Be Disciples Podcast

Be Disciples Podcast

Discipleship Podcast - Dakota Smith, Kyle R. Morris and David Glavin walk through the Bible for the purpose of equipping their listeners to disciple others. To live as a disciple of Jesus Christ, all followers of Jesus are commanded to proclaim the gospel and teach people the word of God (Matt 28:18-20).


February 21, 2024 54 mins

Imagine being bound in chains, confined to a dank, dark cell with no hope of escape. Now picture yourself singing praises to God in that same hopeless situation. That's exactly what Paul and Silas did, and we had a riveting discussion with Chance Hollern about this powerful scripture from Acts chapter 16. Chance shares his own spiritual odyssey, from Spring Hill, Kansas to his impactful ministry at Baker University. Our conver...

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 Kyle Morris and Dakota Smith wrestle with the intricacies of scriptural authenticity versus societal perceptions, dissecting the theological tensions that arise when Jesus is co-opted for pop culture messaging. Striking a balance between relevance and reverence, we address the potential for confusion when biblical stories are adapted for modern tastes, all while maintaining a focus on the integrity of the message.


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February 7, 2024 40 mins

Join us, your hosts Kyle Morris, Dakota Smith, and David Glavin, as we unveil the new visual dimension of the Be Disciples podcast. We're stepping into the world of video podcasting to bring the Word to you with greater impact, responding to the pulse of contemporary culture with the wisdom of the Scriptures.

Witness the delicate dance of upholding doctrine while gracefully navigating diverse cultural practices as we ...

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January 31, 2024 55 mins

Embark with us on a transformative expedition to the heart of Chiapas, Mexico, where the road less traveled led us through a tapestry of spiritual encounters and cultural awakenings. Our recent mission trip found us weaving through bustling cityscapes and serene villages, embracing the warmth of newfound friendships and the resilience that comes from unwavering faith. Alongside friends from i6Eight Ministries and immersed in the ri...

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December 20, 2023 42 mins

As the Christmas season wraps its festive arms around us, our church family recently had a children’s Christmas program that truly embodied the reason for the season. The little ones, dressed as shepherds, took us back to the miraculous night of Jesus' birth with a performance that warmed every heart in the room. Special thanks go out to Terry, Kathy, and Lori, whose tireless efforts made this event possible. 


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December 5, 2023 39 mins

Would you believe me if I told you that disagreements and separations can lead to growth, especially in ministry? Brace yourselves as we revisit the complexities of the discord that occurred between Paul and Barnabas during their planning for the second missionary journey. We dissect the contentious debate about revisiting the churches versus including John Mark, an issue that ultimately led them to embark on separate journeys. 

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November 29, 2023 42 mins

Join us through Acts 15, as we gather to break bread over the contentious issue of Gentile believers' need for circumcision. What if we told you that the unity between Jewish and Gentile believers could be bridged by moral guidelines? As we traverse this path, we'll lean on James's wisdom, recount Peter's account of God's concern for the Gentiles, and discuss the warnings against idolatry, sexual immorality...

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November 8, 2023 40 mins

In this episode, The Jerusalem Council in Acts 15 comes into focus. The crew discusses the issues prompting the council meeting and seeing the leaders of the early church adhere to the Scriptures. Join us as we continue our journey through Acts.

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Get ready to join us for a milestone celebration on the Be Disciples podcast - our big 100th episode! We have a special guest, C.L. Mitchell. Starting with the questions, "Can you be a Christian without being a disciple?" A question that's often pondered, and we discuss it right here.

Highlighting the concept of discipleship, we explore its essence through a biblical lenses. We reflect on the Old and New Tes...

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Imagine facing relentless opposition, yet pressing on with courage and resilience to share the Gospel. This is the story of Acts 14, as Paul and Barnabas journey through trials, tribulations, and fierce resistance to spread the Word. We will take you through their inspiring narrative, shedding light on their faith, their teachings, and their unwavering conviction in the face of adversity.

Ever wondered how the teachings of...

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Join us as we recount our recent mission trip to Puerto Penasco, Mexico! We had the privilege of working with i68 Missions, where we helped train over 70 ministry leaders to enhance their preaching and biblical interpretation skills. Our teaching approach blended lectures with breakout groups, fostering an environment of active learning and collaboration. Hear how the pastors' newfound skills will not only benefit them, but al...

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Discover the profound intricacies of biblical inerrancy with our guest, Robbie Lashua, an established apologist at Stand to Reason. Robbie's wide-ranging experience in sharing theological insights across the country, coupled with his compelling anecdotes, will leave you longing for more. One such story revolves around an atheist who found solace in Jesus through Robbie's podcast, underlining the transformative of the Holy...

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Get ready to dive deep into the teachings of Paul in the book of Acts on this episode of the Be Disciples podcast. Join us as we explore the urgency of the people to hear more, the transformation from a works-based life to a grace-filled life, and the rejection of Paul's teachings by the Jews. We discuss the shift in Paul and Barnabas' efforts towards the Gentiles, aiming to bring salvation to the ends of the earth. Disco...

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August 30, 2023 37 mins

Our conversation this week steers into the intriguing exploration of the Book of Acts, where  Paul preaches to the Jewish community's rejection of Jesus as the prophesied Messiah. We stride through faith, understanding, and God's sovereignty. If that sounds appealing, then this episode is for you!

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Get ready for a heart-warming celebration as we begin our episode by marking a special day for our beloved co-host, David. We share some delightful anecdotes about our growing families, igniting the same sense of joy and community that we hope to inspire through our discussions on the Scriptures. Join us as we explore the intriguing journey of Paul’s sermon in the Book of Acts, Chapter 13, verses 13 to 25. His words carry a profoun...

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Imagine the power of being guided by the Holy Spirit, of seeking divine direction before taking any step. Acts 13 is a divine exploration of just that. We navigate through the scattering of Christ’s disciples, their proclamation of Jesus despite fear, and their church-building efforts in Antioch, led by, Barnabas, and Saul. As they bow their heads in prayer and fast, the Holy Spirit reveals a mission for Barnabas and Saul.

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Have you ever wondered how the early disciples responded to the prophesied famine? Looking through the lens of Acts 11 and 12, we unpack the fortitude of the early church, tackling accounts of determination, martyrdom, and remarkable gospel centered response. Tune in as we explore the actions of Saul, Barnabas, and others, painting a vivid picture of a church that grows stronger amidst challenges. 

Ever pondered on the pos...

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We take an invigorating journey through Acts 11, where we unwrap Peter's experience with Cornelius and the Apostles' reaction to Gentiles receiving the word of God. We confront the challenging divisions that arose among the circumcised believers and invite you to engage with us as we turn verses 1-18 inside out. 

Imagine the power of the Holy Spirit actively reshaping the New Testament Church. This episode takes ...

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July 12, 2023 33 mins

 This week on the Be Disciples podcast, Dakota and Kyle bring these biblical events to life for you! We kick-start our discussion with an exploration of the second Pentecost - a powerful testament of God's impartiality. We dissect the events that ensued in Galilee post John's proclamation of Jesus as the Messiah. Imagine the divine moment when Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit and power! This episode promises to enr...

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Welcome the arrival of our new associate pastor, David Glavin, as we launch into a spirited dissection of Acts 10:9-16. Ever wondered how Peter's response to God's vision contrasts from Cornelius'? We'll unearth the fascinating triad of Peter's denial, Jesus' affirmation, and Peter's endorsement of Jesus. Get ready to be enlightened as we interpret the text and share our reflections.


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