And Just Like What?

And Just Like What?

Are you a Carrie, a Miranda, a Charlotte, or a Samantha? SATC and AJLW super fans, Meredith and Ricky, re-watch the show that made them who they are today. Each week, they dip into the archives to discuss how the show lives up to today's standards. Re-watch the show and join along to hear some hot takes, no-holds-barred opinions, and confessional-style banter. (BTW, Meredith is a closet Miranda and Ricky is an out-and-proud Carrie!)


June 10, 2024 41 mins

Carrie's girlfriend-o-meter is at an all-time low in this episode of SATC — or is it? Meredith and Ricky square off: is Carrie just being honest about what she needs or is she being the worst? Is Aiden being passive-aggressive or is he totally justified in his behavior? Tune in to hear the fiery debate.

Also, Samantha shaves a guy's nuts, Charlotte defies all HR protocols, and Miranda assumes position deprivation-pod.

You d...

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Carrie's friend-o-meter is at an all-time low in this beloved episode of SATC. We get it all here, from Aiden blouson, to perky nips, to dirty foreplay. Life is good.

Join us as we explore Carrie's reluctance to even understand technology, Miranda's relentless quest for a semi-normal man, Charlotte's perfect dining room look, and Samantha's venture to Another World.

Your tongue doesn't need to go on an explo...

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Meredith and Ricky are joined by Brazil's most fabulous digital creator, fashion icon, and BFF of the pod, @alinibosko to chat about Maria and all things Sex and the City. (Spoiler: Maria does NOT represent Brazil in any redeeming way.)

We also dive into Ray King's back hair (almost literally), re-examine Samantha's character, and Alini shares her theory about Aleksandr Petrovsky.

You don't have to be an influencer ...

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Sex and the City gets a a big dose of sex in this episode to mixed results. Charlotte refuses to measure Trey's John Thomas; Miranda goes down on a chocolate cake; Samantha goes down on Maria; and Ray King tries to educate Carrie on the nuances of jazz by playing her body like a bass, and she keeps coming back for more! You can go down on our inbox anytime or DM us on Instagram at @andjustlikewhatpod. Like, rate, follow and review ...
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Sex and the City purists, join Meredith and Ricky as they dive into the obscure nether regions of the show. Who could forget Jazz Man as he slaps his bass into Carrie's heart. Or Scat Man who takes a nasty dump in front of Miranda! Or Maria the award winning actress who makes Samantha screen print limited editions of her terrible art.

We're entering the most famously cringy yet enjoyable era of SATC, and we're so glad ...

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You’re a model, and you’re a model, and YOU’RE A MODEL! It’s time to get real, y’all. None of you are models, and neither is Carrie! In this week's pod, Charlotte gets real and confronts her vulvodynia head on; Samantha gets real and eats a hamburger; Miranda gets real and finds out why Captain Crunch wasn’t into her; and Carrie gets real and picks herself up from the ground (after about a good three or four minutes) and struts...

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Welcome to SEASON 4! Good things are in store, and this episode does not disappoint. In fact, we argue it establishes the entire reason for this show: the concept of friends as soulmates. Miranda pulls out her Bumpits™ to entertain the troops at an engagement party; Charlotte preps a very awkward dry cleaning pick up; Samantha aggressively stalks a monk; and Carrie gets what she deserves for her birthday — nothing!

Will you b...

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We promised you that season three would deliver the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. And the time has come for the lowest of the low, well kinda. Let us explain. If you strip away Samantha’s horrid transphobic storyline, you’re left with the touching tale Carrie and Miranda’s enduring friendship, and Charlotte’s raw reconciliation with Trey. Can it be so good and so bad at the same time? Listen and find out.

But don't c...

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The Sex and the City gang has a thing or two coming to them in this episode that explores karma (or a version of it that Meredith and Ricky are still trying to figure out). Trey's detachment from the relationship karmas Charlotte to kiss the gardener; Miranda's myriad attempts at love karmas her to land the hottest guy around; Samantha's masterclass sex lesson karmas Sam Jones to reenact fatal attraction; and Carrie get...

