Bad For The Community

Bad For The Community

Unfiltered Commentary on the Latest News in Black Culture, Music, and More! Four artists in the Boston music scene coming together to break down the culture, from music to politics, and giving their takes on the things that affect today’s society... for better or for worse. Rob the 508 God, alongside Saint Yves, Tomo and Nate Nics allow the audience a seat at the table as they deliver weekly commentary about the latest events, while also reliving stories from their own personal experiences. With the occasional guest, the collective provides a platform to other up-and-coming creatives in Massachusetts, aiming to showcase the unknown talents within Boston and its nearby cities. With every episode, the hosts bring light to the positives of the community, while also making sure to expose who and what is “Bad For The Community”.


February 22, 2024 90 mins

Huddle up! On this week's episode, we're joined by the talented Lowell producer DeevoDaGenius, and he made sure to bring plenty of friends with him! The "Dream Team", as they call themselves, is a collection of Massachusetts artists assembled by Deevo to bring us one of the hottest basketball-inspired albums out, "Champion Sound"!

The Dream Team came through to tell us how they came together ...

Mark as Played

Are you ready for this week's conversations? If so, you're in for one hell of a ride as we kick off the episode by navigating through the concept of simulation theory and the question of God's existence. We later react to Megan Thee Stallion's latest "Hiss" single, which sparked a social media tirade from Nicki Minaj over the weekend. We also discussed Ice Spice's musical development (or lack ther...

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January 17, 2024 101 mins

First episode of 2024! We're back, better than ever, and welcoming the new year with a banger this week! We kicked off with our reactions to NBA YoungBoy saying he's "not too big" on fatherhood as a father to 11 children, Lil Nas X trolling Christianity once again for his album rollout, and Gypsy Rose's release from prison 8 years after plotting the murder of her mother in a bizarre series of events.

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December 21, 2023 93 mins

This week, we're joined by the artistic collective, Midas! Midas is a supergroup of young and ambitious creatives from Brockton, MA who combine their many talents to produce though-provoking visual art. We kicked off the episode with our opinions on Playboi Carti's latest releases, Kanye's rants, Draymond Green's suspension, and the media's response to the Josh Giddy situation vs Kyrie Irving.


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December 14, 2023 81 mins

Rob, Yves, and Tomo are back with another week of "Bad For The Community"! After reacting to a funny video of a Black man code-switching to get a white woman's number, we discussed whether code-switching is a valuable skill or fraudulent behavior. As the holiday season gears up, Matty Owens joins the show via phone call to talk about his Christmas music project and his collaborations with artists in the Boston commun...

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December 6, 2023 96 mins

Yves and Rob are holding it down this week! The guys kicked off by reminiscing on the time they got caught up with weed by their parents and revisited the stripper daughter conversation from the last episode. After Rob recently cheated on his barber, the guys dived into a hilarious conversation around barbershop culture, being assertive at the barbershop, and the times gone wrong when Rob's parents would cut his hair.

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We're joined by Tyler Loyal on this week's episode! Tyler Loyal is a talented and versatile Boston music artist, who recently released his well-regarded debut album "the internet ruined us"! On this episode, Tyler spoke on how he maintains a healthy balance between rapping and being melodic on his songs, the interpretations behind his album, and his experience with superficial relationships.

In the seco...

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From the blog era of Boston hip-hop to now, Scoobz Frm Boston and Dom Leafy have seen it all!  On this week's episode, Scoobz and Dom came through to kick it with us and share their opinion on the current state of the Boston music scene and who they think is next to blow from the city. We also took a trip down memory lane, looking back at the Bandemic, our favorite eras of music & fashion, and the impact late Mayor Menino ...

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The state of the world is f–ked! On this week's episode, friend of the show Edosa came through to discuss a range of topics with the gang! We kicked it off right away by speaking on the Palestine & Israel conflict and the Lewiston, Maine mass shooting. We also spoke on thing people are too old to be doing, which led to an interesting debate about whether people should age out of playing video games.

