Backyards of Key West Podcast with Mark Baratto

Backyards of Key West Podcast with Mark Baratto

With a deep love for podcasts, I've harnessed my passion and creativity to create my own show, a venture born out of necessity when I relocated to the vibrant Key West, FL. My podcast is a weekly platform where I have the privilege of interviewing a diverse range of guests, including business owners, artists, musicians, and fellow entrepreneurs. Over the course of more than three years, this show has become a dynamic and engaging resource for listeners. You can catch the latest episodes every Friday across various podcast platforms, from Spotify to Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio to Pandora, ensuring a wide and accessible reach for our audience. Additionally, I'm proud to share that our show has been embraced by the local community and is now featured on the airwaves of 104.9FM every Sunday at 10AM. Join me on this exciting journey as we explore inspiring stories, share valuable insights, and connect with incredible individuals on a weekly basis. Thank you for being a part of our podcasting community!


July 12, 2024 41 mins

In this special episode, I join Gregory and Kayla on the Founders Forum Podcast to discuss my entrepreneurial journey. We delve into the origins of my career, exploring the pivotal moments that shaped my path and sharing insights into the challenges and triumphs along the way.

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In this episode, Mark Baratto sits down with Chef Ricard of the Lola's Bistro, when they first opened.  This is one of our favorite restaurants and continues to be one of the best on the island 5 years later.

We talked about how he got started, working with some of the top French and Italian chefs, why he chose to only have 9 tables, and how he loves ch...

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In this episode, we dive into the refreshing world of Lemon & Lily with founders Holly Tremaine and Krystal Sanchez. Discover the inspiring story behind their unique venture of combining lemonade and flowers in a single cozy space.


  • Origin Story: How Holly and Krystal discovered the perfect spot and what inspired their collaboration.
  • Business Insights: The journey from idea to reality and tips for aspiring ...
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In this episode of the podcast, host Mark Baratto sits down with Paul Menta, a chef, kiteboarder, rum distiller, and now TV star, to discuss his exciting role in Episode 1 of Gordon Ramsay's Uncharted. which aired on May 27th on National Geographic.  In this episode, we discuss the behind-the-scenes stories and learn more about the thrilling cook-off. 


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In this episode of the podcast, host Mark Baratto sits down with Paul Menta, a chef, kiteboarder, rum distiller, and now TV star, to discuss his exciting role in Episode 1 of Gordon Ramsay's Uncharted. Airing on May 27th at 9pm on National Geographic, this episode showcases Paul's unique journey to being featured on the show, including how he was contacted, chosen for a cook-off with Gordon Ramsay, and how the famous chef fell in l...

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May 3, 2024 33 mins

In this episode, Mark Baratto sits down with Rayza Zavaleta, the general manager of both Garbo's Grill locations.

We talk about the history of Garbo's, their first location, how it ended up at Hank's Saloon, and why they had to move from the back to the front.

More on Garbo's Grill

Key West’s TOP "HIDDEN GEM" as seen repeatedly on Food Network’s Diner’s Drive-In’s & Dives!! Located at Hank’s Hair Of The Dog Saloon. We brin...

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In this episode, Mark Baratto has a role reversal and sits down with Thatcher Kezer on the "Business Talks Podcast with Boostbeam."

Thatcher gets into the weeds on how I started as an artist and where my brand is headed.

More on BoostBeam


If you want to rank first in your local area on google or need help running highly profit...

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Join Mark Baratto in this exciting episode as he chats with Neil Lindley, a self-proclaimed Rum Grand Master.

Dive into Neil's journey into the world of rum, his inspiration behind creating Key West's first-ever Rum Festival, and explore some of the event highlights. This four-day festival, coinciding with National Rum Day on August 16, promises to be a spectacular celebration of rum culture.

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Join host Mark Baratto as he dives into the colorful and eclectic world of “Woolly” Willie Alsedek, a master of storytelling whose life reads like a novel. In Episode 242, we unravel the threads of Willie’s adventurous journey from aspiring filmmaker to beloved author and artist.

Willie opens up about the serendipitous rock-paper-scissors game that propelled him into the realms of digital media and how a national recession nudged h...

