ARCHITECTING Podcast - Career + Lifestyle Mentoring for Architects looking to move beyond overwhelm and make a difference through design

ARCHITECTING Podcast - Career + Lifestyle Mentoring for Architects looking to move beyond overwhelm and make a difference through design

If you believe design can change the world, you’ve found your humans here on ARCHITECTING! This show is about the architect as a person and helps you bypass the status quo traps in our profession and teaches you how to make an impact with real life strategies. Angela Mazzi helps overwhelmed and burned out architects reclaim their passion for great design. Together, we‘ll explore Thought Leadership, how to achieve your next career level, Time/Energy Management tips to stay balanced, Promoting Wellbeing in work and life and Conscious Design and Social Change


February 25, 2024 19 mins

Flexers who compete for dominance in a conversation are cringe. However, staying quiet hoping the blank slate you offer will make you likeable is a huge miss. Listen in to hear how to conquer your fear of the spotlight in order to meaningfully contribute to the discussion.

  1. Ask questions instead of making statements in order to keep the focus on the issues, not on your opinions.
  2. If you are a process...
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How much do you love your life? If the answer isn't a hell yes, then you need to hear this talk with Dr. Tori Ellis. Learn how to be your own advocate and create your own unique path to success based on converging your interests.

  1. Being present is the only way to be attuned to how you're feeling and what you want. Time taken for self care pays huge dividends.
  2. Let having fun be your guide to whether ...
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Presence has power- so does absence. This chat with the founders and officers of the Ohio Valley NOMA Chapter offers insights into what it's like to navigate a challenging career without a whole lot of role models that look like you. Hear the story of their career paths as well as what's so important to them about creating this chapter.

  1. Belonging and feeling safe to show up as your authentic self a...
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January 30, 2024 21 mins

You wouldn't recommend that a client duplicate costly services and processes when they could centralize and streamline. Soooooo...why are you putting all of your interests and roles in life into compartments?  Let's reclaim your energy (and find some synergy) already.

  1. Compartmentalizing happens when you misplace priorities, abandon your dreams and are afraid of being vulnerable.
  2. Curating how you sh...
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This episode is for all of you so focused on getting to a destination that you didn't notice that at some point you stopped really wanting to go there. Much like an algorithm, new choices arise based on where you currently are. When you explore them, you're not diverging from the path to success, you're blazing a new one.

  1. Calling all control freaks- time to let go and start trusting that things wil...
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January 16, 2024 22 mins

Working really hard and being super invested in reaching your goals is NOT the path to your dream career. That's just some bad Kool Aid you've been drinking. This ethos, also known as Workism, is a fast track to burnout. If you really want to feel fulfilled, try these tips to add more joy to your life and watch your career (finally) take off with your quality of life intact.

  1. Eliminate tasks that do...
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January 11, 2024 22 mins

We all got big energy! But if you outsource it to other people, their real (or imagined) reactions influence your choices and behavior.  Sacrificing your agency and identity like this is exhausting. Listen in to learn how to reclaim clarity, purpose and fun and start shining your bright light.

  1. Practice the self care ritual of tapping into your preferences. Knowing what you want gives you clues on h...
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January 2, 2024 20 mins

Inspiration doesn't come from following some prescriptive career roadmap. If you're ready to energize your life and career this year, tune in for my guide to put joy seeking in the driver's seat and leave your burnout and overwhelm baggage by the side of the road.

  1. Embrace exponential success as your new normal
  2. Stop doing things out of obligation or for validation. Making your highest excitement you...
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Introvert shaming is a real phenomenon that blunts the leadership impact and contributions of nearly 50% of the population. Our extrovert-forward culture sets expectations for how we interact that undervalues introvert traits. listen in to learn how to reclaim your power as an introvert.

  1. Introverts can experience bullying over social performance. This causes you to invalidate your own feelings and ...
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December 11, 2023 24 mins

The HBIC is in the room *snap* Being a boss is the way that introverts armor up so they can lead in their comfort zone. This expertise-forward strategy takes no excuses and harbors no fools. It's a persona that's highly entertaining in celebrities and provides sick dialogue in books and movies. IRL, it's another thing entirely.

  1. Adopting a no excuses attitude means you aren't willing to consider alt...
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Experience brings perspective, but in your eagerness to inject fresh thinking, you might just be making a whole lot more work for yourself. Stand on the shoulders of those giants who bring wisdom and have already climbed so many decision trees and know which branches lead to dead ends in what circumstances. This episode explores why it's important to stay curious and value both inductive and deductive p...

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Who is missing from the conversation about design? What is it costing us not to give more diverse voices a seat at the table or spaces that reflect their identity? Hear from three of the Out in Architecture editors about how we can evolve practice and redefine design. They share their experiences in the profession as members of the LGBTQIA+ community and valuable insights that will help us all make a di...

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Understanding the lived experience of our clients and ourselves is essential to advancing our work as architects. In this interview, I speak with the masterminds behind the book Out in Architecture, a book dedicated to bringing visibility to the voices and experiences of the LGBTQIA+ community. We discuss identity beyond practice, the intersection of identity and practice and reclaiming space and identi...

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As architects, our work includes clients we have never met- those in the future. My guest Dena Prastos talks about how she built her transdisciplinary firm Indigo River to give architects agency to be more than problem solvers. Listen in to learn why quality of life in how we practice and the spaces we create is our biggest design opportunity.

  1. Embrace multiple points of view by leveraging the langu...
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The biggest edge you can get in your career comes from the people in your network. Especially those you seek out as mentors. Listen in on the conversation I had with the leaders of two mentorship programs to hear how to hook yourself up with the guidance you need to bend the curve on yoru career trajectory.

  1. Network before you need it. Networking is essential to growing your career. It's how people ...
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While I'm big on personal accountability, a fish in polluted water can't thrive. This episode focuses on the systems that form workplace culture and how they may be unintentionally undermining performance and engagement.

  1. Too often, when behavior problems and conflicts are encountered, we focus on the behavior of the individuals involved without seeing that they are reacting to the pressures of the ...
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October 19, 2023 20 mins

Delegating is nothing more than the transfer of responsibility. Super helpful since no way are you keeping all the balls in the air without a little help. In this episode, I explore why it's so hard to let go and give you top notch management strategies to position your projects for success, empower your team and free up your valuable time and energy.

  1. Relinquish control. Seems simple, but for real-...
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October 11, 2023 18 mins

Does it feel like you have zero energy to grow your career? Like it takes everything you have just to keep your head above water? Fret not my friend- this episode is for you. Learn how just 10 percent of effort can next level your situation (and get you out of chaos). Get tips - supported by physics no less - on how to leverage things you already do and redirect it towards your success.

  1. The first l...
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October 3, 2023 28 mins

Everyone's a critic. But when you're on the receiving end, it can be painful to hear you have room for improvement. This episode is your definitive guide to separating constructive criticism from the destructive kind. Learn how to move past anger guilt and shame triggers to leverage feedback and how to question unfair and confusing accusations.

  1. If criticism is specific, solution oriented and based ...
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Considering architecture is a creative profession, we sure do have a white knuckle grip on a traditionally structured model of practice. Women are redefining what it means to be an architect. Stop weighing down your career trajectory with old assumptions about what work looks like.

  1. Beware of two common false choices about practice:

    Being a good/wife/mother/daughter/sister etc. OR having a full thro...

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