The AutoRetro Podcast - a podcast where we talk to guests about the cars of their lives. Presented by David Prince and Ed Bunting, seasoned automotive enthusiasts from Melbourne, Australia. We interview guests about their car memories, what got them into cars and some of their experiences with their own cars (and others).The AutoRetro Podcast is proudly produced by Michael Hanley and supported by StreetStatik.


May 18, 2024 54 mins

AutoRetro Podcast: Season 2 | Episode 4 - Colin Doherty

Colin is a through-and-through car lover, who has devoted his professional life towards the precision of automotive engineering in Australia. He is now the Managing Director of Original Engines Co, who specialise in the remanufacture of engines back to OEM specification through a tedious remanufacture program.

Webiste to learn more:

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AutoRetro Podcast: Season 2 | Episode 3 - Byron Mathioudakis

Byron is a motoring journalist in Australia, officially starting in 1997 for John Mellor. His automotive passion, however, started at the age of 3 (more on that in this episode!).

He is the self-proclaimed "least beloved" motoring journalist in Australia - but with countless published articles and an encyclopedic knowledge of cars from the past...

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AutoRetro Podcast: Season 2 | Episode 2 - Nathan Gardiner

Nathan Gardiner is a lifelong automotive enthusiast who has a love for cars of all shapes, sizes and marque.

Nathan is known to Ed and our producer Michael from Nathan's extensive career of selling vehicles for multiple brands in Melbourne. Nowadays, Nathan's car love is expressed through his Instagram page @gtnathan - where Nathan meticulously ph...

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AutoRetro Podcast: Season 2 | Episode 1 - Rohan Cornelius

Starting off our second season of AutoRetro podcast is the long-time friend of Ed and David - Rohan Cornelius. 

Rohan has spent his whole life around cars, from his early days of tinkering in the shed with his dad, to racing in Formula Vee, to being a master technician with Alfa Romeo and Honda, right through to his bespoke work with The Derby Works and bey...

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AutoRetro Podcast: Season 1 | Episode 8 - David Day

For our final episode for Season 1, we welcome our long-time friend David Day on to the AutoRetro Podcast.

After a long career in commercial aviation, our now retired guest David Day enjoys nothing more than tinkering with his vast collection of cars.

He doesn't shy away from a rare import and if there was a collective noun for rotary engines we w...

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AutoRetro Podcast: Season 1 | Episode 7 - John Orlando Birt

After studying fine arts John's eye for design led him to a career with Chrysler and then more notably Ford during the 70's and 80's. 

Elements of everyday and now iconic models were penned by John. Remember the Carla Zampatti Laser, the early Telstar, the Capri? John was there when it happened! 


This episode has also...

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AutoRetro Podcast: Season 1 | Episode 6 - Olly Bridge

Trained as a sports and exercise scientist, Olly has worked with athletes such as Jenson Button and Mark Webber. His love of cars was cemented young via the family Triumph TR3 and ever since the automotive hits just keep on coming. 


This episode has also been filmed and will be displayed on the AutoRetro Podcast YouTube Channel here --> https:/...

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AutoRetro Podcast: Season 1 | Episode 5 - Damon Earwaker

Currently the Sales Manager of Zagame Alfa Romeo and Fiat, Damon started his automotive life in New Zealand way back in the 90's. 

His knowledge and passion for all things Fiat knows no boundaries. 


Listen in for an amazing tale of shipping his Fiat overseas in a box and how his technical ability enabled the only fully electric cu...

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AutoRetro Podcast: Season 1 | Episode 4 - Matthew Janineh

A seasoned Podcast veteran himself, Matthew Janineh - aka Matty J - enthralls us with some home grown Aussie goodness. 

There ain't much Matty doesn’t know about a Ford Laser… 


Our fourth guest on the AutoRetro Podcast is Matty J, known for his podcast "Car Torque with Matty J" which at the time of posting has just cl...

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AutoRetro Podcast: Season 1 | Episode 3 - Melissa Ong

From the back back of an ’84 Mitsubishi Nimbus, Mel takes along the winding road to finally attaining her dream car. 

P.S. How many Hot Wheels Cars do you have?? 

Our third guest on the AutoRetro Podcast is Melissa Ong, known across many car-related and car-industry circles. She is across multiple online forums and Facebook Groups, looks aft...

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AutoRetro Podcast: Season 1 | Episode 2 - Benny Musu

Benny shares his encyclopedic knowledge of all things automotive, including the surprising places outside of Italy that Alfasuds were assembled. 

He then goes onto tell us of his flirtations with a couple of Bavarian models….  


Our second guest on the AutoRetro Podcast is Benny Musu, known by many as the man behind The Motorists and his ...

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Did you have a Highway Patrol Officer as a driving instructor? Blake Jones did! 

Listen in to hear more on that, and the juicy souvenir he brought back from his time in Japan… 


Our first guest on the AutoRetro Podcast is Blake Jones, known through circles as a contributor for Speedhunters and his day job at Bosch Motorsport Australia.

Blake's work with Speedhunters can be checked out ...

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April 29, 2022 2 mins

Introducing: The AutoRetro Podcast - a podcast where we talk to guests about the cars of their lives.

Presented by David Prince and Ed Bunting, seasoned automotive enthusiasts from Melbourne, Australia.

AutoRetro is a project that we've been working on for a long time and now thanks to the technical wizardry of our Producer Michael Hanley it's finally ready for you to enjoy!

Episodes 1 & 2 launch tomorrow ...

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