Baddie 2 Baddie Breast Cancer Podcast

Baddie 2 Baddie Breast Cancer Podcast

A cancer diagnosis changes everything. As a woman of color, where do you go or who do you turn to when you’re in the midst of the fight of your life? You search online for stories and images of women who’ve gone through treatment and look like you, but you find little to nothing. That’s where For the Breast of Us comes in. Baddie 2 Baddie is the podcast by For the Breast of Us hosted by the FTBOU Team where we share real life experiences, education and information to help you live you best life after a breast cancer diagnosis. Baddie Behavior is the safe space for survivors and thrivers to get all the way raw about how breast cancer changes our bodies, sex lives and relationships.


May 20, 2024 27 mins

In this episode of Baddie 2 Baddie, Marissa and Dr. Sheri dive deep into the importance of lymphedema awareness in the breast cancer community, especially for women of color. Dr. Sheri Prentiss, founder of the Live Today Foundation, shares her personal experience with arm lymphedema after undergoing breast cancer surgery. The conversation delves into the need for better education and proactive prevention strategies for patients at ...

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In this episode of Baddie 2 Baddie, hosts Tesha delves into the critical topic of healthcare disparities for black and brown women facing breast cancer. Joined by Tatiana from Chemo Divas Foundation, the conversation highlights the challenges of representation in clinical trials, the emotional toll of cancer on women of color, and the financial burden of medical treatment.

The episode emphasizes the importance of sharing stories, d...

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Welcome to the Baddie 2 Baddie podcast, where we dive into candid conversations about the experiences and challenges faced by women of color dealing with breast cancer. In this episode, host Tesha along with the remarkable Dr. Morgan Mitchell, a breast cancer survivor and advocate, delve into the importance of support groups and the power of shared experiences.

We explore the therapeutic value of connecting with individuals who und...

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Baddie 2 Baddie is catching up on all things baddie behavior! From body positivity to sexual empowerment, Cynthia and April dive deep into the topics that matter. 

Tune in to their latest episode for a refreshing perspective on self-love and sensuality. 💖✨ #Baddie2Baddie

About our Hosts

April is a cool high school counselor in South Carolina. She was diagnosed at 35 with Stage II, Triple Negative Breast Cancer and BRAC1+. April is...

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June 20, 2023 67 mins

On this episode of Baddie 2 Baddie, April and Cynthia dive into the world of paramedical tattooing and its importance for women of color, particularly survivors of cancer.  Joined by Nina Austin, a three-time cancer survivor and speech pathologist, and Zuri, a permanent makeup artist, and epidemiologist based in Houston, the baddies learn about Nina's 3D areola tattoo and how permanent makeup such as scar reduction, eyebrows and mo...

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The For the Breast of Us Baddies are back with Season 2 of Baddie 2 Baddie. 

Love & Cancer Special Episode: Ray & Ros

Millions of people across the world fell in love with Ray & Ros after they candidly shared their journey through brain cancer.  Collectively, we mourned as news of Ros' passing went viral. On this episode of Baddie 2 Baddie, we join Ray as he shares his journey with his wife through her battle with brain cancer. Ray...

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Love is a beautiful thing. Whether romantic or platonic, we as humans crave love in all forms.

So we asked ourselves, how are thrivers and survivors navigating their relationships?

FTBOU CoFounder and CEO Marissa sat down with Breast Cancer Baddie Deb and her partner Joel for a candid conversation to discuss their relationship and how Deb's diagnosis of Metastatic Breast Cancer has impacted it.


Make sure to follow us on social m...
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Love is a beautiful thing.

Whether romantic or platonic, we as humans crave love in all forms.

So we asked ourselves, how are thrivers and survivors navigating their relationships? FTBOU CoFounder and CEO Marissa sat down with Breast Cancer Baddie Aisha and her partner Jamille for a candid conversation to discuss their relationship and how cancer has impacted it.


Make sure to follow us on social media: IG: forthebreastofus Twitt...
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Baddie 2 Baddie: Thriving AF with MBC

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, most of the focus is on early-stagers or those diagnosed with breast cancer in the stages of I, II and III. But what about our sisters living and thriving with Metastatic Breast Cancer? Here at FTBOU we’re all about taking some action boss so for this Breast Cancer ACTION Month, we talked to a few Baddies thriving with MBC. We wanted to know what it’s like ...

