Beating the Statistics Podcast

Beating the Statistics Podcast

Beating the Statistics Health and Fitness Consultancy Podcast, helping people design healthy lifestyles and systems that make fitness a priority and a pleasure instead of something to dread or endure through.


June 17, 2023 29 mins

Getting footwear right was a struggle for me early on, but I have some tidbits and wisdom to share that I've anecdotally learned over the years. If you're struggling with how your feet, ankles, knees, hips, back, etc feel after spending time on your feet, it might be the foundation you've chosen to act as an intermediary between your body and the world around you. 

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Struggling to figure out how to set motivating goals for your fitness pursuits? Or maybe you have goals, but struggle to know how to get from where you are at now to where you hope to go? Lets break that process down. 

In this episode we talk through how to find passion in different activities, as well as how to get started when even walking seems like a daunting prospect.

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I was just hit with a load of gratitude and thoughts about my journey and needed to share. This is just a random podcast where I reflect on what my body has been through and how each one of us is capable of so much more than we think we can do. Thank you for being a part of this journey and I hope that I can, in some way, be helpful in each of your independent journeys!

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This is a continuation of the first conversation we had regarding calories and how the foods we eat make an impact. In this episode I attempt to put together the pieces of the first part to make sense in how we should eat and experiment with our nutrition. Towards the end I put all this together to give general recommendations on how you can be a scientist conducting experiments against your own biology to see what works for you an...

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Food can be a confusing and anxiety producing topic for a lot of people. Lets start from the beginning by breaking down what makes up our food, how our body uses each part of the nutrients that make up what we eat, and start understanding a bit more what we are putting into our bodies. 

This episode serves as a foundation for the following episode, The Truth about Calories Part 2, where we will take these learnings and app...

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Are you having trouble knowing where to start in getting some movement in throughout your day? Do you not know the merits of different exercises or what exercise or movement might be right for you to get started with? In this episode I unpack what worked for me and what might work for you as you start incorporating more consistent movement into your daily practice.

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This is the first episode in the Getting Started Podcast Series. 

Do you struggle with feeling embarrassed about where you are at health and fitness wise? Do you struggle with how you feel towards yourself, or how you feel you may be perceived by others? Lets unpack some of this issue in this podcast and come up with some ways to deal with those mental barriers as you start your health and fitness journey. 

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April 12, 2023 15 mins

Are you struggling with staying on track with your health and fitness routine or goals? Do you want to make better and healthier decisions throughout your day but just can't seem to make it stick? You probably think you lack discipline and just can't do it, but it could just be that you are exercising the discipline you DO have improperly.

Learn about Discipline Dollars and how to leverage the daily budget you ha...

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April 8, 2023 25 mins

Just wrapped up another race, finishing off the Run SLC Road Racing Series with a 15k. Weather was great, runners were great, roads were great, nothing to complain about. 

Have a listen and learn a little about my unique approach to running road races.

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Lets talk tools for measuring ourselves and our benchmarks, putting skin in the game, and challenging ourselves through the principle of 'misogi' and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone! 

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March 30, 2023 59 mins

A co-host joins me to day, the lovely Monica Victors! This is a conversational episode where we walk through my fitness journey together and answer a lot of questions that have been asked around my fitness and health journey. 

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March 28, 2023 15 mins

When beginning your fitness journey, choosing clothing you're comfortable working out in can be a struggle. A lot of us start this journey with insecurities about our bodies and how we look and present ourselves, to the point where it can even be something that holds us back from going to the gym or starting a health and fitness routine. Hopefully this discussion helps with these choices. 

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Sometimes we sign up for things that give us a little anxiety. That is ok! When those events roll around, celebrate getting out there and getting it done anyway! That is something I had to do this morning at the Icebreaker Triathlon race in American Fork, Utah.

In this podcast I go over a little bit of my anxiety in race prep, as well as what happened during and after the event. Towards the tail end, expect some words of e...

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Intimidated to sign up for that local 5k? Not sure if you've got what it takes for this summer's community half marathon? There is value in tackling scary challenges, and setting reasonable but also scary goals. Committing to things beyond your current level is a great method to push yourself to do things you didn't think you could accomplish.

Also discussed are my thoughts around gratitude for the journey a...

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March 21, 2023 13 mins

Ever struggle to maintain a high level of energy during your workouts? Ever get half way through a cardio session and just feel drained? You are probably feeling this way because of a lack of necessary nutrients to fuel your athletic ventures.

In this episode I discuss what has worked for me as I've pushed my body in a variety of different workouts, as well as my recommendations for those that are into longer duration...

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March 17, 2023 37 mins

Join me as I introduce myself and my high-level story of my health and fitness journey over the years. This episode is about my past struggles with health and fitness as well as what helped get me to where I am today. While not a deep dive into my struggles and triumphs, it serves as a taste of deeper discussions to come on a variety of topics. 

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