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June 19, 2023 8 mins

A special treat for our loyal BirdCast listeners - a special episode for your enjoyment and education!
For decades Jurong Bird Park in Singapore held the mantle of the biggest and most impressive bird collection available for viewing and exhibition to the general public. Jurong Bird Park had the biggest man made waterfall located inside a massive walk in avairy - 30 m tall - and the aviary was lush and planted out in all types ...

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For the final episode for 2022 Birdman Dad is having a chat about what he suggests when you receive new birds into his aviaries and what he does regarding quarantine.

We wish all our listeners a very safe and merry festive season and a very Happy 2023.

Hope to have you all back listening again in 2023.

If you miss our chats be sure to go back and listen again to the many other episodes.

Best wish...

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November 12, 2022 20 mins

You may (or may not) be aware but there are no glossie black cockatoo homelands in Western Australia AND there are no glossies on public display either.
So what do West Aussies do when they want to see a glossie??  Well a group of youth we found out in a suburb of Perth have created an art exhibition all about them!  It's quite amazing, and humans from all over Australia have chipped in to make this a fabulous experience -...

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October 30, 2022 9 mins

Building aviairies or remodelling existing aviaries can be as much as a hobby as the birds that end up in them.  Birdman dad has been building and remodelling aviaries either for himself or helping out other bird keepers with their aviaries for as long as he can remember.  This time he is building some holding aviaries for young birds - both parrots and finches.

Also this episode the Aviculture Society of South Australia h...

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October 14, 2022 7 mins

It's spring and your avairy kept birds need to have a varied diet to keep healthy and support their babies.  Listen in for some hints and tips on products that can be helpful in keeping your birds in top health.

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September 30, 2022 7 mins

Some aviary birds need extra attention when it comes to new introductions - especially several species of finches. Today Birdman Dad is going to share with you, amongst some other ideas, how you can create a finch introduction space.

BirdCast also has on offer to one listener the South Australian Aviculture Society's booklet -
"Is it Safe? The birdkeepers pictorial guide to safe and poisionous plants" - ...

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September 16, 2022 15 mins

There are a few essentials you need to have when you have pet birds, one of those is a confinement/hospital/hot box - a small, warm space a pet bird can go when they are unwell.
Today's episode discusses these boxes and some suggestions on what to do when a sick bird has left the box.  Hope it helps someone (and their pet bird) out.

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September 2, 2022 10 mins

Many years ago an old farmer shared with me his realities of having livestock; he reassured me that even though it was saddening (and at times devastating emotionally and to lineage genetics) that if you are involved with living things, then innately you will be involved with deceased living things. I regularly remember his words as I move in and around aviculture.

Today Birdman Dad shares some suggestions about how to avo...

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The scarlet chested parrot would have to be one of the most colourful small parrots of Australia; a little parrot ,hat like the budgie , has found itself living in the most unusual places throughout the world.  What was once a common bird seen in and around the Swan Valley of Western Australia is now only seen naturally in the more remote, desert areas on the very fringes of human occupation.  So cherished were the scarlet chested ...

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Birdman Dad is back this week - talking about what he is up to with his pet birds but also the little gems of wild bird life he gets to glimpse and be part of because he keeps pet birds.
And he is learning all the time!
As well as chatting about some recent aviary bird experiences concerning his finches and scarlet chested parrots.

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There is great nutrition, enrichment and usefulness is all sorts of plants for aviary, companion, rescue and zoo living birds - in fact so many plants are so good for every bird's health and general wellbeing.  But sadly many bird owners are unsure of, or unaware, of the plant treasure trove in their very own gardens.
Many bird owners are unsure which plants are "safe" and which ones are going to make their birds...

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Some items in Birdman Dad's aviaries have been in need of a change for some time and this winter it has happened - a bit like the automatic watering system in the summer - it just takes a while to get things sorted, especially during the past few years of material and tradesmen shortages.  A long standing issue of bird breakfasts getting wet when it's raining has finally been solved.  And both Birdman Dad and the birds ar...

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June 17, 2022 2 mins

In response to listener requests today BirdCast is presenting a very brief review of what people can do to help birds with regards to their existing glass windows and glass pool fencing.  
This is a real snap shot of what you can do - just remember in windows whatever you"do" has to be on the outside of the window - and everything must cover the entire glass space and be no more than 5cm apart.
Any art pen marking...

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"We are their only, hope, and I am confident we will make our windows safe for birds because it is the right thing to do."  Dr Daniel Klem Jnr, 2021.

This is the third episode concerning the very large conservation issue of wild bird deaths because of clear glass/plastic used as glass - the glass we have in windows, sliding doors and pool fencing.  This episode is all about what we are doing in Australia, how muc...

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As stunning and useful our glass windows, doors and pool fencing is; it conceals a dark secret - annually it is killing millions of our beautiful, free flying wild birds.. and that's a conservative estimate.
Help be part of effective change to this simple to solve environmental problem.
Become part of the critical mass of bird admirers that demand effective change to our glass users - builders, architects and governmen...

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Today's episode (Part1) is a plea to humans of our world to change what they are doing for the sake - and lives - of all wild birds. And everyone can take part - with somewhat reasonable ease - to alter their own solid air and literally save billions of our beautiful, wild birds.
For as "noice" as clear sheet glass (or the plastic alternative is) - you know the glass we use in windows, pool fencing, exhibit barra...

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Your pets need regular care to maintain their health.
BirdMan Dad explains how he keeps his scarlet chested parrots (Neophema splendida) happy and healthy.
Hopefully one of his suggestions will help you and your own avairy birds.

If you have anytopics you would like to hear about please contact BirdMan Dad:


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March 25, 2022 16 mins

Today's episode is in response to a listener question....

"How do I stop my outdoor metal aviairy rusting?"

Hope the episode gives this listener, and anyone else with a metal aviary, some ideas on how to limit rust occuring or how to deal with it if it actually happens.

All relevant photos will be placed on Birdman Dad's Facebook pages, instagram and reddit.

BirdCast wishes al...

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Even the best aviaries in the world can become outdated (in product options) and no longer servicing appropriately the birds kept within them.  New advancements in available products are always on the go and sometimes the species of bird you have selected to keep do not suit the actual aviaries you have in your backyard.  This is often a problem faced by birdkeepers on all scales from zoos to the backyard. So what can you do if thi...

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February 26, 2022 10 mins

**  How can we express our shock at the events of Thursday 24th February 2022? Birdcast has a loyal group of listeners from Ukraine and our thoughts are with them, their families and their avian family (as well as other innocent animals) during this darkest time in their lives.  Out of respect to these people we have delayed our podcast launch. A small gesture we know but one we could actually do in recognition of the tradgedy.  We...

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