Becoming Entrefied

Becoming Entrefied

A Podcast about You achieving that Next Step in Your life. You have the ability to become someone that creates massive value for others in your life. We help you create success by adding value to other people’s lives and situations by taking action, challenging possibilities, and making logical choices towards your goals and dreams. Taking control and pulling out that potential has never been easier, all you have to do is crank up the volume. Let’s break free of the life we are told to live. Create freedom and wealth by adding value to other's lives. Challenge traditions, challenge authority, and Get Entrefied.


October 13, 2020 10 mins
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September 17, 2020 10 mins

Louise Hay

Says be calm when things get hectic, stay calm and say all is well, everything is working out for my highest good. Only good will come out of this situation. Then she says I am safe. Wow, I think that is powerful.

I am a Christain, and I think it is good to pray this and then say this in your life. I think this is really a powerful concept, especially with prayer.

  • Start focusing on how you deal with people, situations, ...
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September 12, 2020 10 mins

Start where you are, and try to become better. So many people want to go so hard at things they burn out. Find little things like the things mentioned here and start adding little things you could do better and add more later.

Try waking up 10 minutes earlier at first. Then later try for an hour or more. Find a way to make a small improvement. Like waking up 10 minutes earlier, and you might even try to go to bed earlier. Start noti...

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Learning to think and becoming better!

* Get around people and places that challenge us to be more, and continually learning everyday makes a difference. Don’t turn away, turn towards the good pain and decide your going to win. Here is the question what do I need to know to win and how can I take action on it?


* Small consistent action all day every day is better sometimes than big accomplishments. Stop focusing s...

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Do something you want to do in the morning!


Spend some time to yourself.


It needs to be something that makes you feel better. You feel you accomplished something when you have got up and done this. It does not have to be something hard.


  • You might want to write a list of things you might want to do.

  • You need to make sure you are getting enough sleep.
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Lets take your goals for a minute. What are they?


Maybe it is to be a millionaire.



Be in good shape with six-pack abs.

Have lots of cardio and energy.

Imagine your dreams are possible for a minute, you must believe to have a better shot of reaching them. It is like wanting to run a mile when you don’t believe you can; it will probably be very hard. 

How are some ways you may reach those goals? 


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September 3, 2020 21 mins

Taking some time in the morning to meditate before getting going or before going to bed.


Getting enough sleep, hopefully, 7 hours or more.


Trying to get more air when you sleep. I have found when I have more airflow I sleep better. Maybe looking up something you can do to get better sleep.

Setting your alarm clock at least 1 hour earlier.

Fina a way to manage your time better. Get to the point you can almost mange every mom...

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Take action, you could be anything for you that you are dreading or something that seems so overwhelming the key sometimes is as soon as you find out there is something like that attack it by taking action. Sometimes it may be a lot of projects or things you have to do and some you don’t know how to start get the main one out of the way. The one that is most important.


Key is to take action you may not be able to completely take ca...

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Don’t waste your time being offended at most stuff. I’ve said it before, but a lot of things don’t matter. One thing that does matter is wasting your time on something that makes you upset that you cannot do anything about. Wasting your time being angry or not in a productive mindset matters. If there is something to learn hey that is one thing but if someone is just acting bad either deal with it or get away from it.

  • Here is a ...
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August 27, 2020 22 mins

Organizing your day on what will be done even before the day gets here is smart. I’ve spent some time talking about making a list in the day your in. Some people use their calendars what about getting good enough at it that you can schedule a day or two out. 
I just wanted you to think about that point about organizing another day before it gets here. Sometimes we get where we are only thinking about the day of, and maybe you w...

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August 26, 2020 12 mins

Get all our podcast notes on so you can study them.

Instead of thinking negative things, and sometimes even worse saying negative things, prepare for the negative things and don’t speak them.

I heard it said that negative things spoken can be seven times more powerful than saying positive things. So what does this mean?

Stop saying negative things. Sometimes we cannot control the thoughts that go through ou...

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August 25, 2020 20 mins

Action is what it takes, it is not thought, but first, you need to determine what you want. Next, you need to find out what you need to do, and then you need to put the action in. 

Identify and Overcome

First, Identify what you want.

Next, you Overcome obstacles.

I want to talk to you about a new morning routine. 

  • One wake up, next grab a notepad, pencil and or pen, take about five d...
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Short Interest as a % of Market Cap

The short interest as a percentage of cap of the S&P 500 is low and sinking, which makes sense given the huge rally. Still, the steady decline in short interest speaks to the developing sentiment imbalance developing.

Apple up 120% since March lows.


A surprisingly high 1.1M people filed for unemployment last week. The week before, jobless claims dropped to below 1M. Stocks ticked up despit...

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August 22, 2020 13 mins
  • To Get our podcast notes go to Train your brain tell yourself what you expect, and except no back talk. When you have identified in the day what you want, you have written it down, then stick to it. That is what you have set out to do. When your brain comes to you and says, hey, I don’t feel like this Today, you say nope already decided. Be sure to tell it something back that puts a positive spin on it. Like ...
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August 21, 2020 10 mins
  • You have to be open to the possiblity of something for you to have a better chance of making it happen. So the key point here is to stay open. Then start figuring out how it is possible and breaking it down, but if you dismiss it before you start, you don’t even believe it yourself. You have to start with the belief that it is possible. What dreams would you dare to dream if you believed? Sometimes researching how to do somethi...
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