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Let’s face it, we all have a friend who’s really our worst enemy. Perhaps you think they're a hypocrite and a prude, or maybe they think you're someone who’s ready, willing, and able to crawl under a table in a public restaurant and dig into a super-sized value meal with extra mayo. Or maybe it's someone you haven’t seen for eight years who acts nice at first but then turns psychotic at the drop of a hat.

No, never happ...

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In this week's very special episode of Sex and the City, Carrie learns a valuable lessons about dope — take it and run. That's right, the gang are reliving their youth to mixed results. Samantha does PR for the hottest party in town: Jenny's bat mitzvah; Miranda gets braces; Charlotte finds a hidden stash of porn; and Carrie dates Wade Adams, a man-child with scooter and a classic six.

Slide into our DMs anytime at @and...

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Welcome to L.A., where the only things on the menu are tit soup and regurgitated steak! That's right, the gang continue their weirdly long vacation in Los Angeles, where they start to blur the lines between reality and fiction. Miranda succumbs to a new way of life in less than 24 hours; Charlotte turns down a boob job; Samantha buys a pretendi Fendi; and Carrie's Brazilian launches her into a sensuous stupor with an impost...

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Join us as we rewatch the ultimate palate cleanser that is "Escape from New York," Sex and the City Season 3, episode 14. After some heavy times in New York, Carrie, Miranda, and Samantha leave Charlotte in the dust, and dive headfirst into some juicy Dateline-potential situations in Los Angeles. Miranda flashes a crowd; Samantha dates a pornstar; and Carrie gets trapped in a room with a very unhinged Matthew McConaughey.


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In the spirit of Carrie and Big's elicit lunchtime encounters, we're squeezing in a Quickie! In this week's microsode, we couldn't help but wonder, "Does Carrie even like Aiden?" We also read your DMs and social media commentary.

Slide into our DMs anytime at @andjustlikewhatpod! Or contact us on As always, subscribe and review the pod! Your support goes a long way and we love y'a...

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We're walking on hallowed ground here, Sex and the City super fans. The only misstep in this pivotal episode is Aiden's suit. Join Meredith and Ricky as they serve up unsolicited advice about wedding gifts, men's fashion, and bagel-cutting techniques.

Samatha looks under Caleb's kilt; Miranda joins the mile-high-lie club, Charlotte has a sobering interaction; and, Carrie hopes the flaws in Aiden's loveseat are a...

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Sex and the City fans unite as Meredith and Ricky rewatch one of the classic episodes from season three, "Running With Scissors." The gals confront the consequences of their actions — Samantha is tested in more ways than one; Charlotte finds the Italian mother she always wanted; Miranda craves a hot sandwich; and Carrie plays with fire as her affair with Big devolves into a hot mess. We love creating this podcast for you, the true ...
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Join Meredith and Ricky as they spill the tea — literally — and revel in the pure enjoyment of rewatching this classic episode of Sex and the City. Samantha realizes she really needs a man; Charlotte envisions a life of diminishing returns; Miranda speed dials 1-800-GEORGE; and, Carrie loses both Pete and any remaining shreds of dignity in one waterlogged scene.

We love creating this podcast for you, the true die hard fans of Sex ...

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The episode that changed everything. Yes, Meredith and Ricky dive into the heart of Sex and the City's angst-ridden appeal. Carrie, what have you done? Big, why are you the worst?

Charlotte proposes to herself; Miranda sports her fresh Paige Davis razor cut and goes hovel hunting with Steve; Samantha samples some funky spunk; and Carrie — oh Carrie — loses her head.

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Hey, y'all! Sex and the City fans rejoice; things are heating up in NYC. Meredith and Ricky revel in this episode's mob wife fashions, catchphrase-driven banter, and Carrie's Oppenheimer-esque concept of time.

Charlotte and Trey can't stop telling people about their meet-cute; Samantha's worst nightmare comes true in more ways than one; Miranda doesn't have time for a baby because she's dating a baby ar...

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Join Meredith and Ricky as they channel all of their drama school training to discuss "Drama Queens," the season 3, episode 7 gateway episode of Sex and the City we all deserve.

Miranda and Steve’s relationship hits the skids; Samantha takes the blue pill; Charlotte makes a major announcement to anyone who will listen; and Carrie channels Mr. Big in hopes that Aiden has anxious attachment style (turns out he only has anxi...

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