B2B Marketers on a Mission

B2B Marketers on a Mission

This show aims to serve marketers and digital entrepreneurs in B2B industries, and provide them with an opportunity to listen to quality content that will motivate them to succeed as well as strategically pivot their businesses.


September 27, 2022 48 min

How to Create Better B2B Marketing Funnels (Part 3)

We’ve finally made it to Part 3 of our miniseries, where we talk about the bottom of the B2B marketing funnel with experts Kylie Lang (Quiz Funnel Strategist, Kylie Lang) and James Hipkin (CEO & Founder, Inn8ly). During our conversation, Kylie and James elaborate on what B2B marketers should be focusing on from a strategic perspective. They also talk about what mistakes to avo...

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How to Create Better B2B Marketing Funnels (Part 2)

In Part 2 of our 3-part miniseries, we speak with B2B marketing experts Kylie Lang (Quiz Funnel Strategist, Kylie Lang) and James Hipkin (CEO & Founder, Inn8ly) about the middle of the marketing funnel. During our discussion, Kylie and James talk to us about the importance of middle-of-the-funnel activities and how marketers can leverage customer validation as well as social p...

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How to Create Better B2B Marketing Funnels (Part 1)

Creating, implementing, and measuring the results of activities within a marketing funnel is a challenge that B2B marketers are constantly confronted with. What should they focus on? How should they measure success? What should they base their marketing activities on?

Tune in to Part 1 of our panel discussion where we speak to B2B marketing experts Kylie Lang (Quiz Funnel Strategi...

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97. How to Tell Better Stories in B2B Marketing

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Takeaways-Interview with Donovan Chee

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How to Build a Media Company Around Your B2B Brand

In a market that’s constantly changing and inundated with noise, B2B brands need to focus on how to grow strategically. How can your company effectively win the attention of your target market? How can you do that meaningfully and for the long term? 

Join us as we unpack what it takes for B2B firms to build a media company around their brand with marketing expert Eric Fulwiler (Co-...

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How to Tell Better Stories in B2B Marketing

B2B marketing has evolved significantly over time, and one aspect of it that is definitely getting more attention is the art of good storytelling. Why is it such a crucial component in B2B marketing? What are some elements that B2B marketers should be paying attention to? Where can they get their inspiration from?

Join us as we dive into this topic in our recent conversation with expert B...

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How Videos Can Help B2B Marketing and Sales Teams to Succeed

When B2B marketing and sales teams find themselves in competitive markets, they can use videos to break through all of the noise and increase their chances of success. How can they do this strategically? What missteps should they avoid?

In our recent episode, we had an engaging conversation around this topic with SaaS marketer and video expert Alexander Ferguson (CMO and ...

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How to Launch and Grow a Revenue-Generating B2B Podcast

There are about 4 million podcasts out there, but just a fraction of them have a large number of listeners. What does it take to grow a B2B podcast successfully and sustainably? What should you focus on and how should you promote your podcast? 

In our recent episode, we have an informative conversation with Harry Morton (Founder, Lower Street) about the lessons that he’s learn...

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How to Map the B2B Customer Journey Towards Revenue

If you want to repeat what’s working to scale strategically, it’s important to understand and analyze the path that your prospects are taking to become a customer. How do your prospects look for information? What challenges do they face? How can you measure what’s working and link this to revenue?

Join us as we have a conversation about mapping the B2B customer journey towards rev...

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How to Fix The B2B Event Attribution GapWhat do you get when you combine B2B events returning to in-person along with better, smarter, and more advanced technology? You have a greater opportunity to fix the event attribution gap, chances to engage your audience, and many other ways to leverage the different parts of this burgeoning ecosystem.
Join us in this week’s conversation with events expert Jonathan Kazarian (Founder & ...

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How to Write B2B Content that Converts and Builds Relationships

Traditionally, B2B content had a reputation for being dull, mundane, and full of industry jargon. Times have changed, and now more than ever, it’s important to inject some emotion, personality, and a high degree of relatability into the content that you develop.

Join us as we dig deep and have a thought-provoking conversation with B2B marketing expert Kathryn Strachen ...

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How to Develop B2B Brand Strategies that “WOW!”

To rise above that “sea of sameness”, it is paramount that B2B companies invest in building their brands in a way that differentiates them and positions them strategically against competitors. How should this be done? What approach should companies take?

In this week’s episode, we have a conversation with B2B marketer and brand expert Christian DeGobbi (Marketing Director, Spruce Tech...

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How To Develop the Right GTM and Communications Strategy for Growth

When it comes to the world of B2B tech, it’s important to distinguish between a go-to-market (GTM) and a communications strategy. In order to succeed, you must do the groundwork first to define the WHY and what the main innovation of your product is going to deliver to the market.


Join us this week as we dive deep into a conversation on these topics with B2B GTM ...

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How Communications Can Play a Strategic Role in B2B Organizations

It’s a function that in many cases tends to be either overlooked, taken for granted, or treated as “out of sight, out of mind”. Now more than ever, communications play such a crucial role within B2B organizations in a way that brings employees together and creates alignment.

Join us in this week’s conversation with Guerlyne Guercy (Communications Manager – People &am...

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How to Improve Customer Success Through Proactive Engagement

The goal of every customer success (CS) team is to ensure that you drive value for your customers over time and help them to get the most out of your product. How can CS teams think ahead, help their customers to succeed, and avoid churn?

In this week’s episode, we have an engaging conversation with seasoned CS expert Mark Stagi (VP of Customer SuccessAvoma) about why p...

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How AI Can Be Leveraged in B2B Marketing

It’s one of those “trending terms” that we often see these days: AI in B2B marketing. When leveraged the right way, AI can help to increase efficiency, improve performance, take over mundane tasks, and enable marketers and their sales counterparts to analyze data, generate the relevant insights, help in the lead pre-qualification process, and more.

Join us as Christian Klepp (Co-Founder/Dire...

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How B2B Marketers Can Deliver More Business Impact

It goes without saying –  marketers need a voice at the table of the organization. To have that voice, they need to be able to show that what they’re doing is creating true value for the organization’s business. What are some steps that B2B marketers can take to prove that what they’re doing is making an impact?

In this week’s episode, we have an in-depth conversation with Mark Sto...

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How B2B Marketers Can Stand Out and Have a More Strategic Role

To be more competitive, it is important for B2B organizations to rise above all the “digital noise” in the marketplace. To achieve this differentiation, marketers need to be able to take on a more strategic role.

How do they “get that voice at the table”? What core competencies do they need to be able to stand out?

Join us as we take a deep dive into this topic in this ...

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How to Get to That “Aha!” Moment When Conducting Market Research

Generating insights from market research is crucial to driving innovation and audience engagement. How can B2B marketers uncover these insights more strategically? How can insights be best leveraged for marketing?
Join us as we have an informative conversation with research expert Darshan Mehta (FounderiResearch.com), who talks to us about the importance of getting ...

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How to Stand Out in a Noisy Market Using Human-Centered Communication

As markets continue to change and industries become more digitized, it is more important than ever before for companies to stand out in an environment that is inundated with noise. What should B2B marketers do to stop the “digital pollution” and be more uniquely positioned?

In this week’s episode, we have an insightful conversation with communications expert and ...

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