Black Women's Dept. of Labor

Black Women's Dept. of Labor

A project and podcast by Taja Lindley examining the intersections of race, gender and the double entendre of labor: to work and to give birth. Formerly known as the Birth Justice Podcast NYC. Episodes available every other Wednesday. Produced by Colored Girls Hustle and supported by the Economic Hardship Reporting Project.


August 30, 2022 59 mins

“What does a post capitalist future look like?” ~ Renee Hatcher

In our season finale, our brilliant guests share their experience and experiments in commerce and economy to answer this question. Tune in to learn more about:

  • Worker cooperatives and the solidarity economy
  • Spirit led creative entrepreneurship
  • Participatory budgeting
  • Democratically governed investment funds
  • Time banks
  •  We get into capitalism 101, the limitations of Black capi...

    Mark as Played

    We're continuing our conversation about domestic labor with a deep dive into the historical and current practice of organizing domestic workers for dignity and respect.

    Tune in to learn more about:

  • the role of storytelling in building collective identity
  • community organizing strategies in and beyond legislated labor protections
  • professionalizing the workforce through narratives and negotiations
  • the politics of care work


    Mark as Played

    Taking care of children, disabled folks, the elderly, and the home is important work, but it doesn’t always get the respect it deserves - whether it’s paid or unpaid labor.

    In this first part of a two-part series, we get an inside look into an occupation behind closed doors and in private homes - domestic work.

    Tune in to hear from 5 incredible guests about:

  • Why and how people become domestic laborers
  • The dynamics of race, class, and g...
  • Mark as Played

    Welfare reform in the 90’s and the recent pandemic may seem like radically different moments in history but they share a few things in common, namely back to work labor narratives that:

  • are overly reliant on frameworks of personal responsibility
  • prioritize work over health and wellbeing
  • perpetuate policies, practices, and beliefs that are racist, sexist, classist, and ableist
  • Tune in to hear from three brilliant guests sharing their st...

    Mark as Played

    Have you ever asked yourself: 

    “why am I alive?”| “what is my calling?” | “what’s my next career move?” 

    If so, this episode is for you!

    In this intergenerational podcast workshop, we discuss:

  • Astrology 101 reviewing signs, elements, and modalities
  • How to tap into your personal astrology without knowing your birth time or location
  • The houses to look to in your natal chart for a sense of your talents, gifts, resources, work style, purpose...
  • Mark as Played

    “We are in the business of putting ourselves out of business.” Nico Le Blanc

    In our first - and only! - panel discussion of the season, Taja Lindley facilitates a conversation with 3 diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practitioners with 40+ years of experience between them. Tune in to hear:

  • What DEI work looks like in institutional settings to support racial equity and social movements.
  • How they determine who they will (not) w...
  • Mark as Played

    Is a diverse healthcare workforce enough to eradicate racism in medicine?

    The short is no.

     Using race to remedy racism is not enough. 

    And let's talk about why with four Black providers in reproductive health: an OBGYN, a nurse midwife, a traditional midwife, and a midwifery student.

    Tune in to hear the benefits of adding more Black folks to the healthcare workforce, as well as how this diversity-based approach is an incomplete st...

    Mark as Played

    Part Two: The Old Fashion Gay Way

    Are you curious about how to get pregnant when queer?
    “Don't use a turkey baster!” Olivia Ford

    Olivia started her path to parenthood before being partnered. After her intuition told her it was time to pursue pregnancy, she popped the question to her gay guy friend: how would you like to make a baby with me? After 10 unsuccessful tries, she and her boo (now wife) purchased semen during a BOGO sale ...

    Mark as Played

    Part One: The Ol’ Mama Gang

    “I saw my daughter for the first time in a vision while I was meditating.” LeConté Dill

    After Dr. LeConté Dill’s vision in 2014, she met her husband, had an epic first date, eloped, and began her journey to motherhood. 

    She soon discovered she would need some support to get pregnant, namely A.R.T.s - or assisted reproductive technologies. She leaned on in-vitro fertilization (IVF) to conceive the baby of he...

    Mark as Played

    A Select History of Race, Labor, & Reproduction in the U.S.

    “Black women are at the heart of the history of the Atlantic world.”  Jennifer Morgan

    What does it mean to be gendered as laborers? Both physiologically and economically? 

