Bacon Wrapped Business With Brad Costanzo | Sizzling Hot Business Advice Guaranteed To Make You Fat...PROFITS!

Bacon Wrapped Business With Brad Costanzo | Sizzling Hot Business Advice Guaranteed To Make You Fat...PROFITS!

"Sizzling Hot Business Advice Guaranteed To Make You Fat...PROFITS!" How do you know if this show is right for you? You own a business or you're in charge of growing it. You're a startup or looking for an exit and improving your profits is priority #1. You love hot new ideas, proven marketing campaigns, expert advice and out of the box thinking almost as much as you love a plate of hot bacon. Brad Costanzo, entrepreneur, business owner, digital marketing consultant, bacon-lover and business growth geek shares his insights and invites other world-class business minds to share their best bacon-wrapped business strategies with you. Send an email to and give him your toughest business challenges... he and his guest hosts will wrap-em-in-bacon and deliver you a piping hot plate of profits


September 22, 2023 63 mins

Preston James & Mike Curtis from Trader’s Edge are experts in creating weekly income streams using a simple but often overlooked Options strategy that they call “The MoneyPress Method.” 

Many new investors are intimidated by options because they don’t understand them or think they’re too risky. And they can be if you’re speculating on wild swings.

But when you use methods like the MoneyPress, it lets you focus on earning weekly inc...

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In today's episode of Bacon Wrapped Business, I'm excited to welcome Mario Nocifera, a seasoned entrepreneur and renowned hospitality consultant, for an enlightening discussion on transforming customers into passionate advocates and empowering our workforce.

Mario is the founder and CEO of Birdseye Hospitality, a renown hospitality consultant and serial entrepreneur as well as the owner of Denver's hottest nightclub, an immersive ar...

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Who is Roddy Carter? 

A native of Johannesburg, South Africa, who has studied and worked on four continents, Roddy has over 30 years of experience working in a range of medical disciplines and corporate sectors – from working in the hospital’s trauma unit to family physician, to Olympic sports medicine and exercise scientist, to biotechnologist and chairman of corporate boards.

Amidst his professional success, Roddy experienced his o...

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What is a DAO and why does it matter?  Why should you look at starting one?A

A DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization and is an important part of the crypto ecosystem. It's revolutionizing the way that people start and manage ventures and communities together. 

And today Alex Taub, cofounder of joins me to discuss how they work and how his company is making it easy to start and manage it.  They're calling it "...

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Back for a  Second appearance, Andrew Henderson, the Nomad Capitalist...

Are you living where you're treated best?

That's the question that the founder of, Andrew Henderson asks himself and his clients.

If you're a location independent entrepreneur and ever wondered what it might be like to live in different countries around the world, or just another country that offers more flexibility, freedom, lifestyle and les...

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“Dirt Dog Millionaire” Reveals How To Do One Land Deal And Make 50-100X The Profit Vs. Flipping Houses Or Wholesaling… Without Experience And Without Using Your Own Money"

If you like discovering new business models that are a BLUE OCEAN, this is a can't miss episode.

Cody Bjugan was once dead broke, having lost everything only to reinvent himself and the land development business. In this episode ...

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As a business owner, you work really hard. You work really hard to bring in new clients and customers - “filling your cup” so your business can grow, make a difference, and, let’s be real, make a lot of money.

The problem is that eventually, your “cup” reaches its limit. And, when you reach that point it doesn’t matter how hard you work or how many sales you close. You make a mess. So what do you do?

You make your cup bigger. But her...

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Nuri Katz is the the founder of Apex Capital Partners, a boutique financial advisory firm specializing in advising international individuals on second citizenship.

If you've ever considered having a Plan B passport or second citizenship this is a must-listen episode.

Visit ApexCapital.Partners or email Nuri at



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Trevor G Blake is a physicist by background who grew up extremely poor and bullied.  Eventually, he tapped into the workings of energy, consciousness, and transformation — in particular, the science behind it all — and began creating through intentionality.

