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January 25, 2024 • 52 mins

Unlock the secrets to a revolutionary lifestyle with "The True Power of Biohacking Your Life Revealed!" Dive deep into the world of biohacking with Elisabeth and Billy Carson, the masterminds behind 4biddenknowledge, as they guide you through the transformative practices that can upgrade your life. From enhancing physical prowess to sharpening mental acuity, this video is your gateway to becoming the ultimate version of yourself.

Are you ready to rewrite the code of your existence? To experience life on a level you never thought possible? Join us on an exhilarating journey as we reveal the biohacks that have the power to unlock your full potential. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to a life where anything is possible!

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The Recipe to Elevated Consciousness by Elisabeth Hoekstra

The Mother Earth Effect

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0:00 - Introduction to Shadow Work
2:38 - Explaining Shadow Work
6:49 - Consequences of Avoiding Shadow Work
11:36 - Trauma's Impact on Perception
13:27 - Past Trauma Influencing the Present
18:26 - Embracing Awareness for Healing
22:44 - Harnessing the Power of Awareness
24:10 - Addressing Sexual Abuse Trauma
26:50 - The Role of Awareness in Shadow Work
28:26 - Life Transformation Through Brain Training
29:38 - Benefits of Somatic Emotional Release
35:54 - Personal Growth Post-Shadow Work
38:50 - Happiness Before vs After Shadow Work
41:14 - Justin's Personal Change Journey
44:18 - Engaging in Shadow Work Without Trauma Awareness
46:04 - Concluding Insights on Shadow Work
46:35 - Manifest Destiny 2024 Event Announcement
48:53 - Forbidden Knowledge Inc. Series Part 3
49:50 - Introduction to Forbidden Knowledge TV
50:00 - Invitation to Partnership Opportunities
50:18 - Regulation A+ Funding Update
51:10 - Investment Opportunity Announcement
51:18 - Regulation D 506(c) Update
52:00 - Closing Remarks

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