Banking on Cultura: Where Latino Culture and Entrepreneurship Collide

Banking on Cultura: Where Latino Culture and Entrepreneurship Collide

A podcast that taps into the vibrancy and complexity of Latino culture, entrepreneurship, and all the bonchiche in between. Serving her audience with spicy intellect and the perfect pinch of sass, host Victoria Jenn Rodriguez, curates a space where taboo topics are the norm, and Spanglish is the language of choice. Victoria Jenn is a Master Mindset & Business Coach and is often referred to as the "Imposter Syndrome Killah" She has trained over 15,000 leaders and entrepreneurs on how to optimize performance while maintaining a focus on emotional wellbeing. Learn more at:


February 27, 2024 59 mins


Did you know over 50% of couples avoid having difficult conversations, preferring to keep things light. Same is true for friendships. When we think about work, over 70% of employees ignore having difficult conversations all together leading to a decline in trust and engagement.

This week we're joined by Communications Exper...

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We kick off Season 2 with the legendary Grizel "La Chachi" Del Valle and hubby Celebrity Chef Kelvin Fernandez, with their first ever interview as a couple. Tune in as they break down what really goes down behind the scenes of a power couple in the entertainment business. 

From working with Jennifer Lopez (JLo), Romeo...

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🔥 Hot Clips Alert! 🔥 Introducing Hot Clips, where we share our favorite episode moments for you to enjoy.

In this clip, award winning journalist, Soledad O'Brien sits down with Victoria Jenn breaking down social media fakery and how to avoid getting canceled.



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🔥 Hot Clips Alert! 🔥 Introducing Hot Clips, where we share our favorite episode moments for you to enjoy.

First up, is Team RIO, aka Rebecca Huffman, Ivelissa Rios and Omi Hopper, Latina influencers who are giving us the tea on how to #SecureTheBigBag when speaking with brands.


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Following up on Part 1, Victoria Jenn shares about her extended stay in Bali, highlighting the perks and insights of being an entrepreneur who can work from anywhere. She reflects on the freedom of extending her trip without seeking permission, traveling business class, and the inspiration drawn from other entrepreneurs she met in Bali.

Key moments include:

✈️ How more Latinas and women of color can travel business class with...

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Victoria Jenn brings in 2024 in Bali and shares her transformative journey. Trying to get out of a personal funk and seeking a deeper understanding of herself, she embarks on a spiritual retreat. This episode is part 1 of her experiences, learnings, and realizations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Victoria Jenn's introspection on turning 40 and her quest for purpose.
  • Why you need to go on a spiritual retreat, even if you have to go...
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Welcome back to the #SecureTheBigBag & Love Unapologetically Summit recap series. Dr. Sonia Lewis, a leading student loan expert, delves into the emotional facets of financial success. She discusses overcoming guilt associated with becoming a millionaire and how to prepare yourself for financial freedom.

Victoria Jenn an...

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Welcome back to the #SecureTheBigBag & Love Unapologetically Summit recap series. Host Victoria Jenn, alongside Cara Alwill, Troy Bigby, Dren Starr, and Swalé Nunez, dive deep into the dynamics of modern relationships and the evolving roles of men and women. This episode, filled with raw and honest discussions, explores how men p...

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In this live recording from the "Secure the Big Bag and Love Unapologetically Summit," Victoria Jenn and Evelyn Pérez Albino, an executive legal advisor and diversity advocate, delve into the intersection of A.I. and human irreplaceability in the workplace.

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Speaking on the stage at the live "#SecureTheBigBag and Love Unapologetically Summit," guests Lauren Taylor, Calvin Souder, and Crystal Etienne share their wisdom on merging love with finance. Delve into their unique experiences of nurturing strong relationships while building successful businesses. From managing a national law...

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Welcome to episode 1 of the #SecureTheBigBag & Love Unapologetically Summit recap series. Prepare for 2024 to be your best year yet with clear intentions and focus. Want to know how to revolutionize your life and secure your dreams?

In this episode, Victoria Jenn and Cara discuss: 

  • Victoria's transition from corporate...

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Wonder what it takes to build an $80M company from scratch? Join Victoria Jenn in this inspiring episode with Crystal Etienne, the CEO and founder of Ruby Love. Crystal shares her journey and lessons learned from corporate to entrepreneur and how she built an empire with her hubby.

In this episode, Victoria Jenn and Crystal Etienne discuss: 

  • How Crystal started her business as a side hustle and what led her to finally leave ...
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In this captivating episode, Victoria Jenn sits down with Arianna Davis, the Editorial Director of TODAY Digital. Arianna shares her inspiring journey from Penn State to leading digital content at one of America's most recognized morning shows. She opens up about her experiences in the media industry, working with Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King, the challenges of maintaining authenticity, and her exciting work as an author. 



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WARNING: This episode is for grown folks. Expect grown language. Grab your ear pods if the kiddos are around, and leave the pearls at home, because we get deep and honest in this episode.

Victoria Jenn and Alechia Reese, an international host and transformation coach discuss:

  • The misconceptions and harsh realities of motherhood and marriage. 
  • The power of self-awareness and intention in personal and professional life. 
  • St...
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Victoria Jenn welcomes Carmen Ortiz-McGhee, the COO of the National Association of Investment Companies (NAIC), where she oversees programs, partnerships, and a vast membership managing over $260 billion in capital.

Together they dig into the essence of leadership, authenticity, and the power of vulnerability. Plus, Carmen candidly discusses her perspectives on mindset intimacy, its complexities, and how it ties into both per...

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Join Victoria Jenn Rodriguez as she tackles the complex topic of impostor syndrome - why so many high achievers experience it and how you can turn feeling like a fraud into fuel to push you forward. 


Drawing from psychology and her own journey, Victoria Jenn offers a practical framework to mitigate imposter syndrome’s chokehold. She shares tips like cultivating self-awareness when it strikes, curating a “badassery committee” who ...

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Meet Victoria Jenn in NYC November 9th - 10th. Grab Your Seat to the #SecureTheBigBag & Love Unapologetically Summit at 

In this episode, host, Victoria Jenn Rodriguez gives you a behind the scenes look into how she secured her first six-figure corporate client in her very first year of business. 


Victoria Jenn shares the step-by-step journey that led her from employee to entrepreneur and how she...

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Join Victoria Jenn Rodriguez for a deep dive into collaborations - how to find the right business partners, avoid mistakes she's made, raise money for your events, and create win-win partnerships that fuel success. 


Drawing from her own experiences, Victoria Jenn reveals her collaboration journey for an upcoming event with Cara Alwill, from initially connecting as speakers to now co-creating their first big summit focused on...

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In this episode, Victoria Jenn sits down with the main man in her life, her father, Victor Rodriguez. From Victor's migration journey from Puerto Rico at the mere age of 15 with only $15 in his pocket, to the hustle and bustle of New York, they dive into stories filled with both tears and laughter. Victor doesn't just share tales from the past, he also drops gems on how to raise kids as a single parent, and some OG wisdom o...

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This week, Victoria Jenn welcomes powerhouse Latinas Jacqueline Hernández and Adrianna Waterston for a deep dive into the world of multicultural marketing, and why brands need to pay attention to Latino creatives, businesses, and our $2.5 trillion purchasing power.

This conversation is jam packed with data and a great listen for every brand/marketer trying to reach the Latino consumer. Creatives should also tap in to this epis...

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