Bibles, Babies, & Business - Christian Entrepreneur, Stay at Home Mom, Coaching Business, Making Money Online, Marketing and Sales Strategies

Bibles, Babies, & Business - Christian Entrepreneur, Stay at Home Mom, Coaching Business, Making Money Online, Marketing and Sales Strategies

Do you dream of being a stay at home mom while also providing income for your family? Do you feel the Lord calling you to start your online business, but have no idea where to start? Do you wish you knew how to get more coaching clients, market yourself online, & increase your income, so you can experience the time & financial FREEDOM you’ve been craving? If you answered “YES” to any of those questions, then welcome to the Bible, Babies, & Business Podcast, my friend. You’re in the right place. Inside these episodes you will find all things faith, motherhood, coaching, & the strategy you need to build a business that makes money online. My mission is to help you market yourself online using Instagram, get more coaching clients, know which tasks you need to focus on each day to move your business forward, & grow your income so that you can stay home with your kids. Because no one is more anointed to raise your babies than you, mama! I’m Camie Wilke. Unapologetic follower of Jesus, wife, soon-to-be-mom (eeeeek!!!) & your Faith-Based Online Business Coach. Back in 2019, my husband and I were living paycheck to paycheck in a tiny little apartment & struggling to make ends meet. I had a dead-end job that stole all of my time & barely paid the bills. As a brand new wife with a deep desire to be a stay at home mom someday, I began searching for a way to make money from home, & the Lord led me to online coaching. #THANKYOUJESUS After starting my coaching business, quitting my day job, & closing over $250,000+ online, I’ve compiled everything I’ve learned into a step-by-step formula so that you can build YOUR coaching business & grow your income from where you’re needed most: home. It’s everything you need, with zero fluff, because as a busy mom, you don’t have time to waste. So if you’re ready for all things Bible, babies, & building an online business, then grab your coffee & press play on these episodes, sister. & just remember, you were made for this. Xoxo, Camie HIGH-TICKET POWERHOUSE: Instagram: @camie.wilke Email:


June 3, 2024 31 mins

Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of Instagram.

However, PODCASTING opens up entirely new & exciting opportunities for online coaches 🤩

🎙️ INCLUDING, using your microphone to get more leads.

Inside today's episode, I sat down with business coach + podcast strategist, Andria Singletary, to uncover the secrets to leveraging podcasts for generating more leads and clients.

Andria shares insight on how coaches (just like you) can grow...

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Struggling to attract clients to your online coaching business?

You're not alone! The #1 desire I hear from coaches is to "get more clients."

Usually, I tackle this topic from a marketing + sales perspective. & don't get me wrong, your strategy matters.

However, the Bible says we are fighting "against evil rulers & authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, & against evil spirits in the h...

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Psst! You're probably already using this negotiation tactic, even if you didn't know it!

Inside today's episode, you'll learn how mimicking your potential client during a sale or negotiation can:

  • Build rapport 😊
  • Create trust ✅
  • & ultimately drive them to sign on the dotted line & pay the invoice 🖊🧾

I also give 3 example scenarios of what mimicking may look like during a sale or negotiation so you know EXACTLY ho...

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Week 3 is IMPORTANT🔥

Inside today's episode, you'll discover the game-changing tactic every online coach needs to be armed with in negotiation!

A "how" question.

🧐 Confused?

All good. It'll make perfect sense after you press play on today's episode! 🎧

This is the perfect tactic to use when a lead or potential client presents you with a request that you simply CANNOT agree to.

Xoxo, Camie

⚡️APPLY TO POWERHOUSE! The 6 month sales ...

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🤔 What if hearing "no" from a potential client was actually a GOOD THING?!

Inside week 2 of our negotiation series, I unravel the powerful tactic of leveraging the word "no" to:

  • 🔥 Overcome objections
  • 🔒Secure high-ticket sales
  • 💵 & Expand your coaching clientele

⚡️BONUS: Listen to me demonstrate how to use this negotiation tactic to navigate the #1 objection online coaches hear: 'I can't afford it'

Xoxo, Camie


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She was paid $1,997 IN FULL after using negotiation to close the sale 🤩 💵


Buckle up, buttercup! We're about to discuss the power of NEGOTIATION when it comes to getting more clients & closing high-ticket sales in your coaching biz 🔥

Inside today's episode, I explain:

  • ❓What negotiation is...
  • ❓Why you need to be skilled in it to get more clients...
  • ❓& how one of my Powerhouse students used negotiat...
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So many of you listening to this podcast have a burning desire in your heart to build a profitable business from home WHILE raising littles in the name of the Lord.

This *is Bibles, BABIES, & Business podcast after all 😉

& while you & I both know it's POSSIBLE to steward over both business + motherhood, it is encouraging to soak in the wisdom from a woman who has already done what you & I are setting out to do.

In ...

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Are you struggling with imposter syndrome as an online coach? You're not alone!

Imposter syndrome has LONG been a tactic of the enemy used to keep Christians from pursuing the adventure God has for us.