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In this delectable episode, join host Mark Baratto as he dives into the heart of Key West's culinary scene with Scott Pridgen, Executive Director of A.H. Monroe. Discover the essence of the "Taste of Key West" event, a gastronomic festival that marries the love for food with a noble cause, with all proceeds supporting AHMonroe's initiatives.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Truman Waterfront on March 25th, 2024, from 6 to 9 ...

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Join Mark Baratto as he dives into the flavorful world of The Waggin' Wiggle, Key West's newest food truck sensation, with founders Bella Usenza and Alvaro Del Castillo. Discover the story behind their tropical slider paradise, from dream to delicious reality.

Bella and Alvaro, seasoned veterans in the hospitality and service industry, share their journey of bringing The Waggin' Wiggle to life, their passion for food, and how they ...

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In this inspiring episode, host Mark Baratto sits down with Keith Hopkins, the other half of The Concierge Girl, to explore the adventurous journey and the thriving business he runs with Kelly Hopkins in Key West. Keith shares insights into their unique boat charter services, the innovative addition of golf carts, and the pivotal risks that led to unprecedented happiness and success. Dive deep into the story of a couple who turned ...

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In This Episode:

Join Mark Baratto as he sits down with the remarkably talented Ryan Halligan, the artist and visionary behind Phat Slabs. Dive into Ryan's captivating journey from his initial foray into woodworking and resin art to finding his true passion. Discover the inspirations drawn from the lush landscapes of Florida that fuel his creativity. Ryan also shares his aspirations, including the hope of one day sharing his story ...

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In this captivating episode, join Mark Baratto as he engages in a fascinating conversation with Susann D'Antonio, the esteemed president of the Key West Art Center & Gallery. Dive deep into the vibrant world of the 59th annual Key West Art & Craft Festival, a celebrated event that showcases an incredible array of art and crafts. Listen as we explore the rich tapestry of creativity that the festival brings to light, from traditional...

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In this engaging episode, host Mark Baratto sits down with the talented craft cocktail maker and proud owner of Coasting Cocktails, Jessica.

Join us as Jessica shares her inspiring journey into the world of mixology and recounts the pivotal steps she took to establish her business, which has quickly become a sensation at events.

More on Coasting Cocktails

a mobile craft cocktail company that is currently open for bookings....

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In this episode, join Mark Baratto in a conversation with Mariam Tvaliashvili, the visionary behind the transformation from KWSOAPS to E11DROPS. Discover the significant changes that have taken place in the three years since their last discussion. Mariam shares insights into the bold decisions she made, including expanding her team and doubling the storefront. Explore the global aspirations of the newly rebranded E11DROPS.

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Join Mark Baratto in this delightful episode as he engages in a conversation with Buck Epstein, one of the masterminds behind Doozee Bespoke Ice Cream Bar Shop. Explore Buck's entrepreneurial journey, the allure of the ice cream business, and the innovative concepts reshaping the game.

More on Doozzee Bespoke Ice Cream Bar Shop🍦...

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Join Mark Baratto in this exciting episode as he reunites with Jordan Upchurch, the brilliant mind behind the rejuvenated Follow The Rabbit speakeasy.

Discover the enchanting world of Follow The Rabbit as they outgrow their space, delve into the secrets behind their success, and unveil their latest addition - delectable food!

If you have not already, listen to our first interview HERE.

🐇 More on Follow The Rabbit Speakeasy 🍸<...

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🎙️ Introduction: In this special episode, we want to express our sincere gratitude to all of our amazing listeners, social media followers, and those who support us in-store. Thank you for being a crucial part of our podcast journey. Your support means the world to us!

🙏 Thank You Mes...

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Join Mark Baratto in this episode as he delves into the fascinating journey of Suzanne Orchard, the owner of Key West Island Books. From a lucrative career in the service industry to passionately pursuing her love for books, Suzanne shares her inspiring story.

Discover the insights and wisdom scattered throughout the episode, including the pivotal "moment" when Suzanne recognized the right time to chase her dreams. Tune in for a ca...

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