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Animal Talk helping people with their pets. Celebrity interviews, fun, skits, news, pet products, training tip, environmental issues, Animal Talk, it’s America’s Pet Show! Jamie Flanagan and animal behaviorist, Brian Donovan are here to help you with your pets. We get help from Vets on medical issues. Throw in celebrity interviews, animal profiles, trivia questions, product give-a-ways, comedy skits, and most important of all, great listener interaction you then have a pet phenomenon not to be missed.


August 28, 2023 24 mins

Hour 2 more pet peeves

Our pet peeves

An 8-year-old Aussie mix that is very much a herder and nips a bit. I have a toddler about start crawling. How can I make this safe for everyone?

Health Tip - Super careful with anti-freeze. Super deadly for pets.

Mark has a question about his dog Dirks, a shelty-spaniel mix. This dog will just stare at me. Why is that.

Bad animal joke

Animaltainment Tonight

Rewind back to Sunday 10-11-2009 Hour ...

Mark as Played

Kathy - Dog and Cat owner.  Calling to win the giveaway today. Candy a toy rat terrier lots of baggage. Super protective of roommate. The dog will snap at Kathy.  How can she calm this pup down.

Ceil - caller poll: what is your pet peeve about your pet?   'presents on the carpet'The 3 pound dog is the alpha, smallest but bossy. 

Puppy chewing on rawhide chews, on occasion my kid will get it and it goes i...

Mark as Played

Speaking with then director of the Detroit Zoo, Ron Kagan about the programs and events and some of the very unique animals at our zoo.

How did you get the pets in your life, in your life?

Our second hour of the first show at 1400 WDTK in Detroit.

Tricky Trivia - What is your name?

Can we change our diet to keep fleas off of people? 

Animal Entertainment news

Rewind back to Sunday 10-4-2009 Hour 2
In the episode you wi...

Mark as Played

This was the first show on 1400 WDTK in Detroit. New studio and new toys. 

Andrea Arden from the Animal Planet talking about allergies and dogs. Her show on the Animal Planet was Dogs 101.

Two cats are sleeping in the baby's crib. Should we be worried about cats getting the crib with the baby?

How do you get your house ready for a baby to come home when you have a cat or other pet? 

Twitter question of the day: Where did you ...

Mark as Played

Joining us is Amanda the inventor of Squawk Box, a subscription service bringing treats and toys right to your door for your bird. 
It is so important to keep your bird busy and entertained to avoid stress and unwanted bird behavior. Squawk Box is the answer.
(Recorded 7-19-23)

Wearing Funny Amazing fun pet parent t-shirts


Mark as Played

Welcoming the Fish Lady - Kelly from MySpace
Our Resident Mermaid!

Cat question: Elieen has a 15 year old cat that has taken to meowing all night and waking her up at night. What can she do about the noise at night?

I have a 55 gallon fish tank with an Oscar and a Jack Dempsey. Can I feed them live food?

Dog barks and barks in dog class and is very distracting to the other dogs getting training. How do I help her stop the barking?


Mark as Played

Welcoming the Fish Lady - Kelly from MySpace
Our Resident Mermaid!

What type of fish can I put in my tank that has an Oscar and fire electric eels. 

Rapper DMX is now in the hot seat for dog fighting. 

I have a goldfish with a long fantail. What are the white spot appearing on his tail?

Colin in the Zoo Crew takes part in the Bad Animal Joke of the Week.

Colin has a goldfish and had a question for Kelly.

Rewind back to Sund...

Mark as Played

Donna talks about clicker training and group classes, the pros and cons.

Chasing Cats - Parody Song

Bad Animal Joke of the Week (it's bad)

How to get bit in the face by your dog. Or more specifically how to avoid it.

Rewind back to Sunday 6-10-2007 Hour 2
In the episode you will hear

Wearing Funny Amazing fun pet parent t-shirts

Mark as Played

Cesar Millan talking about Cesar's Way and his appearance on South Park.

Email from Dale who wants to own a lion or tiger. He lives on a big ranch, why not?

News of a dog adopted overseas by a military person that found its way home. 

Shelia in Illinois a 90 pound dog will pull and pull while on a leash. How do I stop her pulling?

Bad Animal Songs of the 80

Why can we peacefully ...

Mark as Played

Dog fighting controversy and the NFL - When the news broke in 2007 we dug into the discussion.
We get the perspective of the Humane Society of the United States from John Goodwin.

