Bariatric Bros - Living That Bariatric Life & Eating Like Men

Bariatric Bros - Living That Bariatric Life & Eating Like Men

Mike Alley is taking you on his journey following bariatric surgery (gastric sleeve) and losing over 140 pounds. While telling you his continuing story, you will meet some other Bariatric Bros and find out what it's like to be a life-long foodie, turn your life around and still eat like a man. Part men's health, part food network but never too serious - Bariatric Bros is living large while getting smaller!


April 25, 2021 19 mins

Many have asked me to discuss the benefits of bariatric surgery on a guy's sex life.  Your wish has become the final episode of our podcast.  I had a wonderful conversation with Dr. Joe Cribbins about the effects of weight loss surgery on your sex life from a medical perspective.  Some of the rumors you've heard...are TRUE!  

It has been my pleasure to host this podcast during the last year.  I hope that you have...

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Mike continues his conversation with Kirk Hunt who had his procedure more than 7-years ago. Kirk talks about moderating the Bariatric Bad Boys Club support group on Facebook and why it is different from other groups (link below).  They discuss the one thing that could be a major selling point for the procedure for men but not many people talk about...but they do!  Mike also learns the one thing bariatric people ask that makes Kirk ...

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What is it like to live long-term after having bariatric surgery?  Mike talks with Kirk Hunt who had his procedure more than 7-years ago. In the first part of their conversation, Kirk talks about his long term success in keeping the weight off, why he doesn't do any Frankenstein cooking and the reasons he never tires of talking about his bariatric surgery.

Mike talks about his latest Non Scale Victory that caused him ...

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October 6, 2020 52 mins

The journey to better health for a Bariatric Bro is not an easy one. However, that path can be made smoother to navigate when you have the full support and encouragement of your significant other.  Mike talks with his wife, Stacey, about her feelings on his decision to have bariatric surgery and how it affected their lives.  They also discuss how to talk about these issues if your partner is not supportive of your choice.


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Sometimes life turns on a dime in unexpected (and not so good) ways.  Mike explains what has been happening in his life over the last few weeks.  How he dealt with it (not with food) and how you need to be prepared for it to come your way.

Mike also talks about his favorite new food find...Sooooo Good! And we have another BBros Shout Out!

This Week's BBros Shout Out goes to: Charles Briscoe
Give Charles a...

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August 25, 2020 24 mins

Going on vacation following bariatric surgery?  Mike talks about taking a few days away and a shares a few tips to make your vacation planning easier.  You can enjoy your time off without derailing your weight loss success!
Mike also does something he hasn't done in over 10 years and we take the BBros Test Kitchen mobile to taste test some road snacks!

Check out the pics and videos from Mike's vacation on our...

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Attitude is everything! Mike talks with Bariatric Bro Brett Edwards about how he stays positive and motivated in the middle of Melbourne, Australia's strict lock down, how his 12-minute workout was born and why he spends so much time supporting others who have had weight-loss surgery.

Mike gives us a quick update on his journey. We take another trip to the BBros Test Kitchen to taste test some new protein bars and giv...

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It is in most men's nature to want to do things ourselves. Why do you think there are so many jokes about men asking for directions?  On this episode, Mike talks with Keith Speights about how he learned that bariatric surgery is truly not taking the easy way to weight loss and better health. And how his personal slogan has delevoped into more than just a way to motivate himself but inspire others.

Mike also tells the...

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August 4, 2020 33 mins

Mike is talking with one of his Bariatric Bros, Phil Chorney, about life after getting sleeved, smoking meat and how his poker buddies made him pudding.  We are also giving out our first Bariatric Bros Shout Out to a deserving guy who is supporting the weigh loss surgery family all around the world.

This Week's BB Shout Out goes to: Brett Edwards
Give Brett a follow on his IG at:

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Mike Alley discusses why your changing relationship with food is pivotal to your success following bariatric surgery.  Will you have to give up all the foods you love or is there a way to be both a bariatric and a foodie?  Mike has five tips to help you love your new reality and have a healthy and happy relationship with food.  We also take our first trip to the Bariatric Bros Test Kitchen to sample and review some new protein snac...

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July 10, 2020 16 mins

Sometimes you have to change up what you are doing to address something important.  We had planed a show around one of our favorite things: FOOD! But there was something more important that Mike felt he needed to talk about.  The mental health part of your bariatric life is just as important as the nutrition. How is your mental game?

If you are struggling with your mental health or thoughts of harming yourself, please reac...

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July 3, 2020 27 mins

Welcome to our first episode!  Mike will dive into why we started this podcast, what we hope to accomplish and how you can be a part of it.  Mike will also introduce you to his story of being a life-long big guy, self-professed foodie and what made him decide to undergo bariatric surgery.  You will also find out how he is doing just a year past his procedure as he is living that bariatric life and eating like men! (Yes, we know tha...

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June 26, 2020 42 secs

The Bariatric Bros podcast is coming your way soon!  Subscribe now so you won't miss an episode. Go ahead and follow us on all the socials @BariatricBros to get bonus content!

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