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At Bitewing Games, our mission is to create and share classy board games that bite. For hobbyist gamers, this podcast will help you to explore your own tastes in the hobby and perhaps discover your next favorite game that fits those tastes. For game designers, this podcast will offer you more tools to add to your utility belt and metrics to measure your projects by. Subscribe to our newsletter at, follow us on social media, and stay tuned for exciting things to come!


August 1, 2021 23 min

July was quite the dry month for me in more ways than one.  Part of that has to do with me moving from Ohio to the Arizona desert.  The other part, well, let's find out...

0:53 - Crystal Palace
3:36 - Nidavellir: Thingvellir
5:03 - Juicy Fruits
12:05 - Cryo (with comparisons to Crystal Palace)
17:40 - The Red Cathedral

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Watch Soda Smugglers — How...

Mark as Played

In this episode, we'll feast our mind's eye on some of the best board game artists in the industry.  Nick shares his 15 favorite artists including his favorite art and favorite games of theirs.  Stick around at the end of the episode for a preview of the podcast schedule for August, where we'll be kicking off our Kickstarter launch with some major insights and interviews!

If you'd like to see some of the art and game...

Mark as Played
July 18, 2021 27 min

Call it a Board Gamer’s Odyssey, Autobiography, History, or whatever you please, but today we’ll be exploring many of the games and moments that made Nick into the designer, publisher, and gamer that he is today.? What games were his favorites at certain times in his life, and why?? Are they still among my favorites, or have they fallen out of favor?? How have his preferences changed over time?? Let’s do the Odyssey!

Mark as Played
July 11, 2021 17 min

In celebration of our own auctioning games launching on Kickstarter next month that are designed by the master Auctioneer himself, Reiner Knizia, Nick thought it fitting to explore the many games which have fostered his love for this genre.  The notable titles in this episode are huge reasons why we love auctioning game Hot Lead and quasi-auctioning game Pumafiosi enough to publish them ourselves.

Rather than rank these bidding game...

Mark as Played

Nick's latest first impressions of new board game releases span from ambitious epics to Knizian comebacks...  Let's jump right into it!

0:42 - Equinox
4:18 - Stellar
7:00 - Kemet: Blood & Sand
11:38 - Tutankhamun
18:02 - Oath: Chronicles of Empire & Exile

Mark as Played

We kicked off this year and this podcast with an episode featuring My Most Anticipated Board Games of 2021… twenty games highlighted and hyped, many of which we’ve now had the pleasure of playing.  Few have disappointed, and many more will find their way to the table very soon.  Meanwhile, a whole extra batch of games have been surfacing from the deep unknown sea, landing a spot on my ever growing wishlist.

Due to their striking pre...

Mark as Played
June 20, 2021 49 min

In this episode, Kyle joins Nick to chat all about roll & write board games!  What’s the deal with this genre?  Which roll & writes are the very best?   Are they going out of style or just getting started?  Let’s find out!

Mark as Played
June 13, 2021 13 min

Filler games are essential to filling in the cracks and crevices of one’s board game collection, and so Nick has set out to determine the top 10 best recommendations for filler games.  While there are far more than 10 fantastic options to choose from, this list will serve as our most reliable team of fillers for anyone and everyone.

Speaking of fantastic fillers, check out the newly reveal box art for Reiner Knizia's Criminal Ca...

Mark as Played

Nick is coming to find that being a Reiner Knizia fan is much like being a fan of eating.  You're constantly hungry for more, and there's always new & exciting flavors to explore.  Today we'll sandwich Nidavellir between these hunks of Reiner bread as Nick shares his first impressions of the following:

0:56 - Whale Riders (the board game)
4:35 - Whale Riders: The Card Game
7:44 - Modern Art Card Game
10:12 - Nidavellir

Mark as Played

Nick shares his insights and observations on Kickstarter board game bundles as Bitewing Games prepares their own bundle.  This episode will be particularly engaging for those who are interested or involved in the creation of board games (publishing, designing, etc.), so if you'd rather just skip to the big Reiner Knizia news then feel free to jump to 13:16 in the episode!