In today's episode, we're diving deep into overcoming imposter syndrome through the power of prayer.

I pray this episode blesses you & encourages you to persevere through moments of doubt and uncertainty.

Rooting for you, coach ...

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The season finale is here 🔥

For weeks we've been going deep into building your business brain inside our neuroscience series.

& today, everything comes full circle.

By now, you know that:

🧠 Your brain is the single most important organ in determining the success of your life.

🧠 If your subconscious brain is not wired to support your business goals, it will seek to sabotage them.

🧠 Your brain has a 9X negativity bias, making...

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Learning how to rewire your brain is cool... but is it Biblical? 🤔

As new data surfaces, revealing just how powerful our brains are & how we can rewire them to reach our goals, you might be asking yourself:

But is this what God wants?

& it's a very valid question. So let's address it.

Inside today's episode I'm breaking down 6 verses that support neuroscience & learning how to rewire the human brain 🧠

After all... neu...

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Last year, my husband & I became interested in getting a Tesla.

(We haven't boughten a new vehicle yet, but stay with me here)

Once we started looking into the Tesla models, something interesting happened.

I started noticing MORE Tesla's on the road than I had before...

Now, we're there really more Tesla's on the road? Not necessarily.

So what was really happening?

🧠 My brain's RETICULAR ACTIVATING SYSTEM (RAS) picked up on my...

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😔 "No one is paying attention to my content."

😫 "Getting clients is so HARD."

😭 "There's no way this business is going to work out for me."

Ever catch yourself spiraling in negative thoughts? (I FOR SURE HAVE)

Well here's a little secret about your brain:

You naturally have a 9X negativity bias. This means your brain is designed to be more aware of what's going WRONG, rather than what's going RIGHT.

& if you don't learn how ...

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Ever feel like you're CONSTANTLY setting goals & then never hitting them?

Does getting clients, closing sales, & achieving success in your coaching business feel like an 24/7 uphill battle?

It *might* be that you need to rewire your subconscious brain.

Inside this episode I share (literally life-changing) information on how your subconscious brain might be sabotaging your goals.

Press play & find out for yourself, coach...

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🧠 Your brain might be keeping you broke, coach.

If it's felt like a struggle to attract clients, close sales, & grow your biz SINCE DAY 1, it *might be that your brain is sabotaging your best efforts to move the needle forward.

Skeptical? That's ok 😊

Press play on this episode anyway & tell me how you feel afterwards 😏

This may just be the key to unlocking the next level in your coaching business 🔑

Xoxo, Camie 

⚡️ APPLY...

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You know those beautiful graphics we see on Instagram, with encouraging statements for the Christian women entrepreneurs?

The ones from @ceoforwomen ?

Well the brilliant mind behind those graphics is Taneshia Yerby.

She started the account years ago & grew it to currently 86.7K followers using her VOICE to spark encouragement over faith-based, female business owners world wide.

She joins me on the show today to discuss her jour...

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🔥🔥 Get ready for PART 2 of my powerful live coaching session with Powerhouse student, @journalofjudith

Inside this episode, we explore:

  • 🤫 Secrets to building authority on Instagram
  • 🧲 Attracting high-ticket clients
  • 🧠 & rewiring your mindset for business success

PLUS, you'll hear me reveal a JUICY announcement 🤩⬇️

FREE MASTERCLASS ALERT 🚨 for female coaches desiring to unlock $5K-$10K months by:

  • 🧠 Rewiring y...
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Struggling to attract quality leads in your coaching biz??

Tune into today's podcast episode & hear me LIVE COACH my client @journalofjudith (a Powerhouse student) through redefining her high-ticket ideal client & auditing her Instagram optimize dream client attraction 😍🧲

But this is just PART 1!

Next week, you'll get to hear PART 2 where my client & I discuss content creation for her Instagram account as well as buil...

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Tax season is among us, coaches!

How are your books looking?! 👀

If you're anything like I was, I loathed looking at my numbers. Mostly because, in the first years of my business, I wasn't making very much money!

I felt shame, anxiety, fear, scarcity, & lack creeping in every time I went to prepare my income & expense reports.

But what if looking at & managing your business books didn't have to be SO daunting?

What if y...

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You're charging WHAT?!

High-Ticket Sales is another ball game, coach.

Inside this episode, we'll discuss how to design a juicy pricing structure for YOUR high-ticket coaching program based on:

  • Time assessment
  • Value assessment
  • What to charge by the hour
  • Net profit goals
  • & MORE.

I'll also share how one previous Powerhouse student was able to close enough sales within a year to see a 9.995X return on her investment from ...

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Tough Love Alert 🚨

Seriously, don't listen to this episode if you're easily offended.

For those of you who are open to constructive criticism & wanting to grow, this is for you.

When it comes to building a wildly successful online coaching business, most online coaches are blissfully unaware of the level of commitment, dedication, & discipline it’s going to take.

Which ultimately leads to many coaches, giving up, shutting ...

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