Over the last ten years, Trevor has created and successfully exited three separate companies for over $600 million and never hired a single employee.

Now, he's helping people tap ...

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January 31, 2022 42 mins

Kate Hancock, known as "The Pivot Queen" by those who know her tireless work ethic, is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker, and a mom of two amazing boys. 

Kate built four highly successful businesses in less than ten years with revenues that ranged from six to eight figures.

Her first venture was an e-commerce business that started with only $20. Within a year she grew this business to over a million dollars in revenue and ...

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Warning, solo episode which means nobody else to keep me from talking directly to you! 

Today I give you an update of what's been happening in the past few months along with 8 principles I use in my own business AND with clients and partners to help simplify growth and reduce friction. 

(I also mention the company which I've stepped in to help educate people on the opportunities in Land acquisition. Feel free to check i...

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Eric Berman is the founder/CEO of Brandetize, a full service, performance-based marketing agency that partners with esteemed thought leaders such as Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Phil Town, as well as consumer brands such as HeartMath, Aptera, Terasana, Davi Skin, Longbow and more . 

Additionally, Eric has consulted for venture capitalists and successful companies at all levels including Club Med, Vessel Health, Fenix Space, PeakLogic...

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When life and business aren't going the way you want... OR when things fall apart and you get overwhelmed with mind traps and head trash, it's important that you know how to get recentered and start removing what's not working while reinforcing what is. 

Today's episizzle is with world renown expert Paul Hoffman.

Learn more and claim some free gifts at and where Paul gives away one of his Success son...

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What are NFTs but more important, how can authors, experts, course creators and artists use them to provide unique value add to their audiences. 

Watch as I interview Jesse Krieger founder of POWERFANS NFT marketplace as he explains unique and powerful strategies. 

In the second half we bring in world reknown artist Ori Bengal on the hot seat as we come up with some soon-to-be released strate...

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This is a super short episode that I call a "Bacon Bit" 

Here's 1 quick tip to anyone starting a new side-hustle or business... 

This takes zero skill but will save so much frustration. (I wish I did it when I first started out)

Gave this friendly advice yesterday and figured someone else, somewhere might find it just as useful.


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Today I'm joined by Justin Cooke, cofounder and CMO of Empire Flippers as he explains the state of the digital business acquisition market now... specifically Amazon FBA and ecommerce businesses.

He reveals 

  • How Covid and 2020 effected online business purchases and sales. 
  • Who's on a buying spree
  • What to expect when buying a business in today's market.
  • How EF Capital is helping to match investors and investor/operators up and create...
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If you ever struggled to answer the apparently easy question "What do I want?" Then this is for you.

If you know what you'd like to have, but you don't know what would DRIVE YOU, then this is for you.

I've personally struggled with this question from time to time and recently helped a client work through this. 

This is a short solo episode with a few steps you can go through to help answer that question for you.

At then end I posed a q...

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Ever imagine what it would be like to own a second home (or two) in an international resort or vacation location?

  • Would you want to buy it to live in a country with a lower cost of living while enjoying the high life of a condo on the beach?
  • Would you rent it out and cash in on high yields in high demand locales?
  • Would you do a combination of both? Live there for a few months and rent it out the rest of the year?

This has been...

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Tax strategy can be a very dry discussion for most entrepreneurs. After all, we love creating new dollars, marketing and growth strategies which make it rain.

But if you have a leaky bucket, all the rain will drain to the ground and you'll be left with a lot less than you made.

But what if there were a way to reduce taxes or even eliminate them altogether the way many Fortune 500 companies do it?

There is a way, in fact there are doze...

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Today we explore a saving and investment concept strategy that has proven to bring many advantages over traditional methods. It's called the Bank On Yourself strategy, made popular by author and advisor Pamela Yellen which uses a little-known type of insurance policy which provides guaranteed growth and tax advantages. 

I invited advisor Sarry Ibrahim on the show today to discuss how these policies work, who they're appropriate for ...

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