussing Exorcism and what the Exorcist priest sees and the battle he fights.  We will also discuss the rise of the occult.

Joining me along the way is Charles Fraune, ...

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When your prayer is to God, that he introduces you to his friends, it is amazing the parade of life long introductions he will make. For me this began with St. Ignatius being an example of Gods of what God had in store. St. Ignatius’s life was transformed by his introduction to the saints, and so would mine. I am so proud to be a Catholic because of our connection to the holy men and woman. In fact it is such an important part of o...

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I believe that Divine Mercy is the most important devotion to the world, because it goes beyond being just devotion and is more a lifestyle. To understand Divine Mercy you really need to understand the image and St. Faustina’s diary. From this casual conversation, I look at the image with renewed eyes. I hope it will be as eye opening for you as it was for me.

Joining me along the way is the founder of the Original Divine Mercy...

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It is incredible the people that God will intersect our paths with. This episode is an amazing testimonial to the mercy of God. My guest in this episode is a former Pentecostal, former Satanist and professed Buddhist monk that has found his home in the Catholic Church. This self-proclaimed trouble maker found redemption when he came face to face with the Holy Eucharist. This is an amazing journey that I am happy to share with you. ...

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In this episode my good friend Dave Imhof sits down with me in studio to discuss his recent ordination to the Diaconate. From the astute observation of a parishioner and the wise guidance of a trusted spiritual director, God spoke to Dave’s heart. This is the complete story of Dave Imhof’s answer to the call. This episode is in memory of Deacon Michael Puskis who passed away suddenly during the formation of this class of candidates...

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When I returned back to the Catholic Church, My prayer was for God to introduce me to his friends. From that day forth I have had a devotion to many saints. St. Teresa of Avila being my favorite and a long list of saints and blessed men and women that I call on daily to guide my journey along the way. But really this episode is I opening to me because none of the saints that I call upon were ever married. Except For the Blessed Mot...

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Thank you to my friend Eddie Trask, host of the podcast Catholic ReCon. It was Eddie’s redesign of Along The Way’s cover art that lead me to consider a more contemplative approach to season 8. In this season I hope and pray to help you find the spirituality that helps you along your way.

In this episode Fr. Larry Barile and Dave Imhof are in studio to discuss the sacrament’s, and how they are connected to the spiritual life.

Sign ...

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May 29, 2023 55 mins

Here in America, if you hear the word pilgrim you more than likely think of a guy with matching buckles on their shoes and hat eating a turkey drumstick. The truth is, the word pilgrim and pilgrimage goes back beyond centuries old. In this episode Steve Ray shares his experiences on what sets a pilgrimage aside from a vacation. Steve is the author of many books, an international speaker a documentary film maker. But with over two h...

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This Episode really was just a casual conversation between two guys. I wanted to talk to my guest for so many reasons. So we did we talked about his journey to the Catholic Church, his rise and falls in a career he looked to get out of. Then his acceptance of God’s will to remain in that career, only to mentor other’s and go on to be one of the host of a very successful morning show that airs on Salt and Light Radio in Boise Id...

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 Each of us has a personal philosophy that guides us and shapes our perception of reality. I think that Philosophy without theology is misguided and leads to disordered thinking. This school of thought leads to the many ism’s that are plaguing this modern society.

What is your philosophy and what is it rooted in? Does it inspire you to grow in the faith? Joining me along the way is one of the hosts of Coffee Conversation’s Fr. ...

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