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Being Latina isn't a one-size fits all category - here at FTBOU we have voices that represent Columbia, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, to name a few. On this episode, you'll hear how some of the Latina's in our community viewed their culture as it affected (or didn't affect) them navigating breast cancer treatment.


Miranda Gonzales

At age 39, Miranda found a lump in her breast and was told it was nothing, which lead to a new lump 6...

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Baddie 2 Baddie Episode 7: When You See Us; My Reconstruction, My Choice”


Research shows that Women of Color aren't given many options when it comes to breast reconstruction. These Baddies are dispelling that myth and sharing their decision on the type of reconstruction they chose and why! If you are a breast cancer survivor with questions on which type of breast reconstruction may be right for you, then this episode is a must li...

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“Woi! We reach!!”

When Baddies link up and “chat bout” cancer, Caribbean culture and everything in between. Baddie massive get your people dem. This is a must listen.


Shoni is a breast cancer thriver diagnosed in 2015. She is very passionate about educating others about health and fitness, lymphedema and being your own advocate. She wants women to not let cancer stop them. You can find her on Instagram at @brsuga

Cynthia wa...

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Transparent AF

A trio of baddies chit-chat about where they fall under the LGBTQA+ umbrella and what it's like being a member of that community as well as the cancer community. 

Does sexual orientation impact care the way our skin color does? 

How can a cancer diagnosis create an environment where we live more fully in our truths, from loving who and how we want to consider how medically necessary surgeries can be affirming to our ...

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Asian and Pacific Islanders don’t get breast cancer… except yes, we do! 

A group of our AAPI baddies got together to share their stories and bust the myth that “AAPI people don’t get breast cancer.” We are asking the questions: What does it mean to not see yourself represented in the breast cancer community? Why does it matter? How did your cultural background effect your choices? And of course, what was your comfort food during re...

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Mental Health is real and we’re talking about it…..because that’s our business. Period.

When you’re diagnosed with breast cancer, people only think about the physical effects it has on your body. But no one talks about the mental strain this diagnosis takes on you. Well, today we’re talking about it because that’s our business. Take a listen as these breast cancer survivors discuss how their cancer experience affected their mental ...

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Motherhood….it’s a hard and sometimes thankless job and there’s not a right or wrong way but someone has to do it! Breast Cancer Survivors Alexea, Miranda, Sharon, and Bhumika sit down to discuss how they shared their diagnosis with their kids and how their parenting has evolved since hearing the words, “You have breast cancer”. You don’t want to miss this so put in your headphones and listen.


Dr. Alexea is a triple-board c...

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One of the first things we explain to someone newly diagnosed with breast cancer is the necessity to learn to be your own advocate. 

What exactly does that mean? 

Advocacy is the power and actions of an individual or group that aims to influence decisions. Being your own advocate means voicing your concerns, and not stopping until you feel heard and satisfied. For many of us diagnosed at a younger age, our first introduction into t...

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What does Survivorship mean to you?

Do you like or hate the term?

Survivorship can look and feel different for everyone and surviving, in general, goes deeper than just cancer for Women of Color. 

Guests: Keneene Lewis is a Support Services Coordinator with Living Beyond Breast Cancer. She was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma stage III in January 2019. Keneene is a proud Baddie Ambassador with For The Breast Of Us and focus...

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Can you pay my bills? Can you pay my medical bills? Can you pay my insurance bills? This is a question most breast cancer thrivers have so Baddie Ambassador Alexea rounded up Baddie Ambassador Veronica and Metastatic Thriver also known as the “Million-Dollar Wife” Myra and they dropped a few tips and tricks on how they were able to get their medical bills paid. 


Resources to help with medical bills and supplies:

Breast cancer fin...

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Navigating the Healthcare system is difficult for most of us. Throw in a diagnosis of breast cancer and now what are you supposed to do? Baddie Ambassador Cynthia got together with survivors Katrece and Raquel and caregiver Jacinth to discuss how they navigated the healthcare system, offering up tips and tricks for others. 


Raquel Godinez is a wife, mother, and breast cancer survivor living in Los Angeles, CA. She works as ...

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