Mark as Played

Nick is joined by his lovely wife, Camille, as they discuss their top 10 board games to play together.  Whether you have a SO, a friend, or a stranger willing to play a 2-player game with you, we think you'll find some killer suggestions within this discussion.

1:29 - Meet Camille
5:57 - About this list
7:53 - Cami's 1st pick
11:29 - Nick's Best Huge Sprawling Game
16:29 - Cami's favorite no brain required game & Nic...

Mark as Played

It's time for us to come clean and face the truth.... the best hobby is, in fact, tabletop gaming. Nick shares 10 reasons why! 

Mark as Played

Let’s talk about the games that are leaving or entering my collection, and why!  For “surge” games, I’ll stick with titles that are not recent releases as I already cover those in my monthly New Release 1st Impressions series.

0:40 - PURGING Chill Vacation Games: PARKS & Tokaido
1:56 - SURGING The Knizian Flood: Ingenious, Yellow & Yangtze, Quo Vadis?
5:00 - PURGING Roll & Writes: Railroad Ink, Welcome To, On Tour
6:08 - SU...

Mark as Played

With some hot games getting a second print run and others making their initial splash, I've been able to try a fresh handful of new releases.  It's that time again to get candid with the cardboard by sharing my first impressions...

0:45 - The Search for Planet X
3:31 - Red Rising
9:57 - Blitzkrieg Nippon Expansion
12:36 - Railroad Ink Challenge (Lush Green and Shining Yellow Editions)
15:30 - Barrage
17:50 - How you can simultane...

Mark as Played

Welcome back to my Top 50 Board Games of All Time!? If you missed part 1 of this post, then head on over and check out games 50-26.? Today, we'll be finishing things out by discussing games 25-1.? That's right, the cream of the cream of the crop...

Mark as Played

It’s that time of year once more, my friends!  Now that the cardboard dust of 2020 has settled, as we find ourselves in the calm before the storm of 2021 releases, I’ve been reflecting on all the tabletop games I’ve ever played.  

Within this mountain of ever growing titles, fifty designs have risen to the top.  These are the board games that have proven their quality over hours of play across many tables surrounded by friends, fami...

Mark as Played
April 11, 2021 65 min

In this podcast exclusive episode, Nick and Kyle are joined by a fellow dentist and gamer, Jacob Gowans, as they discuss the in’s and out’s of collections and gaming groups. 

Whether you are looking to add to your collection, cull your collection, make new gaming friends, or convert your friends into gamers, we’ve got you covered! At the end, we also share some recent and upcoming games we are currently excited about. And if you lis...

Mark as Played

Watch out, this latest batch of board game first impressions might give you a bit of whiplash!
Nick shares his thoughts on the following recent(ish) releases:

0:53 - CloudAge
6:10 - Maracaibo
6:59 - The Shores of Tripoli
13:59 - Age of Steam: Deluxe Edition
15:52 - Lost Ruins of Arnak
16:44 - Sleeping Gods
19:50 - A War of Whispers

You can also read this episode at our Bitewing Games Blog.

Don't miss out on exciting updates regarding our...

Mark as Played
March 28, 2021 18 min

10 Games, 2 Saturdays, 1 Mission: Play until our brains are fried.  Nick shares his experiences and impressions of these 10 games hand-picked for maximum entertainment and played over the course of two gaming marathons.

1:10 - Beyond the Sun
2:05 - Stephenson's Rocket + Eastern US Expansion Map
3:34 - Lords of Vegas
4:44 - Hansa Teutonica Big Box
5:37 - Bristol 1350
6:55 - Social Grooming
9:00 - Galaxy Trucker
10:39 - Brass Birming...

Mark as Played
March 21, 2021 29 min

🎵Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination!🎵

 That’s right, today we’re talking about the Willy Wonka of board games, Reiner Knizia, and my top 10 Knizia Games. 

At the end of this episode, I’ll be revealing even more juicy details about the two Knizia Games that will be part of our Kickstarter campaign later this year including the game titles and descriptions!  So let’s strap in and explore some of...

Mark as Played

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