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Antiracist Voter

The murder of George Floyd created a moment of reflection and rededication to racial equality. But moments are ephemeral. Americans have a notoriously short attention span. How do we maintain momentum so that the moment becomes a movement? How do we translate the demands of protests into the domain of policy? Antiracist ideas are activated in antiracist policy, especially in local elections. We focus on criminal justice, economic justice, environmental justice, education, housing, health, immigration, and voting rights. We talk about problems, but we don’t stop there. We talk about solutions. Who is getting it right?


November 2, 2020 21 min

Joy Marsh Stephens talks about the Minneapolis Truth and Reconciliation process. 

We know the statistics.

There are opportunity gaps in education.

  • By the fourth grade, 50% of all Minnesota children reach reading proficiency, only 31% of Black children are reading proficiently.
  • Minnesota enjoys an 83% high school graduation rate overall, but a 67% graduation rate among Black students.
  • There is an income gap.

  • The median hous...
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    A complete transcript of the interview can be found here:

    Want to be an antiracist voter? Educate yourself, and then vote all the way down the ballot.  

    Who is your County Commissioner? Go ahead. Think about it. I’ll wait.  

    There’s a good chance that you have no idea who your county commissioner is. And yet, in Hennepin County, Minnesota, the county commission controls a $2.5-billion...

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    You can find a full transcript of the conversation here:

    Voting should be safe, simple, and exercised by every citizen. But, what happens when it is not?

    Pop quiz! When is the 2020 US election?

    If you said, Tuesday, November 3rd, ding, ding, ding, you’re right.

    I would have also accepted the answer, today, September 18, or any day between September 18 and November 3. Let me expla...

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    For extended show notes, see

    We don’t have an illegal immigration problem. We have a systemic illegal employment problem.  

    Picture this. It’s June 16, 2015. Lazaro “Laz” Ayala is standing in his living room. The speaker on the television is saying “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assu...

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    Extended shown notes and a full transcript can be found here:

    The term systemic racism is redundant. Racism is systemic. It is a multi-level, multi-dimensional system of oppression.  

    On average, White families have a net worth of $171,000. The average Black family’s net worth is about one tenth of that, or $17,150. White families tend to have more assets, which can unlock opportu...

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    For Alberder Gillespie, the time is now.

    Alberder Gillespie is running for a seat in Congress, representing Minnesota’s 4th Congressional District. She’s been involved with the Democratic–Farmer–Labor (DFL) party for more than 17 years.

    “It was my job to get more Democrats elected,” Alberder explains. “I can say now that there are Democrats in the Minnesota Senate, and our two State House Seats. I was involved, so much so, that...

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    Without accountability, trust is impossible.

    Picture it: A police department that dedicates itself to trust-building reforms. They partner with the best thought leaders in the country.

    They train all sworn officers in procedural justice. Procedural justice is the way police interact with the public, and how those interactions shape the public’s views of the pol...

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    Husniyah Dent Bradley was raised in South Minneapolis, in Minnesota House District 63B. She went to Minneapolis Public Schools - Standish Elementary School, Bancroft Elementary School, Folwell Junior High School, and North Community High School.

    Husniyah graduated from Spelman College in Atlanta, GA, with a B.S. degree in Chemistry in 1997.

    She worked as an Analytical Chemist for several years before pursuing a graduate degree ...

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    Awareness of racism is the first step. Dawn Johnson helps White women to move from awareness, to ally, to an accomplice, to activist.

    Dawn Johnson describes herself as a leader, speaker, coach, motivator, and “a dope-ass black woman entrepreneur.” Through her company “White Elephant Consulting,” she works with White women who are ready to support Black women.

    The Only Black Woman in the Room

    In her corporate career, Dawn often...

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    After every tragic death at the hands of the police, America rings her collective hands. Speeches are made. Policies are proposed, debated, and defeated. New leadership is appointed. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

    The problems are often blamed on a few bad apples. However, there is a saying, culture eats strategy for breakfast. A bad culture will beat a good cop every single time.

    But, here’s the big question. What actually works? What are...

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    The time to act on systemic racism is now. The stakes are high.

    Do you know what to do to achieve racial equality in the United States? Most of us don’t. I don’t.

    But I want to know how. And I want to act. But what are the solutions?

    There’s a saying in the recovery movement. You’re only as sick as your secrets. The United States has kept systemic racism a secret for too long.

    It’s time to talk about our shared national shame.


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