Email question: My vet wants me to neuter my dog. I don't see why.

Rewind back to Sunday 6-10-2007 Hour 1
In the episode you will hear

Wearing Funny Amaz...

Mark as Played

Today: The Chicken Man. 
But first a question: My dog ate chewing gum. Is that dangerous? 

Mark Andrews the Chicken Man, You simply have to listen. 

Bill in Florida wanted to join the conversation, can we save the world with chickens?

Bad Animal Joke of the Week and more

Rewind back to Sunday 6-8-2008 Hour 2
In the episode you will hear


Mark as Played

Reacting to some feedback to our article in the Detroit Free Press about adopting a dog and how to avoid a puppy mill dog.  To get some answers we talk to Kathleen Summers Director of Outreach and Research, Puppy Mills Campaign, The Humane Society of the United States.

A 10 week old Yorkipoo doesn't want to eat. How can we help her. ...

Mark as Played

So many great calls on this show. These are the greatest hits for sure. 

Kathy with an Idea about how to get your older dog to eat when they go off their food.

Fact or Fiction:

Washington man breeding dogs called bald beagle 

Hallie Berry spent a day at the spa with her dog

Blue sea star that has grows back from one tentacle is called a comet.

Larry in Minneapolis is considering three small dogs. Which might be best? Larry has a 9 year o...

Mark as Played

My dog likes to chew on wood.  All wood, everywhere. Can I stop him? He is a 4-year-old neutered German Shepperd.

Todd in Nebraska with a 16-year-old cat with a bladder stone will pee on things. Is there a way to help him stop.

Troy a female chocolate lab and male boxer. The female is digging, like serious digging 4-foot-deep holes.  What can we do? 

My dog gets muddy all the time. Any way I can keep my dog for getting so dirty?

Rick i...

Mark as Played

How can you catch a stray cat? Should we? It is cold out and we worry about her.

Mae calling about a Rottweiler named Dirk. He is eating underpants. What's up with that? 

Tiger behaving badly. Not really, just being a tiger and did what tigers do in the San Francisco Zoo. 3 people were killed by the Tiger, but they were taunting it. 

National Animal - Animal News

Bad Animal Joke

Got a pair of pups. They are really doing odd things ...

Mark as Played

The things people say! Things said in Dr. Brad's clinic over the prior year.

My dog chases my cat constantly. How do I get him to stop? It seems like it might end poorly. 

For our then weekly column in the Detroit Free Press, Michael took issue with an email we helped with a person with an answer we gave about Labs. 

15 year old cat has never had a litter box problem till now. We did just get a second cat. What can we do? 

What is...

Mark as Played

How often should I bathe my dog and my cat for that matter?

Do you have to bathe my cold blooded pets?

Should you keep your tortoise in the fridge during season change?

Is there a python problem in Florida? (back in 2008)

Rewind back to Sunday 2-24-2008 Hour 2
In the episode you will hear

Wearing Funny Amazing fun pet parent t-shirts


Mark as Played

Should I be a breeder? Is it a money maker.   Answer: NO, very much NO.

John in Oklahoma has a 2 1/2 year old terrier mix. get very aggressive during meals. Checks his rear end a lot. Seems like there is a problem and the vet says there is not a problem. But getting aggressive. 

An ancient Irish folk song written recently by Dr. Brad.

How many cats are too many? 

National Animal with wild animal news. 

Bad Animal Joke of the Week.

Mark as Played

Keep your pets safe. Keep them in the yard or on a lead. Sad story from the clinic this week.

Jamie gets his nerd merit badge for pulling out the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins sung by Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy.

Top 9 Reasons dog break curfew. 

Long drive with my dog, he tends to get car sick. What can we do? 

Are all Calico cats female? 

I have rabbits. Is it safe to keep them outside over winter? If I bring my rabbits in, do they have fleas t...

Mark as Played

Break-Fast Bowls - Michael Kitchen

What to do about the dog poo that has piled up over the winter. 

Should I let my husband take a class on how to drive a cart with draft horses.

Dogs and chocolate. Is that really true that chocolate is bad for dogs. 

Talk about Podcasts Back in 2007

Rewind back to Sunday 3-11-2007 Hour 1

Wearing Funny Amazing fun pet parent t-shirts

Mark as Played

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