    How has that served colonial and U.S. economic interests? 

    And how has the U.S. responded when Black women’s labor and reproduction no longer served racial capitalism?

    Tune in to time travel with us: your...

    Mark as Played

    Welcome to the Black Women's Dept. of Labor - a project and podcast by Taja Lindley about race, gender, and the double entendre of labor: to work and to give birth.

    The first episode premieres Wednesday April 13th, 2022 during Black Maternal Health week! Tune in every other Wednesday for dynamic stories, conversations and analysis.

    Visit to learn more.

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    Mark as Played
    February 22, 2022 24 mins

    It's been a minute! The Birth Justice Podcast NYC team has been deep in process for the last year to bring you season 2 in 2022! But before we jump into a new season, it felt important to revisit and review some of the wisdom and insight from season one. Tune in to take a trip down memory lane and hear highlights from our esteemed guests as well as updates about the podcast.

    Also: this podcast will be getting a new name! Stay tu...

    Mark as Played

    Season 1 Episode 12 is the season finale and features an interview with Evelyn Alvarez: mom, doula, trainer, and the world’s best hypewoman! She’s also the cofounder of Bronx Rebirth and Progress Collective. In this week’s episode Evelyn shares the tales and the tea of being a doula in NYC. She also shares insights on the politics of doula compensation, what is happening in NYC hospitals, how medical routines cause harm, and how ou...

    Mark as Played

    Season 1 Episode 11 features an interview with Nathalia Gibbs and Dana Kurzer-Yashin from the National Harm Reduction Coalition. In this week’s episode we dive into a harm reduction 101 crash course where we get into the definition, history and current landscape of harm reduction policies and practices. We then apply this information to better understand how pregnant people who use drugs are navigating prenatal care, childbirth, an...

    Mark as Played

    Season 1 Episode 10 features an interview with Erin Miles Cloud: a lawyer and a mother, as well as the Co-Director and Co-Founder of Movement for Family Power. In this week’s episode we do a deep dive into the womb to foster care pipeline and the ways in which hospitals and social workers are complicit in criminalizing poor parents and people who use drugs. We get into the relationship between the police department and child welfar...

    Mark as Played

    Season 1 Episode 9 features an interview with Nicole Jean Baptiste: a mother of two, a full spectrum community based doula, lactation counselor, yoga instructor, and oral historian. In this week’s episode we discuss Nicole’s journey into birthwork (which includes a bit about her own birth story) as well as the birth injustice she has witnessed in New York City as a doula and as an advocate. We also dive into doula work: from the im...

    Mark as Played

    Season 1 Episode 8 features an interview with Natasha Johnson: activist, artist, advocate, academic, attorney, yoga instructor and the founder of Globalizing Gender. In this week’s episode we discuss female genital mutilation and cutting - what it is, why and how it happens, how it impacts sexual and reproductive health (including pregnancy and childbirth), and how it shows up in New York City.

    Natasha Johnson’s Bio:
    Natasha has been...

    Mark as Played

    Season 1 Episode 7 features an interview with Dr. Lynn Roberts: a mother, grandmother, professor, and scholar activist. In this week’s episode we discuss some historical moments of reproductive justice organizing and advocacy in New York City from the nineties and early 2000’s as well as the intersections of public health and reproductive justice in Lynn’s career and beyond.

    Lynn Roberts’ Bio:
    Dr. Lynn Roberts earned a Bachelor in Sc...

    Mark as Played

    Season 1 Episode 6 features an interview with Elizabeth Estrada ( commonly known as Eli) - a Mexican immigrant organizer based in the Bronx working on reproductive justice in New York City and State. In this episode we discuss fake clinics, also known as crisis pregnancy centers.

    We do a deep dive into how fake clinics are intentionally confusing and coercing people to give birth by creating barriers and detours, as well as providin...

    Mark as Played

    Season 1 Episode 5 features an interview with Carmen Mojica. We discuss her journey into birthwork and motherhood, the history and current practice of midwifery, and what it will take to achieve birth justice in the Bronx and in New York City.

    Carmen Mojica Bio:
    Carmen Mojica CPM, LM CLC is an Afro-Dominicana born and raised in the Bronx. She is a midwife, mother, writer and reproductive health activist. The focus of her work is on ...

    Mark as Played

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