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An Ounce

An Ounce provides amusing stories, ideas, wisdom, and a positive attitude with informative commentary, and interviews with experts. An Ounce is a short format podcast (less than 15 minutes per episode) that encourages the listener to consider for themselves ways they can create a more robust, resilient, and joyful life an ounce at a time. Topics of the podcast include a smattering of all kinds of subjects. The listener will gain insights from stories encouraging a good attitude, personal responsibility, and presentations promoting learning, doing, and expanding one's understanding and experience. The podcast will expound unique and useful life hacks and deliver informative interviews with experts. Looking for something to make you smile, tips that can make life better, insights that can help you see life more clearly, the wisdom that will build resilience, ideas that will make you think, something you can share with others, a timely podcast with an easy charm that will make you smile? You found it!


April 12, 2024 7 mins

 In the late 1980s, a shocking discovery was made. What was found was north of Kansas City, about 45-to 50 feet below a corn field. A mule. A mule in its harness and still tied to a rail. Due to the depth of the find, and the lack of oxygen, the deceased mule was quite well-preserved. 
Along with this mule was found about 200 tons of various supplies. Food items of all types, clothing, simple farm equipment, and even fine and i...

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 There are many things in our natural world that should be feared – or at least respected. But then, there are those things which are feared – and probably don’t need to be.
And then, there is the stuff that looks harmless, but you find out it is lying to you.
The one you really need to look out for. The true torturer of man and beast. It is the ‘Southern European Puncture Vine’. This nasty little bit of fauna is a cute, lo...

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 In the 14th century, as soon as someone complained of a headache, they became suspect. This might be accompanied by fever and chills. Then the tongue might begin to swell, and turn a white-ish color. The lymph nodes would swell. Finally, black and purple spots began to appear on the skin. And when they did, the outcome was all but certain – death would follow in a week or less. 

This was a very real and agonizing reality for those ...

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March 22, 2024 7 mins

 It is impressive the volumes of information we have on history. The history of our Nation, our civilization, and our world. Incredible that we can look back hundreds of years and identify, with genealogical records, a single precious but unremarkable person. But sadly, even in our contemporary world, there are those who have lived and died – and there is no record…no one knows they ever existed. 

Recording the now, and holding on t...

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March 15, 2024 9 mins

 Inspired by the 1873 Jules Vern fiction novel, Around the World in 80 Days, Bly decided to make a quick trip around the world herself – with the goal of besting that 80 day benchmark. 

In 1889 Bly set out from Hoboken, New Jersey. She traveled light. Her only luggage was a small bag – and no change of clothing. Throughout the journey she used the transportation modes of the day as they were available; including trains, sh...

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March 8, 2024 8 mins

 You are supposed to forget Tank Man. It’s A true story that many have never heard – but everyone should have. A story that stirs up disagreement, controversy, and conspiracy theories. A story where much of the truth has been lost. Because that’s the way they want it. 

You’ve heard of Batman, Superman, Ant-Man, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and several other mythical superheroes who have appeared in popular culture for almost a century now....

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March 1, 2024 6 mins

 Two of the greatest challenges in war are (1) getting your weapon to hit what you are aiming at, and (2) destroying what you hit. 

Over time, great improvements have been made in the boom part. Well tested and proven explosives, fuses, and triggers have made assuring the ‘bang’ part of a weapon is quite predictable. Thus, if you could put the bomb somewhere close, there was a good chance the target was destroyed. 

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 In 1943, the Nazi’s had taken brutal control of Rome, Italy – as a result of the fall of Mussolini earlier in the summer. And the Nazi’s were systematically emptying the Jewish ghetto’s, and shipping the former residents in railroad box cars to concentration camps and their deaths.

Somehow, a few slipped away, and took refuge in Fatebenefratelli Hospital, on a tiny island in the middle of Romes Tiber river – situated just...

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 Things Change - 
The past is full of Surprises -
And the future will be too...

For Example: In the past, the barber shop was the place where there was always someone with some high quality and sharp instruments and good, steady hands. (Still is)
But not so long ago at the barber shop, you could be a spectator to a tooth extraction –
Minor surgeries –
And if you were really lucky, maybe even an amputati...