In the second ...

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October 24, 2023 108 mins

The gang is back with another incredibly entertaining episode of Bad For The Community! In this week's episode, we kicked off with the scamming allegations that DJ Envy is facing, which transitioned into a conversation on why we think health insurance is the biggest scam out there. We also spoke on why people have to pick their college degree wisely, questioned if Gillie Da Kid was actually a ghostwriter for Lil Wayne, and rea...

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On this week's episode, we're joined by the Grand Master of the Chamber, Sanye! Sanye is one of the most talented young artists coming out of Boston; and he came through to reflect on his huge Chamber win, his mentality as he's progressed in his life, and the things he's got planned for the future.

Unlike most episodes, we found ourselves getting really introspective and delving into topics of how peopl...

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October 3, 2023 100 mins

On this week's episode, we kicked off with our reactions to being nominated for "Music Podcast of the Year" by the Boston Music Awards! We also reacted to other notable nominations, snubs, and gave our predictions on the heavily contested "New Artist of the Year" award. We later recapped the highly-anticipated Ultimate Iron Chamber and our breakdown of how things went down that night.

Later in the ...

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It's certainly been an interesting week for Boston's "hip-hop culture", for better and for worse! Before getting into that, we kicked off this week's episode with Yves discussing his bucket list of must-watch concerts, while Nate and Rob reflected on their recent freestyles on CWTFB Radio. We then addressed a viral tweet that caused Boston's hip-hop scene to go on the defense over the weekend, which le...

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September 14, 2023 82 mins

There was A LOT to get to this week! On this week's episode, we kicked off with the news of Paqui's 2023 One Chip Challenge getting pulled off the shelves after a Worcester student sadly passed away from eating the chip. Later on, we talked about the anticipation behind Drake's and Doja Cat's upcoming albums, and predicted which album will secure the Billboard #1 spot during the first week. We also reacted to Ke...

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August 31, 2023 106 mins

This episode's got everything you've grown to love about Bad For The Community! On this week's episode, BFTC kicked off by discussing if music videos even matter anymore, what the difference between an "artist" and a "creative" is, and also, things start to get heated between Tomo & Rob over a battle of semantics. Later on, Tomo & Yves recapped their "Mind of a Hustla" art exhibi...

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August 15, 2023 103 mins

The guys are back to do what they do best! On this week's episode, we kicked it off with some fun back and forth on our favorite movies & TV shows (2:30), before speaking on the 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop and how each one of us was introduced to the genre (23:25). We later spoke on the younger generation and whether we should be concerned about them because of the "content" that's being put out nowadays (36...

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On this week of Bad For The Community, we're joined by the highly-talented Boston artist/poet known as Nay $peaks! At the young age of 19, Nay has shown to be wise beyond her years, which is evident throughout our conversation with her and especially her debut album, "Nayborhood Healer". In this episode, Nay spoke on her victory at the The Chamber #003 earlier this year (2:50), and how that momentum carried into her ...

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On this special episode of Bad For The Community, we're joined by a super talented visual artist and designer, Tori DelValle (aka ThirteenVic)! Tori recently held her first art gallery exhibit at NOSA Boston titled "Lost Grief". Before getting into "Lost Grief", Tori tells the story of how she connected with Yves months prior to help work on the gallery (14:30). After telling us about how she got started wi...

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On this audio-exclusive episode, we got introspective as we reflected on the risks and rewards of the choices we've made in our careers. Before getting into that conversation though, Rob shared about his experience at the Drake concert in Boston (13:45) and the story of his first funeral (23:30). The discussion transitioned into us reflecting on our journeys and contemplating the question "Would you rather follow the mone...

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We missed y'all! We know it's been a couple weeks but we're back and debuting a new setup! On this week's episode of Bad For The Community, we kicked it off with a topic everyone has been talking about lately... Keke Palmer's boyfriend trying to publicly shame her on the internet for her attire and behavior at an Usher concert (8:30). We later spoke about Twitter's newest competitor by Meta called &quo...

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