An Internet of People

An Internet of People

Welcome to the Internet of People podcast! In this podcast we explore topics from NFTs, Blockchain, DAOs, crypto, and what it means to be a Web3 first org. What it means to embrace working in the new age of the internet. The goal of this podcast is to make these highly specialized terms and technologies accessible and tangible for anyone. We’re not experts, but instead a group of people fascinated by the fast paced changes around us and wondering what the world might look like in just a few years, or maybe a 100? Join us on this journey as we dive into the fascinating Web3 world!


December 4, 2023 43 mins

During this episode we talked to Josh Drean about many changes we're living through in 2023 - from experimentation with generative AI, to economic volatility, to power dynamic change during the "summer of strikes" and so on - all driving organizations to rethink the employee experience design but still falling short of what individuals want from work - living wages, flexibility, autonomy, agency and fulfillment.


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The guest of this episode was @FilipV, a contributor of Juicebox DAO (and a few more). During the episode we dive into the topic of DAOs  (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). DAOs provide a loose structure by enabling a community of contributors with a passion for solving a specific problem. Such an environment is suited for individuals who are comfortable with self-management, transparency, and autonomy. We examine speci...

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In this episode, we deep dive with David Josephs, the Head of Blockchain at Parcl, on what a blockchain is, how smart contracts work and how this technology will impact organizations. We explore how the technology underlying Web3 is very different from the Web2 world and will offer many new possibilities for organizations to operate. To chat with David, drop him a line on twitter: @DavidJosephs18

Note: David Josephs and Donn...

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IIn this episode, we talk about what it takes to start a business in the Web3 world. Joelle explains how to make connections between Web2 (or the internet as we know it) and Web3 as well as shares what Web3 business models can look like and provides some unique challenges that come with building and hiring for a Web3 business.

Joelle Boneparth is an attorney and writer. She is the co-author of The Millennial Money Fix: What You Nee...

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In this episode, we sit down with Hunt Club’s co-founder, Sami Ahmed and General Manager of partnerships, Matt Crumrine. In our discussions, we explore one of the most difficult and ever changing complexities of any good Web3 or Web2 organization– finding amazing talent. We explore topics such as: trends of hiring, tech impact on talent, the importance of transferable skills and our guests’ predictions for the future. 

Sami’s ...

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In this episode, Nicolas helped us understand the world of Web3 builders, including the mindset and culture. He explains the kinds of people that gravitate towards Web3 work. We explore DAOs, the ways builders communicate, contribute and get rewarded. This includes the nature of working in total transparency, inclusive governance and tokens as a democratic way to make decisions.

Guest bio: Nicholas is an NFT developer and contribut...

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In this episode we cover with Amar Bakshi, the founder of Shared_Studios, the common issues of virtual technology that plague modern day work. We dive into how Shared_Studios has created real-life experiences through portals, which are interconnected, immersive audiovisual spaces that bring people across the world live and full-body, as if in the same room. We discuss the impacts of connecting people virtually, the implications on ...

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In this episode, we start from the basics and cover all things blockchain. Elan helps us understand the evolution of the internet, what a blockchain really is, and how this technology can be used to change the way we live and work.

Elan Halpern is a Product Manager at Alchemy on the Developer Education and Documentation team. She got her B.S degree in computer science from Stanford University and has done software engineering work ...

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Welcome to the Internet of People podcast! 

The changing nature of work has been caused by increased disruption, digitization, along with AI and automation, but now with the evolution of Web3, the landscape can be completely reimagined. Technological innovations along with unforeseen events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, are influencing the way we think about traditional workplaces or the act of ‘getting work done’. Related, ...

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