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A uniuqe story of a character you ought to know, but you probably don't. THere is a twist to this story that will suprize you.

Khutulun, a remarkable Mongolian warrior, horseman, and undefeated wrestler, was a great-grandchild of Genghis Khan. Born to Kaidu Khan, a descendant of the third son of Genghis 

Khutulun, born sometime around 1260 AD. And raised with 14 brothers. When they were young, they spent their time rid...

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 Did you know that every British tank, from WW2 on, has a tea kettle in it? 

The British and their tea have a powerful relationship. It is part of a well-known and celebrated cultural institution. The Brits discovered tea hundreds of years ago, during the early 1600s, in China. And – over the centuries - for many, it has become a defining element of being British. And this tradition is one they have shared worldwide.


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January 26, 2024 7 mins

In 1998 a discovery of over 1200 bones and fragments in a 3-foot by 3-foot basement room. The bones were discovered during a renovation of the home by a workman – who noticed a thighbone sticking up out of the ground. Their location: 36 Craven Street, London. A home in which Benjamin Franklin boarded for several years prior to the American Revolution. At that time the home belonged to Margaret Stevenson and her daughter Polly. 

The ...

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 Cats have a strong presence in human society and in our history. The Cat held a sacred place with the Pharaohs in Egyptian history. The pagans also looked upon the cat with great respect.

But there was a time in history when that balance between humans and felines was destabilized – and it didn’t go well for the humans.
In one interpretation of events, beginning in the early 1200s, the cat found itself on the wrong si...

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 What happened? How did Brailsford turn things around for the British Cycling Team such that a very marginal group of blokes on bikes progressed to true and legitimate competitors. And then to the topping of the cycling throne? In a word – he didn’t do much.

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It was Sunday night, October 30th, 1938, when we first learned that aliens had invaded at Grover's Mill in New Jersey. This report came over the radio airwaves on the CBS Mercury Radio Theater on the Air. 

According to the news dispatches aired, local law enforcement was informed, and curious folks had come to look. The local radio station arrived with a reporter who was able to report live from the scene to describe everything...

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What do you think? If you put a five-foot nothin’, less than 100 lb. woman armed with only her bare hands, up against a full-grown, 700 pound hungry polar bear, who would win the fight? 

If one were to match any human up against a polar bear, the human would have little to no chance of surviving. Unless the human has a high-powered rifle, a sufficient amount of ammo, and can hit what they are aiming at. 

It did not turn out as expect...

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December 22, 2023 8 mins

Have you ever noticed someone who just looks very different? Maybe it’s a noticeable scar, or strange hair color, or that they are just really out of place, or odd. 

Worse yet, have you paid attention to the proclamation of some ‘authoritative expert’ that a particular physical attribute is a true sign of beauty? … Then looked in the mirror to see if you possess it? Or worse, done the mirror check to look for what someone else told ...

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December 15, 2023 9 mins

 At 3:15 PM on January 26th, 1972, fight 367, a DC-9, took off from Copenhagen. About 45 minutes later, everything changed for the 28 passengers and crew. 

Vesna Vulovik ( Vez-nah Vah-low-vek) was in a place she wasn’t intended to be. But her employer got her mixed up with a different Vesna on the roster. She could have declined the assignment from JAT Airways, the Yugoslavian State airline, where she worked as a flight attendant. B...

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There are a few songs that have lyrics that nobody seems to be able to decipher. And, you might be surprised to find out just how ridiculously far efforts to find their meanings went. 

We’re not necessarily talking those songs that have a word or two, here or there, that you can’t quite figure out.                         

Because, there are those where you can understand every word – but the message is an enigma. Even when super fan...

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There are occasions when the stars align and bring a little light to even a difficult circumstance. Sometimes it hard for us to see. We get lost in the problem at hand. We focus on righting the wrong. Or, we might just walk away trying to forget the whole thing. But, if and when, we turn and take it in – as it is – there is often a sparkle of brilliance to be found.

This is just such a story. At the end of this episode, you’ll hear ...

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