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January 8, 2024 58 mins

The Special Dates in ‘23 & what’s Coming in ‘24 in Numerology Special Guest King Simon
This has been a huge year for Billy and Elisabeth Carson! Find out the significance of dates they crossed in 2023, and see what’s coming in 2024

King Simon -
Ig - @iam.kingsimon 

1:22 - Introduction to Numerology
2:09 - Understanding Numerology's Influence
6:50 - Origin of Numerology & Dr. Julia Seton
12:27 - Numerology in 2023: Universal Year Insights
17:42 - Numerology Connections: Mind, Body, Soul
19:34 - Even Numbers: Numerology and Health
23:20 - 2024 Zodiac Predictions Overview
31:50 - Leo Zodiac Forecast 2024
32:43 - Virgo Astrology Insights 2024
33:34 - Libra Horoscope Predictions 2024
34:27 - Scorpio Zodiac Forecast 2024
35:19 - Sagittarius Astrology Insights 2024
39:50 - King Simon: Numerology Expert Contact
43:35 - Spiritual Minimalism: Possess Less, Live More
46:09 - Numerology in Relationships: Balancing Love
49:05 - Decoding Elisabeth Carson's Numerology
51:42 - Concluding Numerology Insights
57:02 - Final Reflections on Numerology

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